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1.      Thomas STRIBLING, I. born about 1688, England or VA,-,[i] married about 1710, in "Taliaferro's Mount," Essex County, VA,,[ii]  to Elizabeth TALIAFERRO, who was born about 1695, Essex Co., VA,2  (daughter of Francis TALIAFERRO, I. and Elizabeth CATLETT). Elizabeth died between 1746 and 1750, Prince William Co., VA2  Possibly was buried "Rosemont"/Manassas Presbyterian Church,[iii] In a 1750 deed-, sale of land, there was no dower release.[iv] Thomas died Mar-1755, Prince William County, VA,[v] Possibly was buried: "Rosemont"/Manassas Presbyterian Church.3   According to VA Wills & Adm. Thomas STRIBLING, I. came to VA in 1710 where he married about 1715 Elizabeth Taliaferro. On July 17, 1727 , Thomas received a grant of 1050 acres near Bull Run , (now Pr. Wm. CO., VA.) According to George Taliaferro Stribling , the first appearance of Thomas Stribling was Sept. 4, 1710 , in Richmond County, VA, where he purchased clothes--maybe for his wedding. Thomas and Elizabeth's sons William and Taliaferro Stribling moved to Berryville, then Frederick (now Clarke) County , VA.  Thomas, II moved to South Carolina.  In  1752 Thomas purchased 600 acres at Winchester, Frederick County, VA.   If Thomas had a will it has been lost--perhaps during the war of 1812.  Thomas' estate was appraised on 2 May, 1755 in Frederick County, VA, and on 26 May, 1755, in Prince William County, VA.


        Elizabeth: Will in Essex Co. for Robert Taliaferro, recorded 3 Dec., 1725, left property to his sister Eliz. wife of Thom. Stripling, her sons, Francis, William, & Taliaferro.  Elizabeth’s dower was listed in a 1746 deed when Thomas sold property; however, the dower was not listed in a deed made in 1750 by Thomas—so we assume that Elizabeth died between 1746 and 1750,  Francis sold the dower portion of Elizabeth's property in 1765.


            2.       i      Francis STRIBLING b. abt. 1714.

            3.       ii     William STRIBLING b. 1721.

            4.       iii     Taliaferro STRIBLING, I. b. 1723.

            5.       iv    Thomas STRIBLING, II. (SR). b. 1730.

            6.       v     Robert STRIBLING b. bef. 1733.

[i]  Stubbs, Dr. & Mrs. William Carter, "A History of Two Virginia Families, Transplanted from County Kent, England; Thomas Baytop, Tenterden, 1638, and John Catlett, Sittingbourne, 1622.", p. 15.

[ii]  Stribling, George Taliaferro--letter Sept. 1, 1997

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[v]  Wilson, J. Cook, "Record of the Striblings," Private Collection--Copy now in the public library, Philadelphia, Neshoba Co., MS.





Compiled by Wm. C. Stribling, 2005



            Several researchers have documented the land holdings of Thomas1, Taliaferro2, William2, and Francis3 (Taliaferro2), among others.   There are differences in the documents which I hope to clarify herein.


            The first holding that I know of was by William2 who died in Frederick Co. in 1748, leaving an infant son, Sigismund.  The inventory of his estate1  includes cows, hogs and horses, which indicates that he had the use of land although no deed has been found.


            The next is 600 acres purchased by Thomas1 from Abraham Pennington on July 6, 17522.  Taliaferro2 sold this tract to Benjamin Sedwick on Nov. 7, 17713  stating that it was inherited from his father, which would have been in 1755.


            On the 17th of October 1771 , Taliaferro2 purchased 219 acres from Elijah Isaacs4 on the road from Battletown (Berryville) to Berry 's Ferry.  "Pioneers of Old Frederick Co. VA.", by Cecil O'Dell, places the tract close to and southeast of Berryville.  This was NOT " Hopewell " as stated by Hugh McIlhany.   In his will5 Taliaferro leaves his son Francis "the land on which I live", which would have been these 219 acres.


            On Oct. 31, 1800 , Francis2 sold 142 acres identified as the Elijah Isaacs' tract to John Milton6. 


