Greenwood Genealogies, 1154-1914 (Chapter 6)

By Frederick Greenwood, East Templeton, MA — 1914


The famous little vessel, Mayflower, which landed its cargo of 102 Pilgrims from Holland at Plymouth, Mass., in Dec., 1620, had no person by name of Greenwood on board, yet the State records in the archives of Leyden, Amsterdam and Rotterdam show the presence of Greenwoods among the Puritans who had separated from the established church and fled from England to Holland to escape persecution. The exodus of these religious people from England begun immediately following the execution of Rev. John Greenwood at Tyburn, in 1593, and was continued to 1612 or later. From the Amsterdam records we learn of a William Greenwood, from Norwich, whose betrothal to Rachel Pettes is recorded on Nov. 24, 1617, Sam. Singleton and Robt. and Margaret Hopkins being witnesses. No record of marriage is found.

The Leyden records tell of a John Greenwood, from London, who matriculated in philosophy at Leyden University July 9, 1625, aged 20. He was then living in the family of John Keble, from Canterbury, a wool comber. The records show his betrothal to Bridget Robinson May 10, 1629, with witnesses Sam. Lee, a hat maker, Thomas Nash, Eliz. Nash and Bridget Robinson, mother of the bride. The marriage occurred May 26, 1629. The marriage record says he "is a young man from the Brownists' camp." As the Puritans in Holland were called Brownists the locality where they lived may have been known as Brownists' Camp. This John Greenwood matriculated in theology at Leyden University May 22, 1634, aged 28, and was then yet living with John Keble. Bridget Robinson, whom John Greenwood m., was daughter and second child of Rev. John Robinson, pastor of the Puritan church in Leyden. This church, a prosperous body of English refugees, numbered 300 members. The name Bridget was formerly common among English women. Even Oliver Cromwell, the Puritan leader of England, begun his letters to his wife with "Dear Biddie." The Leyden records show Bridget Robinson Greenwood to have m. 2d, William Lee, of Amsterdam, July 25, 1637. The national council of American Congregational Churches have a table erected in Leyden to the memory of Rev. John Robinson, the father of Bridget, and of the Pilgrims who came to America in 1620, nearly all were from Rev. John Robinson's church. There were two Puritan churches in Amsterdam at same time.

The Leyden records disclose also the marriage of Lacharian Greenwood, Sept., 1647, to Jannetie Bruynal, a girl from Colchester. A son was b. to this couple Apr. 3, 1657. Mr. Greenwood had some difficulty with the magistrates about this, a second marriage. Amsterdam records show the death of Anna Greenwood Jan. 1636, as wife of Paul Diers de Ras. Her first husband was a Mr. Schas.

Rotterdam records show the baptism of Thomas Groenewont (Greenwood) Dec. 31, 1647. His marriage is recorded as having occurred in 1676. From Rotterdam records it appears that Francis Greenwood, an Englishman and merchant, was m. 1671. His family consisted of a wife and two daughters.

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