Georgetown County
Probate Records

Post Georgetown County Wills
James Coachman 1789 Contributed by Deryl Young
William Grant 1818 Contributed by Cynthia Parker
Sarah Mary Hort 1843 Contributed by Janet Wright
Phillip Kirton 1834 Contributed by Carl Kirton - Belongs in Marion County, but at least two children were in Georgetown county.
Mary McIlroy 1826 Contributed by Deryl Young
John Magill 1863 Contributed by Deryl Young
Elizabeth Nesbit 1824 Contributed by Phyllis Britton Canady
Elizebeth Pawley 1768  
John M. Tillman 1866 Contributed by Deryl Young
Thomas Waties 1762 Contributed by Deryl Young
Plowden C J Weston 1864 Contributed by Janet Wright
Weston / Mazyck Indenture 1864 Contributed by Janet Wright 
Yauhannah Historical Society   Thomas Bath, Daniel Britton, Francis Britton, Jean Britton, Joseph Britton, Moses Britton, Phillip Britton, Thomas Britton, Timothy Britton, William Faulk, Andrew Grier, Andrew Grier Sr., Joseph Grier, Joseph Grier Jr., Patrick Grier, Samuel Grier, Solomon Hennesey, James Marion, John Singleton, Richard Singleton, Jacob Williams and more in the works!

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