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Sunshine was about five miles southeast of Carlton and eleven miles northwest of Hamilton near the Tillinghast Cemetery and near CR 113.

A Sunshine-Spurlin Reunion was held 21 April, 1964 at the Perry County Club, Hamilton. Some of the people who attended the reunion were: Erie and Grace Adams, Mr. & Mrs. M. E. Barnett, Ettie Bashaw, M/Sgt. Moody N. Beadles, Mr. & Mrs. R. A. Beadles, Mrs. Carrie Lee Bishop, Mrs. Elizabeth Bollier, Mr. & Mrs. Sam Burney, Mr. & Mrs. W. I. Byrd, Mrs. Fannie Cantrell, Mrs. E. L. Chambers, Mr. & Mrs. C. W. Chick, Mr. & Mrs. R. Verne Crain, Mrs. Arthur Duff, Mrs. Charles Dunlap, Mr. & Mrs. R. J. Faulkner, Mr. & Mrs. Bunk Forrest, Mr. & Mrs. J. O. Ferrist, Miss Mittie Fulbright, Mr. & Mrs. L. W. Gardner, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. L. W. Gardner, Jr., Joyce & Linda Lee Garner, Mrs. Lorene Garner, T. J. Greggs, Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Griffith, Mr. Tom Griffis, John P. Griggs, Mrs. Ora Lee Griggs, R. V. Griggs, Mr. & Mrs. John Guest, Mr. & Mrs. D. C. Hassen, Mr. & Mrs. E. W. Hallonguist ( Agnes Forrest), H. L. Hubbard, Mr. & Mrs. S. L. Hubbard, Mrs. Roy C. Jones, Mr. & Mrs. Culmer Jordan, Mrs. Lem Kearney, Mrs. Ethel Keith, Mr. & Mrs. Lee Kennedy, Mr. & Mrs. Ervin Longino, Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Longino, Mrs. Hester Massingill, Mrs. Jonnie Massingill, Mr. and Mrs. James W. McInes, Mary Mitchell, Mr. & Mrs. Clint Montgomery, Ben & Bill Norwood, Mr. & Mrs. W. O. Ormand, B. L. Partam, Mr. & Mrs. A. E. Reich, Mrs. J. A. Richard, Mr. & Mrs. W. L. Rodgers, Mr. & Mrs. Odie Shaffer, Mr. & Mrs. J. B. Sharp, Mrs. J. L. Shipman, Mrs. Tom Shockley, Mrs. Audrey Everett Smith, Herman Standifer, Mrs. W. M. Standifer, Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Stephens, Mrs. Louise Stockham, Mrs. J. H. Tillinghast, Mrs. G. C. Walker, Mr. & Mrs. Trumman Warren, Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Weaver, F. E. Williams, and Mr. & Mrs. Herschell Wilhelm.




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