            Francis2 purchased 336 acres, a part of the Alexander Ross grant of 1735, with the dwelling known as " Hopewell ", along the road from Hopewell Meeting House to Well Town , from Joseph Bond on Nov. 1, 18007.   This tract was sold to George Fayette Washington , on March 4, 1826 , by Taliaferro38, executor of Francis2, in accordance with Francis2's will9.



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Second Generation


2.      Francis STRIBLING (1.Thomas1) born about 1714, VA,[i] m. 1755, in Prince William Co., VA,[ii] Dorothy SEALE , b. 17-Jun-1739, Prince William Co., VA,[iii] (daughter of Anthony SEALE, Jr. and Ann BRISTOW) Dorothy d. 1 Feb 1820, Wilkes Co., GA,[iv] Her will was probated 24-Sep-1821, Wilkes Co., GA.  Francis died 1796, Wilkes County, GA .  Francis made his Will on, 3 Feb., 1796, and it was proved, 25 April, 1796 .  Francis bought 200 acres in Moore Co., NC, in 1766. On 7 Dec., 1770 , Francis received a grant of 300 acres also in Moore Co., NC.  They moved from NC to GA and received a grant of 350 acres in Washington Co., GA and  another grant of 287 1/2 acres in Franklin County, GA;  in 1790 a grant of 464 ac. in Wilkes Co., GA.  Francis was named by Uncle Robert Taliaferro 's will as a son of Thomas & Elizabeth Stribling. 

         Dorothy: Dorothy Seale was a daughter of Anthony Seale, Jr. and Ann Bristow.


            7.       i      Elizabeth Seale STRIBLING b. ca. 1757.

            8.       ii     Margaret "Peggy" STRIBLING b. ca. 1769.

                      iii     Clary STRIBLING b. ca. 1775,[v] m. Moses COLLINS , b. ca, 1775.10

                             Clary married Moses COLLINS who was from Wilkes Co., GA, where he was enumerated in 1820.

            9.       iv    Thomas STRIBLING b. 24-Jul-1775 .

                      v     Frances STRIBLING b. 1775-80,10  m. John/Willis  WELLS .  Frances was enumerated in Wilks Co., GA in 1820 & 1830.

                             John/Willis: Willis WELLS may have been John Wells, Sr. of Wilkes Co., GA.

            10.      vi    Anthony J. STRIBLING b. abt. 1779.

            11.      vii    Taliaferro STRIBLING b. 1781.


3.      William STRIBLING (1.Thomas1) b. 1721, VA,[vi] m. __?__ __?__ , d. 1748, Frederick, VA,3   William  died in 1748, in Frederick Co., VA,3  An  Inventory of his estate in Frederick Co., VA was recorded __-Feb-1748.  Cause of Death:, Likely an epidemic.3   William was named as an heir of his uncle, Robert Taliaferro, in 1726 and as a son of Thomas & Eliz. Stribling.  According to George Taliaferro Stribling, William & wife moved to Frederick Co., VA, where both died in 1748.  "COB 3, p. 15, for Wed. 8 Feb., 1748 (Old Style Calendar):  Letters of Admin. on estate of William Stribling granted to his father Thomas Stribling during the minority of his son & heir Sigismund Stribling.  Thomas Ashby, Jr., Isaac Pennington & John Sturman, securities for Thomas Stribling."

         __?__: William's wife was likely a daughter of Sigismund Massey.  Her son, Sigismund Stribling was reared by his Stribling grandparents until Thomas Stribling, I. died. From George Taliaferro Stribling, "After Thomas' death, Sigismund grew up with his Uncle Taliaferro Stribling's children.  He & the latter's son, Francis Stribling, were contemporaries.  McIlhany shows, Sigismund was a frequent visitor at Francis' ; Hopewell , & treated as an "Uncle" by Francis' children."


                      i      Sigismund STRIBLING, I. b. 1748, d. 1816.  Original member of VA State Society of Cincinnati.  Mary Frances (Stribling) Moursund, an earlier Stribling researcher thought that Sigismund was named for an ancestor, Sigismund Striblinski, King of Poland & Sweden.  Capt. Sigismund Stribling served in the Revolutionary War where he was a Second Lieut. 12th VA--Dec., 1776; 1st Lieut. - May 10, 1777 , Regiment - 8th VA. Sigismund d.s.p. leaving his property to his namesake, Sigismund Stribling, grandson of Taliaferro Stribling.  He received a grant of 4666 2/3 ac. and then a grant of 833 ac. for military service. Original member of "Society of Cincinnati."

