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From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England" by James Savage, Pg. 106:
EDWARD BALL, Branford 1667, rem. that year to Newark, NJ had Caleb, Abigail, Joseph, Lydia, Moses and Thomas; of wh. the last was progenitor. of a great multitude.

From "Conquering the Frontiers" by Roy Hutton Ball:
In 1667 Edward Ball, a descendant of the Irish branch of the family, moved from Branford, Connecticut to Newark, New Jersey. He fathered Caleb, Abigail, Joseph, Lydia, Moses and Thomas. There were two Edward Balls during this time period. The second was "of Block Island" (RI) and married Mary George.

From "The Mountain Society: A History of the First Presbyterian Church of Orange, NJ" by James Hoyt, 1860:
From Edward Ball have descended the Balls of South Orange, in the line of his son Thomas and Grandson Aaron. From Caleb, another son, have sprung the Balls of Hanover. Those of East Bloomfield are from Joseph, another son. A daughter, Lydia, married Joseph Peck, ancestor of the Pecks of Orange. There were two other children -- Abigail, wife of Daniel Harrison, and Moses, who had no children.

From "Family Records or Genealogies of the 1st Settlers of Passaic Valley (and Vicinity)" by John Littell, 1976, Pg. 31:
EDWARD BALL lived in Newark -- was Sheriff of the county of Essex in 1693. In 1678, Edward Ball and Daniel Dod were appointed to run the Northern line of the town of Newark from Passaic River to the Mountain. He had a son, Thomas, and also a daughter, Abagail (sic). She married Daniel Harrison, who died 1st December, 1738, aged 77 years. His son, Thomas Ball, had nine sons.

From "History of The Oranges to 1921" by David Lawrence Pierson, 1922, Pg. 28:
Amos Williams, Amos Johnson and John Johnson were living on the Swinefield road, near the foot of the Mountain. The home of Caleb Ball was also in this vicinity, adjoining the farm of Azariah Crane, the forebear of Cranetown, now Montclair, on the north.

From the "History of Essex Co., NJ", pg. 782:

BALL FAMILY -- Edward Ball, from Branford, 1664, High Sheriff of Essex, 1693, Grand Juror, 1709, acknowledged agreement with Azariah Crane to prevent any difference hereafter, in 1724." He had Joseph, Moses, Thomas, Caleb, Lydia Peck, Abigail Harrison. (Congar Record.)

He was, in addition to the above appointed and elected to fill various offices and upon committees to act in certain matters , the records show that he was messenger for the town court in 1675 and 1677; town attorney in 1679, 1680 and 1686; overseer of the poor in 1692; of the town's men in 1679, 1680, 1685 and 1691; constable in 1683, 1689; surveyor of highways in 1674, 1678; and grave-digger in 1679. The agreement above-mentioned is as follows:

"That, whereas Deacon Azariah CRANE and Edward BALL, both of Newark and County of Essex, in the Eastern division of East New Jersey, have for many years past settled upon a tract of land being in the bounds of said Newark, at a place called the Mountain, and commonly so called, and at our first settling, no dividing line between us, but upon consideration of ourselves and our posterity upon mature deliberation have concluded and settled a dividing line between us, and the then right lodging in us, and to prevent any difference that might hereafter arise thereon, we, the parties above named, have agreed that line between us shall be as the said fence now standeth, from the Mountain to the Highway, only to come straight toward the Mountain where it elbows into the Deacon Crane's land; and it is agreed that where it comes to the Highway below the Spring, that the Highway shall run down upon the bar of land as near to the Swamp next Deacon Crane's as is most feasible for a cart and cattle to go till it comes over a small run and between a chestnut tree and a Birch tree standing not above two rods or three asunder, and thence to run upon a direct line to the corner tree, it a white oak, and to this present agreement we, the above named Azariah Crane and Edward Ball have set to our hands this 18th March 1715."

Signed: Azariah Crane, Sr., Nathaniel Crane, Azariah Crane (Jr.), Edward Ball

From "History of Essex & Hudson Cos., NJ" compiled by Wm. H. Shaw, 1884:

EDWARD BALL, Branford, 1666, High Sheriff of Essex, 1693; grand juror, 1709, acknowledged agreement with Az. Crane "to prevent any differences hereafter," in 1724. He had Joseph, Moses, Thomas, Caleb, Lydia Peck, Abigail Harrison.

