Genealogy of The Crane Family
Genealogy of the Crane Family

Prepared by Edwin F. Crane as a young man,
probably during the 1850s

NOTE FROM JTR: This information was provided to The Gene Pool by Gail Crane in March, 1998. She wrote: "I realize that some of the information contained is in conflict with other information on Jasper's origins. " As always, it's best to check out and verify everything you read! This is only one account of many concerning the English roots of Jasper Crane, one of the founders of Newark, New Jersey.


General Josiah Crane was in the service of King James I, of England, was related to William Crane, who married Margaret, the daughter of and co-kin of Sir Andrew Butler, knighted 1582.

Jasper Crane, one of the sons of Josiah, was born in London in the year 1610 and came among others to this country (supposed to have come from London with Winthrop in the Ship Arabella).

And settled in New Haven, then the Colony of Massachusetts, in the year 1639. In the year 1644 with four others, Jasper removed to East Haven where he built a house and where his son Jasper 2nd was born April 2nd, l651.

He sold out Sept. 7th 1651 and removed to Bradford, Connecticut. He was a member of General Court and Magistrate under Governor Eaton.

Jasper had a daughter, Mary born in 1645, who married Jonathan Bell, of Stanford, born in 1641, the first white child born in Stanford, son of Francis Bell, one of the Pilgrim Fathers of the Mayflower.

She had two daughters and one son and died in 1671. Hannah, the eldest daughter, married Thomas Huntington, freeman of Connecticut, in 1657, and a brother of Simon and Christopher, sons of Simon who died on the passage from England to Boston in 1633.

The Widow of this Simon, Margaret Baret, A French Huguenot, was a member of Rev. John Elliot's Church.

Jasper the 2nd, May 1666, with Twenty-three Families from Bradford, came to New Jersey and founded Newark.

Jasper became a noted man, holding many prominent positions in old Essex County. He died March 16, 1712 in Newark. His wife Alice aged 69 yrs., died in the year 1720.

Adjutant Nathan Crane, an officer in the State Militia of New Jersey, was a son of Azariah Crane 2nd. Nathan Crane married Mary, 1st wife and had the following children ---Hannah, born July 6,1758--Silas, born December 9, 1759---Mary, born November 15, 1761--Didamia, born March 27, 1764--Zipporiah, born June 22, 1766--Nathan W., born May 7, 1769--Abigail, born May 18, 1773.

Sons and daughters by Mary, 2nd wife of Nathan Crane---Abigail, born May 15, 1775--Ruth, born October 15, 1776--Sarah, born May 27, 1779, Ruth 2nd, born May 15, 1781--Gardener, born July 1, 1783--Theosia, born September 28, 1784--Moses, born June 16, 1785--Thomas, born May 23, 1787--Charity, born May 22, 1789--Susan, born ___. Nathan Crane Jr., by Mary the first wife of Nathan Sr. married in the Townley Family of New Jersey. Some time after the Revolutionary War, Nathan Crane Sr. emigrated to North Carolina and died there. (There is reason to believe he had a third family before he died.)

Susan Crane by Mary the 2nd wife married a man by the name of Crowell and died in Philadelphia were she lived.

Silas Crane my Grand-father son of Nathan Sr, born Dec. 9, 1759 married Zipporia Haywood Dec. 1777, daughter of John Haywood of Stafford Township, Monmouth Co. and Had the following children --- Ann, born April 25, 1786--Salmon, born October 12, 1787--Hannah, born July 1, 1789--William, born June 10, 1791--Nathan Sr., born Jan. 10, 1793-- Sarah H., born Dec. 24, 1793--Nathan S., born Dec 26, 1795--Courtney, born Oct.21, 1797 -- John G., born Dec. 31, 1803--Silas A., born Sept. 26, 1807.

Silas Crane, my Grandfather, was a member of the State Council (now called Senate) of New Jersey from the year 1812 - 1814. He was wounded in the War. He died Jan. 21, 1829 aged 69 years. He was also collector, under James Monroe, of The Port of Little Egg Harbor, in 1817.

His wife Zipporiah died Oct. 1, 1849 and is buried in the Baptist Church Yard in Manahawkin, N.J.

Silas Crane my father, son of Silas, married Catharine R. Brown, daughter of William Brown of Monmouth Co., born Feb. 4, 1809.

Sons and daughters of Silas A. Crane--William A., born Dec. 10, 1835--Edwin F., born Oct. 2, 1837--Sarah S., born June 31, 1839--Catherine W., born June 19, 1841--Annette, born August 9, 1843--Theodore, born Aug. 23, 1845-- Charles G., born May 4, 1848.

Silas Crane born Sept. 26, 1807. Died Oct. 19, 1853, aged 48 years.


Catherine R. Crane widow of Silas A. Crane born February 4, 1809. She died January 16, 1896, aged 87 years. Laid at rest in the old Baptist Church Yard in Mannahawkin, N.J.

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