 4.      Taliaferro STRIBLING, I. (1.Thomas1) b. 1723, Stafford Co., VA, m.  and married about 1755, or 1753, Prince William Co., VA,[vii] Elizabeth WRIGHT , (daughter of Francis WRIGHT and Ann MASSEY ) Elizabeth Wright d. 1771, Frederick Co., VA.[viii]  Taliaferro died 05-Oct-1774 , at Battleton (later called Berryville), VA.  He was Buried: Battleton, Frederick Co., VA,   Made will in Frederick Co., VA in 4 Oct 1774 ,.  As a young man he moved with his father to Frederick Co., VA. Taliaferro Inherited a 600 ac. plantation from his father.  TALIAFERRO & wife sold this plantation in Frederick Co., VA, on 7 Nov., 1771 .    His personal estate was appraised  24 Apr., 1775 at 1059 £.  It included 30 Negroes.  Taliaferro was named an heir of his uncle, Robert Taliaferro in 1726 as a son of Thomas & Eliz. Stribling.  Research done by George Taliaferro Stribling established the fact that " Hopewell " was not purchased until 1800.Will Bk. 4, Pg. 295, Frederick Co

         Elizabeth : Surname of Wright is derived from circumstantial evidence. Taliaferro's will--1774 Will Book 4, p. 295 Inventory & Appraisal Book 4, p. 306.  1784 Inventory 7 Appraisal Book 5, page 48; Sale Bills Book 5, p. 68. These documents name his six children.  Taliaferro & Elizabeth sold the  600 ac. left to Taliaferro by his father, ThomasI and purchased " Hopewell " from the Ross family.  It is about 11 miles north of the present Winchester on Route 11.  It is a lovely limestone house.


            12.      i      Francis STRIBLING, Sr. b. 1756.

                      ii     Taliaferro STRIBLING b. 1758, Frederick , VA , d. 1784.  Taliarerro was born 1755 and d. 1774 in VA according to Patricia Max.

            13.      iii     Ann STRIBLING b. abt. 1760.

            14.      iv    Thomas STRIBLING b. abt. 1761.

            15.      v     William STRIBLING  

            16.      vi    John STRIBLING b. 1765.


5.      Thomas STRIBLING, II. (SR). (1.Thomas1) b. 1730, Prince William Co., VA,[ix] m. about 1748-1755, , in Prince William Co., VA,[x] Nancy Ann KINCHELOE , who was b. 1731, Hamilton Parish, Prince William Co., VA,[xi] (daughter of John KINCHELOE, Sr. and Elizabeth CANTERBURY ).  Nancy Ann Kincheloe d. 02-Dec-1822, Old Pendleton Dist., SC.[xii]  Thomas died 17-Mar-1819, Old Pendleton District (now Anderson Co.), SC, Thomas II made his will 24, Sept. 1818, and it was proved 7 June, 1819.,[xiii] Thomas served in the American Revolution in the SC Militia from  1-Apr-1782, to 29 June, 1782[xiv]    Thomas was a Pvt., SC, American Revolution; Served under Capt. Hughes in Col. Brandon's Regt. of SC Militia; Thomas moved from VA to SC about 1755.  His military records are recorded as  A-A7465;X2415.  In 1826 Old Pendleton District was divided and area where THOMAS had lived became Anderson Co., SC.   Thomas STRIBLING  Lived at Berryville, Frederick (now Clarke Co.), VA before moving to Seneca River in Pendleton Dist.  Thomas' will was dated Sept. 14,1818 & was probated in 1819--Will Bk. A, Pg. 238.  Thomas' grave is recorded in "Abstract of Graves of Rev. Patriots, Vol. 4, p. -, Serial:10675; Vol. 7.

         Nancy : J. Cook Wilson, Mary Stribling Moursund, and Lenwin D. McPherson recorded her birth as 1734. Ann was named in the will of her husband, Thomas Stribling. GenWeb also recorded her birth as 1734.  Mary Stribling Moursund recorded her birthyear as 1731.  Thomas and Ann moved from Berryville, Frederick Co., VA, to SC.  


