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Richard Eivens, died 1693, Albemarle County

  In the early days of Colonial America, many people from Europe were attracted to coming to the New World because of the promise of free land and new opportunities, as well as those who were fleeing from England during the various political upheavals taking place there. Many of them chose to settle in the Caribbean Islands, in Barbados, in particular. Among the settlers was a Welshman, Richard Eivens, who had come to   Barbados during the reign of Oliver Cromwell in the mid-1600s. In 1664, during a trip aboard a ship sent to Virginia for supplies, he and his fellow passengers and crewmates were shipwrecked near Cape Hatteras, and they made it to land around Albemarle Sound, where they decided to remain. At the time, the Carolinas was a province of Virginia called Albemarle, and the regions within Albemarle were referred to as "precincts"; one of the earliest precincts of Albemarle County was Perquimans. The Richard Eivens who left a will in Perquimans Precinct in 1693, is believed to be the son of the person by that same name who had settled in the area in 1664. One WYATT Family researcher, also descended from the same family as Richard Eivens, d.1693, believes that the original Richard who settled in Barbados, may have been the ancestor of some of the EVANS families who have been known as Free Persons of Color and mulattoes in Virginia and North Carolina since at least the early 1700s. The EIVENS family was known to have had slaves, some of which may have been fathered by them and brought with them from Barbados. Another suspicion has been that various members of the original EIVENS family may have also been mulatto, probably from relationships that had occurred during their time in Barbados. The researcher has DNA matches with several people with EVANS ancestry, yet none of us can figure out exactly how we match, so far, since we have no known connection to the EIVENS line. I am quoting from him as follows:  "I am definitely not descended from Rev. Hawte Wyatt. We aren't even in the same Y-chromosome haplogroup. He would be from the R1b haplogroup, while I am from I1. As confirmation, I match closely with a person descended from Nathan Wyatt of Rowan County, a brother of my 4th great grandfather William Wyatt. The autosomal DNA gives proof back to my seventh great grandfather William that married Rebekah Eivens. My best guess is that William passed through Barbados as an indentured servant or may even have been born there." Of course, it is also possible the match is through another ancestor, but currently, all we can do is to continue to research and perhaps someday more will be known about all of these connections.  I don't know if any of us are truly descended from Richard Eivens, but with all of this in mind, and always open to possibilities, I have transcribed the will of Richard Eivens, which I don't believe has been fully done before, and am posting it here for anyone interested in further researching the line.


Albemarle County, the Province of Carolina, September 7, 1692

In the name of God Amen I RICHARD EIVENS of the prct of Perquimans being sick & week of body but of sound & perfect memory do hearby make this to be my last will & testament in manner & form following revoking & nulling all former wills by me made
Imprimus I give & bequest my Soul to Almighty God that made it forth right my benefit in my own merrett benefit ??? & suferings of Christ Jesus my Saviour & Redeemer that at such day may know his merretts & ???? passions I shall aprove(?) & in joy that heavenly bliss among thy Saints.

Item. I commend my body to the ground from whence it was taken to be decently intered in Cristian burial at ye discretion of my Executrix hereafter named.

Item. I give & bequeath to my well beloved wife ELIZABETH EIVENS one half of all my personall Estate whatsoever itt doth consist in.

Item. I give the other half of my personal Estate to be equally divided among my four Children vizt, JONATHAN EIVENS, RICHARD EIVENS, RABACKA EIVENS & ANN EIVENS.
My to sons JONATHAN & RICHARD to have & possess those Estates whereupon they ????? ataine to sixteen years of aige. My to Daughters to have there Estates before mentioned at ye aiges of sixteen or before is married.

Item. I give unto my son JONATHAN EIVENS all that plantation I now live on containing three hundred & fifty acres of land for him to possess & to his hears <next phrase illegible and torn> land & plantation to fall to ye next <illegible> My will is that my wife ELIZABETH shall have ye plantation during her natural life.

Item. I give & bequeath unto my son RICHARD EIVENS all that my plantation containing four hundred eakers [acres] of land lying & being at ye hed Cassedons Creeqe [Castletons Creek] to him his hears forever but if it shall for reason that my sd son RICHARD EIVENS shall die before he coms of age or for want of male issue, the said land & plantation to fall to ye next hear or son.

Item. My will is that my Cassedon Estate shall remain in the hands of my well beloved wife till they shall come of age & I doo hereby ordain my to sons to be at aige at a year of sixteen to same <illegible phrase> & they shall think fitt and favor(?) my will that they be & remain with my well beloved wife till they come to ye age above expressed.

Lastly. my will be & I doo hearby <illegible> my well beloved wife & my trusty friend Executrix, ALEXANDER LILLINGTON to be my Executor of this my Will to <phrase illegible>. In witness whereof I have hearunto set my hand & affixed my seal the Day & year as above said <illegible phrase>

RICHARD EVANS ("R" his mark)

Signed, sealed & delivered
JANE ARNOLD ("X" her mark)
BENJAMIN CIDDON ("B" his mark)

[Date at bottom for probate says October 2d Anno 1693]

Note: An extremely difficult will to read due to it's age & condition, I have
transcribed most of the words the way they are written; also note the use of old or misspellings of words such as "to" instead of "two", "aige" instead of "age", "hears" should be "heirs"  etc.