JOSEPH d. 25th Apr. 1733, a. 60; w. n. ch. Daniel, Joseph, Samuel, Isaac, Jonathan, Hannah, and Rebecca Baldwin, wi. Elizabeth. DANIEL d. 7th July, 1736, a. 30; had Joseph. SAMUEL was drowned 1763, a. 46; had Samuel and Susanna. ISAAC d. 20th May, 1776, a. 53; had Mary, d. 1776. JONATHAN d. 5th Nov. 1775, a. 41; w. n. ch. Daniel under age, Sarah, Hannah, Rebecca, Jemima, Catharine.

MOSES d. 20th 1747, a. 62; no ch; gave legacies to cousins (nephews) Caleb, John, and Joseph Ball; Joseph, Timothy, and Sarah Peck; Moses Harrison; Moses Baldwin; Ruth Seward; Mary and Eliz. Dowd; the rest of estate to "Sam. Alling, John Ogden, Jr and Steph. Baldwin, for the use and benefit of the Presbyterian Society in Newark, and no other use or uses whatsoever."

THOMAS m. Sarah Davis; d. 18th Oct. 1744, a. 57; "an aged man of 4 years old; "w. n. ch. Timothy, Aaron, Nathaniel, David, Ezekial, John, Thomas, Amos, Moses, Mary, Rachel, and Apphia wi. Simon Searing. Timothy m. Esther Bruen; d. 7th Jan. 1758; bur. Orange; had John, David, Uzal, Sarah, Rachel, who m. Ben. Crane, rem. to Galway, N.Y.; and Mary Denham. Deacon John s. of Tim. m. Phebe Crane; d. in Morris Co. 10th Dec. 1838, a. 93; they had Calvin, Luther, and Phebe; all rem. to Ohio; by sec. wi. Martha Fairchild, 7 sons. David m. Joanna Watkins; had John, Ezekiel, and Stephen who was hung by loyalists in "the times that tried men's souls;" also had Phebe and Nabby. Aaron had Silas, Joseph and Aaron. Nathaniel had Aaron, James, Davis, and Nehemiah. Ezekiel had Stephen; Samuel, killed in battle Conn. Farms, husb. of Hannah Gardner and fath. of Oliver, Samuel and Gardner; Edward; Timothy fath. of David; and William who m. Phebe Hatfield. Jonas m. Hannah Bruen; had Cornelius, Bethuel, and Justus. Thomas had Abner, Isaac, and Thomas. Moses had Jonathan, and Samuel; both rem. to Canada.

CALEB, of Hanover, 1748, perhaps son of Caleb and g.s. of Ed. w. n. ch. Isaiah, Joshua, Caleb, Ezekiel, Mathew, Elenor, Sarah, Lydia, Ann, Deborah, Abigail Johnson, Kezia Kitchell, Jane Perry and Mary Bates.

MISCELLANEOUS: John Ball, Hanover, w. 1776, had ch. Samuel, John, dec., Daniel, and David. John Jr. w. 1769, had John Ephraim, Moses, Abigail, Lucetta, and Jemima Post. Moses d. bef. 1776; had Phebe wi. Jesse Price.

In 1704 Ed. Ball conv. to son Caleb 50 acres "by the mountain;" Caleb and Sarah his wi. conv. the same 50 acres to John Canfield in 1707. John of 1776 and Caleb of 1748, both of Hanover, may have been nephews of Moses, and sons of Caleb of 1704.

From "Abstracts from NJ Colonial Documents, Calendar of Wills 1730-1750"
25 Jul 1748 -- Will of Caleb BALL of Hanover, Morris Co., gentleman.

Wife: Sarah. Sons: Isaiah (to have 100 acres bought of Peter Imlay); Joshua (the land he lives on); Caleb (the home-place land on the south side of Forge Pond, and 26 acres adjoining W. land bought of Peter Imlay), and above named sons to have the forge, saw-mill and stream equally; Ezekiel (80 odd acres on both sides of "Wepemy River" where the old saw-mill stood, as appears by deed of Joseph Lindsley); and Sarah, Lydia, Ann, Deborah and Keziah Kitchel, deceased (had heirs). Executors ---- Wife Sarah and sons Isaiah, Joshua and Caleb. Witnesses - David Kitchel, Timothy Tuttle, Elijah Gillett. Proved 29 Aug. 1748. Lib. 6, pg. 34.

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