            17.      i      Frances STRIBLING b. 15 Jul 1756 .

            18.      ii     Elizabeth Taliaferro STRIBLING b. 1760.

            19.      iii     James Clayton STRIBLING, I. b. 09-Jan-1762 .

            20.      iv    Thomas STRIBLING, III.(Jr). Capt. b. 1763.

            21.      v     Lucy STRIBLING b. 01-Jul-1769 .

            22.      vi    Sigismund/Sejazmond STRIBLING, II. b. abt. 1771.

            23.      vii    Jesse STRIBLING b. 19-Apr-1775 .

            24.      viii   Catherine/Katherine STRIBLING b. 1774/77.

            25.      ix    Nancy Ann STRIBLING b. 1779.


6.      Robert STRIBLING (1.Thomas1) b. bef. 1733,3  m. __?__ __?__ .  From George Taliaferro Stribling: "A list of Tithabels Between Seeder run & Bool run in Ditigin parish in Prince William County for. 1747." In the absence of Thomas Stribling's will, all that appears to be known about Robert is that he appears as a white male tithable, living at the home of his father. This indicates Robert was over the age of 16.  The list was signed by Thomas Stribling. Robert MAY HAVE BEEN  in Spartanburg after 1800, but may have died in Rutherford Co., NC OR--more likely died young as a single person.


            26.      i      William STRIPLING, Sr b. abt, 1750.

            27.      ii     Green Berryman STRIBLING .

                      iii     Samuel STRIBLING . Samuel was in Newberru. SC where he lived next to William before he moved to KY and TN and his descendants show up in MO.

                      iv    Thomas STRIBLING m. Elizabeth BARBER .  Thomas died 1803, Kershaw Co., SC.[xv]  Thomas lived in Kershaw Co., SC, where he left a will.

                      v     Jesse STRIBLING . Jesse wound up in Union Co., IL.

[i]  Taliaferro, Robert--gave Francis a choice of his horses in his (Robert's) 1725 Will.

[ii]  Pees, Hope C.,

[iii]  Reeves, Emma, "A Stripling Study," Nov 17, 1990. (no publisher, book was donated to Hamilton Co. Genealogy Society, Oct., 1996, by Ericksons of 15.//& Joseph Moore from Seale Bible

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[xv]  Barnes, Jeff

Third Generation


7.      Elizabeth Seale STRIBLING (2.Francis2, 1.Thomas1) b. ca. 1757, Prince William County, GA,10  m. bef. 1776,10  Isaac McLENDON , b. 25 Apr 1750, Cumberland Co., NC, d. 1825-1830, Wilkes Co., GA.  Elizabeth died 1820, GA.[i]  According to "They Passed Our Way" by Emma Collins Brannan, Elizabeth and Isaac were married about 1774 in NC.

         Isaac: Isaac may have died in 1829, in Wilkes Co., GA.


                      i      Lewis McLENDON b. 1776, Wilkes Co., GA,9  m. Cynthia POWELL .  Lewis died 1821.9

            28.      ii     Clarissa McLENDON b. abt. 1779.

                      iii     Penelope McLENDON b. 1785, Wilkes Co., GA,9  m. Burwell AYCOCK .

                      iv    Simpson McLENDON b. 10-7-1788 , Wilkes Co., GA,[ii] m. Mary MOSS .  Simpson died 2 Jan 1841 , GA.

                      v     William McLENDON b. 1793, Wilkes Co., GA,9  d. aft. 1830.9

                      vi    Francis McLENDON b. 1797, Wilkes Co., GA,9  m. (1) Frances BARKSDALE , m. (2) Harriett HARRISON .

                      vii    Dorothy McLENDON b. 1800, Wilkes Co., GA,9  m. James WALKER .


8.      Margaret "Peggy" STRIBLING (2.Francis2, 1.Thomas1) b. ca. 1769,10  m. 5-Nov-1792 ,[iii] Ezekiel WELLBORN , b. 1764,23  d. 1806.  Margaret died 1833, Henry County , GA.10

         Ezekiel: Ezekiel lived in Wilkes Co., GA, and Union Co., SC.


