How to View Files with FileZilla and Your Favorite Editor

While this is possible, I would NEVER consider using this approach if I was using either Dreamweaver or Expression Web. The reason? While it does open you web editor, it does NOT open the site in the program properly.

Step One: Start Filezilla. If you have not yet installed the program, you can install the program here.

Step Two: From the top menu, click Edit > Settings. Navigate to File Editing, and click on File Type Associations.

Screenshot Filezilla Settings Menu.

Step Three: Locate your file editor program. This could be Notepad, Notepad Lite, Expression Web or Dreamweaver or any of the other programs available.  Search for your editor program in the search bar OR if you have a shortcut to your program on the desktop, RIGHT click it and select Properties. Copy the location of your program file to the screen in Filezilla. Pay particular attention the the format required. NOTE: Target Location will give you the full path to the application plus the application file itself. Start In does NOT include the application file name.

Screenshot Notetab Properties.

Step Four: Copy the location into the File Type Associations box  in Filezilla. Pay particular attention the the format required. Type in the file extension (HTML or HTM) in front of the URL. Add -open at the end of the end. EXAMPLE: html "C:\Program Files (x86)\NoteTab Light\NoteTab.exe" -open

Screenshot Filezilla File Association.

Congratulations! You can now right click your files and open it with your editor! You can add other types of file associations in this same manner.

NOTE: I would personally edit the  files on MY computer and then publish them to my site.