Using Search & Replace in NoteTab Light

NoteTab is a freeware/commercial, multi-file, full-screen text editor for MS Windows. It was developed by Eric Fookes of Fookes Software, Switzerland. The Pro version is available for $39.95.

NoteTab Light is the FREE version of this program.

Recently someone on the FreePages Mailing list asked about using NoteTab Light to search an entire website for a specific line of code and replacing it. Pat Asher provided a detailed answer. Since I was in the process of revising and updating my FreePages site, I decided to give it a try.

Download and install NoteTab Light  on your computer if you do not already have it installed.

Go to Search > Search Disk

Screenshot NoteTab Menu.

Enter as many lines of text as you wish in the "Find What" box.

Under Search Directory Options, navigate to the directory you want to search. Use the Browse button to navigate your computer's directory structure. Check the Subdirectories box if you want to search subdirectories of the directory you have selected in the File Masks box.

Screenshot NoteTab Search Dialog Box.

Click the Start button to start the search. The program will open all files containing the text you have indicated.

Screenshot NoteTab File Results Box.

You will then need to Click Open to Open all of the files.

To replace the selected text, go to Search > Replace Enter the text you want to replace in the Find What box, and the replacement text in the Replace with box.

Screenshot NoteTab Light Search Menu.

You can do it one file at a time or you can click in the All Documents box to have the program automatically replace it in every file.

Screenshot NoteTab Light Replace Dialog Box.

Remember to SAVE your documents before closing.

By default, NoteTab Light is set up to back-up ALL the files you open. You may want to change that setting if you are using Search and Replace on a large website or you are going to have all the .bak files to delete.

Select View > Options > File tab
Under Opening & Saving, untick Make Backups

Screenshot of Notetab Light.

Thanks you again Judy Florian for asking the question and Pat Asher for providing the answer.

And to Barry Carlson for Remove MSO Code Bloat with Regular Expressions.