            29.      i      Jane WILBORN .

                      ii      Amy Welborn

                      iii     Clarissa Welborn

                        iv    Dorothy "Dolly" Welborn

From Joseph Moore

The Family of Ezekiel and Margaret (Stribling) Welborn: 

Margaret "Peggy" Stribling, daughter of Francis Stribling and wife Dorothy Seale, was born in Cumberland County, NC, ca. 1769, and died in Henry County, GA, 1833. She was married in Wilkes County, GA (marriage bond dated 5 November 1792) to Ezekiel Welborn/Wilbourn, who was born in Guilford County, NC, ca. 1764, and died in Union County, SC, 1806, son of Thomas and Esther/Hester Welborn/Wilbourne of Orange/Guilford County, NC. They lived between Wilkes County, GA, and Union County, SC. About 1825 Margaret (Stribling) Welborn moved with her married daughter and family, Clarissa and James Holderness, and unmarried daughter Dorothy, to Towaliga Creek, Henry County, GA, where she later died. Four daughters, proven by the will of Margaret Welborn, Henry County, GA, Will Book A, pp. 198-199, dated 16 August 1831, proven 6 May 1833 (that she died in 1833 is proven by a deed which she made, dated 8 January 1833, giving to her grandson Samuel Holderness a two-year-old black filly, echoing the 1726 bequest of a young horse by Robert Taliaferro to his nephew Francis Stribling, Margaret's father): 

1. Jane Welborn (she preferred Wilborn), born evidently in Union County, SC, 3 December 1794, died Plantersville, Drew County, AR, 26 January 1878; married Wilkes County, GA, 31 January 1822, John S. Curry. They moved by 1840 to Tallapoosa County, AL, and later to Coosa County, AL, where John Curry died before 1860. Jane later moved to Arkansas with some of her children. 

2. Amy Welborn, born Wilkes County, GA, ca. 1798, died Clay County, AL, after 1870; married ca. 1818, Benjamin Harris and lived in Edgefield County, SC. After 1840 they moved to Talladega County, AL. In later years she lived with some of her children in Clay County, AL, and died there. 

3. Clarissa Welborn, born Union County, SC, ca. 1802, and was last known to be living in Ouachita Parish, LA, in 1862; married ca. 1822, probably Wilkes County, GA, James McKinney Holderness, born ca. 1800, Wilkes County, GA, died 1860/70 probably in Morehouse Parish, LA. He was an orphan son of McKinney Holderness, a wealthy planter of Wilkes County, and his wife Cynthia Powell. In 1821, James M. Holderness was charged with killing a slave named Aaron, property of his step-father Isaac McLendon (whose wife was Clarissa Welborn's aunt Elizabeth Stribling). Holderness was evidently cleared of the killing, but his fortune was greatly reduced. He moved to Henry County, GA, by 1825; Lee County, GA, in 1832; by 1840 to Marshall County, AL; by 1850 to Noxubee County, MS, and in 1860 he and Clarissa Holderness were living in the family of their daughter Margaret Jones in Morehouse Parish, LA. By this time the family name as it appears in records had changed to Holdiness. 

4. Dorothy "Dolly" Welborn, named for her grandmother Dorothy Seale, was born in Union County, SC, 1805, and died in Henry County, GA, 15 July 1853; married in Henry County, GA, Christmas Day, 25 December 1827, Zabud Little, who was born in Union County, SC, 1806, and died in Henry County, GA, 25 April 
1851, a son of Thomas and Nancy Little of Union County, SC. Zabud Little was a wealthy farmer and left a large estate at his death. A daughter, Catherine E. "Kitty" Little, 1838-1899, married Dr. Andrew George Couch, who was killed in Confederate service at "Belle Grove," estate of the Hite family in Frederick County, VA, and is buried somewhere on the grounds of "Belle Grove." The first mistress of this estate was Eleanor Conway Madison (Mrs. Isaac Hite), sister of President James Madison and distant cousin of Dr. Couch's wife, Kitty (Little) Couch, thus Dr. Couch was killed and buried on land belonging to his wife's relatives. (His death occurred in connection with the large Battle of Cedar Creek, the main part of which was fought 18 October 1864. Much of the fighting in this battle took place on the lands of "Belle Grove.") 

