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Welcome to the Ball Interest Group
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What is the Ball Interest Group?
(also fondly known as "Big Ed")

Dale R. Lutz's Press Release
Date: 13 Nov 1995
Subject: Article on EdBallNJ group

Edward Ball was among the group of Connecticut colonists who moved to New Jersey and founded the town of Newark. Recently, several descendants of Edward Ball who are doing genealogical research using electronic mail and the Internet made contact with each other, and decided to coordinate their efforts. One of the first activities was to establish a "group address" ([email protected]) for any electronic mail which would be of interest to all members of the group. Any electronic mail messages sent to this address through an Internet service provider, such as America Online or Compuserve, will be forwarded to all members of the group. This has been accomplished with the input and help of several Ball descendant volunteers, most notably Michel Adam Metford Platt, who is presently completing a Masters Degree in Linguistics in Montreal, Canada. (Michel wrote recently that "I have spent most of my life between Michigan and Quebec. I have also lived in Cape Town, South Africa." In addition, he studied in Poland briefly in 1984.)

Another, even larger, Ball project which Michel has taken on, and which is still underway, is collecting the genealogy data on all of the Edward Ball descendants into one computer database. He is incorporating all of the data submitted by the other Ball descendants, and will make the file available to all interested parties when he gets the file assembled. The genealogy program which he is presently using is Reunion 4.0c for the Macintosh computer, but he can accept a GEDCOM style genealogy data file from any other program or computer. (Michel's e-mail address is [email protected], and his regular mail address is Michel Platt, Box 906, Place du Parc, Montreal (Quebec) H2W 2P5, Canada.)

As a result of discussions on how Michel could make his data file available to everyone, and how we could share other information, Joanne Rabun developed a series of "pages" on the Internet World Wide Web which she titled "The Ball Room". Joanne maintains a "Web" site devoted to the early founders of the "Horseneck" and Newark, New Jersey area, including her ancestor Edward Ball. The Ball Room includes links to data and reference material about Edward Ball and his first four generations of descendants. There is also a listing of "Some Ball Cousins", living descendants who have included a short biography, address, and their Ball line of descent. In addition, there is a "Queries" section, where people can submit questions to other researchers about Ball genealogy research problems. The Internet addresses of some of these Web pages are listed below.

We'd love to have you join us....
... if you are a descendant of Edward Ball (c. 1642-1724) of New Jersey
and-or are interested in exploring the history of the Ball family!

To join the Ball Interest Group of Edward's Descendants:

1. Subscribe (or Unsubscribe) to the Ed Ball Mailing List
Send E-Mail to [email protected]
Type "(un)subscribe edball" on a new line in the text.

2. To Post a Message to the Ed Ball Mailing List
Send E-Mail to [email protected]

3. Please fill out the brief questionnaire below.

4. Visit The Ball Room website at

5. Share your Ball research with your new cousins!

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