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From the "North Carolina Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol.III", Pg. 219-220:
Births, Deaths and Marriages in Berkeley:

Richard Eivens Departed this Life May 20, 1693.

Sarah Eivens daughter of Richard Eivens & wife Elizabeth was borne Aug. 30, 1693.

Ann Evans, daughter of Richard and wife Elizabeth, died Jany. 4, 1700-01.

Records of Perquimans Precinct Court:
At a Court Holden for the precinct of Perquimans at the house of Mary Scot on the first Monday being the 7th October 1689
Richard Evans petitioning this Court about the Catthe of Thomas Lilly now in the hands of Thomas Attaway & he beinge unprepared desireth liberty next Court. It is therefore Ordered that at the next Court Thomas Attaway bringe an account of what Stock belongeth to Thomas Lilly & show cause why he detains them.
Ralph Fletcher
John Barrow
John Whedbee
Thomas Lepper.

Pg. 437
January Court 1690 - Precinct of Perquimans
Richard Evans in behalfe of John Lilly petitioning the Court in October last, that Thomas Attaway should give an account of the Cattle belonging to the Orphans of John Lilly, deceased, & why he detains the same, who hath produced a writing from John Lilly deceased which gives the sd Attaway power to keep the sd orphans & Stock, both of Thomas Lilly & his Brothers till they come of age of twenty one years, old. It is therefore Ordered that Thomas Attaway give account of what Catle belongeth to Tho. Lilly & William Lilly (after John Lilly have his part) and give bond to the Court for the mannageinge, & delivery of the Same according to condition.

"North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. I":
Abstracts of Wills-Pg. 379

Thomas Ralph. Perquimans, Oct. 15, 1688. Cousin John Lovett, wife Elizabeth, Executrix. Test, Rebecca Wyatt, Thomas Long.

Pg. 509
Thomas Wolfenden. Perquimans, Sept. 4th, 1691. Richard Evans and his sister, children of Richard Evans, Richard Evans, Exr. Test, John Lilly, Stephen Manwaring.

From "The Evans Family" on Perquimans County NCGenWeb:

Richard Evans was grt 240a of land in Perq Precinct 1684, on N. E. side of Perq River, near Castletons Creek. His will p in Albemarle, Oct 2, 1693 names sons: Jonathan, & Richard, dau’s Rabakah, & Ann, wife Elizabeth, who m 2d Jeames Old Sept 11, 1694. Elizabeth Evens was a headright of John Lee, who received a grt for land in Nansemond Co Va, on E side of Summerton Creek, April 3, 1694. The name “Eivens” according to the old Welsh spelling was used by Richard in his will 1693. He “Departed this Life” May 20, 1693. As no mention of a birth date is given in Berkeley Par Reg, for the three eldest children, we are led to believe they were born in Va, before moving to N. C. Ann (d of Richard Evans, & wife Elizabeth) was b Nov 4, 1685—2 Sarah, b Aug 30, 1693. She being born three months after his death is not named in his will, but her mother in a deed in Perq made provision for her, equal with the others. (See Deeds in this book) Richard, second son of Richard (1) moved to Beaufort Co N. C. (His will, Grimes.)

From "History of Perquimans County, As Compiled from Records", Pgs.40-43, by Ellen Goode Rawlings Winslow:

26. Samuel Pricklove of Perq River, Planter—in con. of £45 pd by John Durant of same, sold a patent of land given from Thomas Lepper to John Davis, from him to sd Durant, & from him to myself. April 25, 1687. Test. Wm Chapman, Richard Eivens.

33. George Castleton, to Richard Evins 150a "upon a Creek out of Perq River, called Perishoes Creek, adj James Perisho, & William Steward, sd land Surveyed by Wm James, Deputy Surveyor for the Co." Entered May 24, 1688. Test. Dan'l Snuke, Wm Chapman.

36. Grant from Lords Pro. to Richard Eavans, of Carolina, planter 240a on west side of Perq River, "by a small Swamp, & the River Side," adj Thomas Long, due sd Eavans for Trans. five persons. Feb 5, 1678.

37. Richard Evans, & Elizabeth his wife, for £26 pd by Edward Mayo, "assigns within mentioned Patent." Mar 27, 1684.

38. Grant from Lords Pro. to Lawrence Noggins, planter-230a, on West side of Perq River, in Pre'ct of Perq, adj Joshua Scott. Due said Noggins for Trans of five persons into said Co. At Mr George Durants house, Feb 6, 1678.

60. Richard Evans, assigned Land, unto Stephen Manoring, "for the use of James Perrishaw, & his heirs." Ack in Court July 7, 1690. Test. Richard Dorman, Stephen Manoring.

86. Elizabeth Evans, of Perq precinct, widow—for "love I bear my youngest dau Sarah, to make her equal with her Brothers, & sisters do give 20 lbs of Pork, to be paid the 20 day of Dec after sd Sarah be married, or at 18 years of age." Aug 23, 1694. Test. Elizabeth Davis, Wm Glover.

For more about early Albemarle, visit Albemarle County NCGenWeb, which contains many great resources for the history and the beginnings of North Carolina.

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