Joseph Moore
Henry County, GA 

(My home, on land in my family since 1826, is about a mile up Towaliga Creek from the place where Margaret [Stribling] Welborn settled about 1825, and where she presumably lies buried, the site of her burial being now unknown.)


9.      Thomas STRIBLING (2.Francis2, 1.Thomas1) b. 24-Jul-1775, Cumberland, Moore County, NC,[iv] m. 6-Oct-1822, in in Lincoln Co., GA,[v] Sarah STATHAM , b. 31 Jan 1794,[vi] (daughter of William Statham and Jane Davis ) d. 4 Mar 1869, Wilkes Co., GA,26  Buried: Independence Methodist Church Cemetery.26   Thomas died 31-May-1847, Wilkes., GA,25  Buried: near Channault, Lincoln Co., GA. [vii]  Reeves recorded his birthplace as NC; Moursund recorded birthplace as Wilkes Co., GA.    Will was probated in Wilkes Co., GA on 10 June, 1848 .  Will was written 1847.  On May 24, 1999, two forest rangers in Lincoln Co., GA, found the grave of Thomas Stribling, b. 4 July, 1775, d. 31 May, 1847, age 71 years, 10 months, and 7 days near Channault in northern Lincoln County, near the Wilkes Co., border.

         Sarah: Emma Reeves recorded the spelling of this lady's surname as "Statham." Mary Frances Moursund recorded this lady's surname as "Slatham." Jimmy C. Stribling recorded the spelling of this lady's surname as Statham.


            30.      i      Edward Augustine STRIBLING, MD. b. 25-Jan-1824 .

                      ii     Mary Ann STRIBLING b. 6-Dec-1825 ,24  m. 2 Apr 1839 ,25  Isaac McLENDON .  Mary died 8-May-1902.25

            31.      iii     Charles Chesterfield STRIBLING, MD. b. 19-May-1827 .

                      iv    William F. STRIBLING b. 2-Feb-1829 ,[viii] Occupation Farmer, d. 12-May-1867.28

            32.      v     Milton Oliver STRIBLING, MD. b. 1830.

                      vi    Sarah Jane STRIBLING b. 18-Jul-1832 ,24  m. Willis LINDSEY .  Sarah died 11-Apr-1863.25

                      vii    Thomas Lafayette STRIBLING b. 13-Feb-1835 ,25  m. Sarah ARNETT .  Thomas died 30-Oct-1883.25

                      viii   Frances A. STRIBLING b. 11-Feb-1838 ,25  m. John B. SHUMATE .  Frances died 6-Jan-1888.25


10.    Anthony J. STRIBLING (2.Francis2, 1.Thomas1) b. abt. 1779, Wilkes Co., GA,[ix] m. (1) bef. 1804, Elizabeth HOUS? , m. (2) 23-Dec-1831 ,23  Matilda C. R. EVANS , d. bef.__ Sep 1876.  Anthony died __ Sep 1850, Harris Co., GA.26   Anthony owned land in the part of Wilkes Co., GA, which later became Lincoln Col.   In this county he drew 2 blanks in the Land Lottery in 1805 and a prize in 1807.  He was in Harris Co., GA, in 1840 & 1850.  Anthony made his will on 8 June, 1847 .

         Matilda: Malinda C. R. Stribling was appointed exectrix of her husband's will.  All of his property was left to her as long as she remained a widow.  She was charged with supporting their children--Harriett W., Milton, John, Alexander D., Mary E. and Clarissa C.

                             Children by Elizabeth HOUS?:

            33.      i      Francis Marion STRIBLING b. 1804.

            34.      ii     Simpson STRIBLING b. 1811.

                      iii     William H. STRIBLING b. 1810-1813.26

            35.      iv    Thomas Mitchell STRIBLING b. 1820-1823.

                      v     Dennis STRIBLING b. 1820-1828.[x]

            36.      vi    Martha Elizabeth STRIBLING b. 1818.

