Very Scientific Study!

Or a strange way to spend time.

Because of a recent discussion on the FrontPage at RootsWeb Mailing List, I decided to conduct a test on converting a rtf generated document into webpage. I used MS Word 2002, Open Office 2.0, MS FrontPage 2003 and Expression Web Beta 1. The initial rtf report was generated using Personal Ancestral File create reports which is in the rtf format.  Descendants of Jesse Graham

TEST 1 - Using MS Word 2002

Generate Report in RTF format
Open generated document in Word
Save As WebPage

Screenshot Save As Webpage.

Give the File a id jesse-graham.htm
View the source code for the Page Generated  (57KB)

TEST 2 - Using Open Office 2.0

Open Generated Report in Open Office
Save as HTML File - jesse-graham-2.html

Screenshot - OpenOffice Save As HTML.

When the dialogue box notifying you that some formatting/content may not be saved correctly click yes.

Screenshot Save As Dialogue Box.
Open the saved document in  FrontPage
View the source code for the Page Generated  (22KB)

Using FrontPage 2003 Import File

Start FrontPage (2003)
Create New Document File | New Blank Page
Insert File | Select RTF Generated Document

Screenshot Select File.
You may get a dialogue box that pops up and tells you that you need to install the converter and you will need your original cd to do this.
File | Save As | jessee-graham3.htm

View the source code for the Page Generated  (9KB)

Finally, since I have been using Microsoft's Beta 1 for Expression Web, I tried the same insert file feature. The resulting page jessee-graham-4.htm

View the source code (9KB)

None of the pages would validate as is. You be the judge of which one you would like to try to work with and clean up the coding on.