Greenwood Genealogies, 1154-1914 (Chapter 10)

By Frederick Greenwood, East Templeton, MA — 1914


Tombstone at Grave of Thomas Greenwood in the old cemetery on Centre Street, Newton, Massaschusetts.

The headstone indicating the grave of Thomas Greenwood of Newton, Mass., is yet, after a lapse of over 200 years, standing in Newton well preserved in the old cemetery on Center Street. The stone shows very little of the long time it has been in place. Nothing is now standing to mark the grave of Hannah, first wife of Thomas, who was probably buried here, but the gravestone of her father, John Ward, and others of the Ward family are yet in place. Aside from the gravestone of Thomas Greenwood, there are today only four other stones yet standing, which mark graves of the many Greenwoods who have been buried here. These standing stones are in memory of Lieut. Josiah Greenwood, aet. 83, Thomas Greenwood, Esq., who d. Aug. 31, 1774, aet. 79, Mrs. Hannah Greenwood, consort of Thomas Greenwood, Esq., who d. Dec'r. 23d 1777, aet. 85, and Elizabeth Greenwood, dau. of Mr. Dec'r. 23d 1777, aet. 85, and Elizabeth Greenwood, dau. of Mr. John and Mrs. Elizabeth Greenwood who died October ye 10th, 1755, aged 8 mos. & 10 days.

The grave of Thomas Greenwood is near the back of the ancient cemetery and is close beside the graves of the Wards. The standing stone, without mound, alone marks the grave.

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