                             Children by Matilda C. R. EVANS:

                      vii    Harriet W. STRIBLING b. abt. 1833,[xi] m. Mathew CALDWELL .  Harriett was named in the will of her father, Anthony Stribling, made in Harris Co., GA.

                      viii   Milton STRIBLING b. abt. 1836, Harris Co., GA.31   Milton was named in the will of his father, Anthony Stribling, made in Harris Co., GA.

                      ix    John A. STRIBLING b. abt. 1837,31  m. 19 Mar 1857 , in Harris Co., GA,26  Amanda ATTAWAY .  John was named in the will of his father, Anthony Stribling, made in Harris Co., GA.

                      x     Caroline D. STRIBLING b. abt. 1840,31  m. Josiah BASS .

                      xi    Mary Elizabeth STRIBLING b. 1842,31  m. 11 Sep 1856, in Harris Co., GA,26  Calvin T, SPINKS .  Mary E. was named in the will of her father, Anthony Stribling, made in Harris Co., GA

                      xii    Catherine STRIBLING b. abt. 1844,31  m. Andrew ARNOLD .

                      xiii   Alexander D. STRIBLING b. bef. 1847.[xii]  Alexander was named in the will of his father, Anthony Stribling, made in Harris Co., GA

                      xiv   Clarissa C. STRIBLING b. bef. 1847.32   Clarissa was named in the will of his father, Anthony Stribling, made in Harris Co., GA.


11.    Taliaferro STRIBLING (2.Francis2, 1.Thomas1) b. 1781, Wilkes Co., GA,[xiii] m. (1) 19-Oct-1809, in Lincoln Co., GA,23  Other: by Henry Jones, JP, Bk H, p. 27,,33  Lettice Sudduth , b. abt. 1789, Wilkes Co., GA--probably,[xiv] d. 1810/1815, Lincoln Co., GA--probably, m. (2) 1 Mar 1815, in Amite Co., MS,[xv] Other: by William Jones, J. P.,[xvi] Margaret McDOWELL , (daughter of John McDOWELL and Martha FAIRBURNE ). Taliaferro died 1823, Liberty , MS ,24  Buried: Sleeper Cem., Amite Co., MS.35   Taliaferro was named an executor of his father's will.  He moved to Liberty , MS , early & lived there for the remainder of his life. He was the first known Stribling to live in MS. Amite County was organized 24 Feb., 1809 and was the 5th county.  He purchased 156 acres of land for $312 on Jan. 10, 1816 , in Amite Co., MS. In 1820 there were 8 people (4 males and 4 females) in his family.  His estate was recorded in court records on 29 April, 1823 with his wife, her brother-in-law, John R. Brown & brother, William McDowell as adm.

                             Children by Lettice Sudduth:

            37.      i      Margaret STRIBLING b. 1810.

                             Children by Margaret McDOWELL:

            38.      ii     John H. STRIBLING b. 15 Oct 1817 .

                      iii     James STRIBLING Occupation "Freighted from Houston , d. 1843.

                      iv    Seaborn STRIBLING d. LA.

            39.      v     Simpson Ridley STRIBLING b. 15-Jul-1822 .

                      vi    Peggy STRIBLING . On 24 June, 1823 , Thomas McDowell was appointed guardian of Peggy Stribling.


12.    Francis STRIBLING, Sr. (4.Taliaferro2, 1.Thomas1) b. 1756, Frederick, VA, m. 1783, in "Belvidere" near Charleston, WVA, Nancy Ann TATE , b. 15-Feb-1763, (daughter of Mangus TATE and Mary Riley McCORMICK ) d. 04-Jul-1825, "Hopewell," Frederick Co., VA, Buried: "Hopewell," Frederick Co., VA.  Francis died 06-Sep-1823 , " Hopewell ," Frederick Co., VA, Buried: " Hopewell ," Frederick Co., VA, Other: 4 Jun 1823 , made will.  Emma Reeves recorded Francis' death as 6 Sept., 1825 . "Francis Stribling inherited & sold the stone house in Berryville (where his father died) .  Earlier Berryville was called Battleton.


            40.      i      Erasmus STRIBLING, Sr. b. 01-Jun-1784 .

            41.      ii     Taliaferro STRIBLING , MD. b. 1785.

            42.      iii     Francis STRIBLING, JR. b. 1787.

                      iv    Magnus Tate STRIBLING b. abt. 1789, Frederick , VA , Occupation Flour business, d. 1835, unmarried.  War of 1812; sailed for several years; flour business in Alexandria .

            43.      v     Sigismund STRIBLING b. abt. 1787.

            44.      vi    Mary Tate STRIBLING b. 1793.

                      vii    Nancy Tate STRIBLING b. 30-Jun-1795 , Frederick Co., VA, m. 20-Sep-1815 , in " Hopewell ," Frederick Co., VA, Other: Minister:  William Hill, Lewis Neil .  Nancy died 1847, " Norwood ." Clark Co., VA.  Nancy had a large family.

            45.      viii   Thomas STRIBLING b. abt. 1797.

            46.      ix    Margaret Perry STRIBLING b. 11-Apr-1800 .

            47.      x     George William STRIBLING b. 09-Apr-1802 .


13.    Ann STRIBLING (4.Taliaferro2, 1.Thomas1) b. abt. 1760, Frederick, VA, m. 20-Jul-1782, in Frederick Co., VA, John MILTON, Sr. , b. Prince William Co., VA,[xvii] (son of Richard MILTON and Margaret ROSS ). Ann died 15-Jan-1811 , Milton Valley , near Berryville.  Ann had Many descendants.

         John: John & Ann Stribling Milton lived at " Milton Valley " near Berryville , VA , in Clarke Co.  He served as a Justice of Peace, Vestryman of the Parish, & a Trustee of Berryville, VA., when the town was incorporated.  "The Story of a Long Life," written by his grandaughter, Mrs. Harriot Milton Hammond, gives an excellent description of the beautiful home life at "Milton Valley.--Bruce Hodgson Stribling


                      i      Taliaferro MILTON b. 1783,[xviii] d. 1806.38

                      ii     Harriet MILTON b. 1785,38  m. (1) John McILHANEY , m. (2) W. TAYLOR .

                      iii     John MILTON, Jr. b. 1787,38  d. 1810.38

                      iv    Nancy MILTON b. 1790,38  m. Pressley DAVIS .  Nancy died 1836.38

                      v     Margaret MILTON b. 1792,38  d. 1794.38

                      vi    William MILTON b. 1794,38  d. 1797.38

                      vii    Richard MILTON b. 1796,38  m. M. DAVISSON .  Richard died 1868.38

                      viii   Alexander B. MILTON b. 1798,38  m. H. McCORMICK .  Alexander died 1862.38

                      ix    Elizabeth Stribling Wright  MILTON b. 1800,38  m. Bushrod TAYLOR .  Elizabeth died 1883.38

                             Bushrod: Bushrod was a grandson of Hannah Bushrod and John Augustine Washington , brotherof George Washington.  Hannah and John had sons Bushrod, Corbin, and Augustine, and a daughter Mildred.

                      x     Lucinda MILTON b. 1802,38  d. 1803.38

                      xi    Florinda MILTON b. 1802,38  m. D. McCORMICK .  Florinda died 1836.38


14.    Thomas STRIBLING (4.Taliaferro2, 1.Thomas1) b. abt. 1761, Frederick, VA, Occupation Merchant at Battletown, m. 04-Dec-1788, in Frederick Co., VA,[xix] Elizabeth SNICKERS , b. 11-Nov-1761,[xx] (daughter of Edward SNICKERS and Elizabeth Taliaferro STRIBLING ) d. 19-Apr-1819.  Thomas died 1821, Red House, Putnam Co., WV.  Battletown is now Berryville.  THOMAS owned much property; was trustee of town when it was established in 1798.  About 1786 he made a perilous journey to Boonesborough , KY by way of Kanawha River and down the Ohio , in a canoe intending to establish a trading post with the Indians.  Instead THOMAS returned to Berryville where he lived until about 1810 when he moved to Kanawha , WV .  Patricia Max has a birthdate of 1759 for Thomas.


                      i      William S. STRIBLING b. 1790, Berryville,[xxi] d. 1834, Walden , WV .[xxii]  D.S.P.

            48.      ii     Robert Mackey STRIBLING, Sr.MD. b. 14-Feb-1793 .

                      iii     Edward Snickers STRIBLING b. 1794, Berryville,41  d. 1818, Clarksburg , WV.42   D.S.P.

            49.      iv    Matthew Wright STRIBLING, Sr., MD. b. 1796.


15.    William STRIBLING (4.Taliaferro2, 1.Thomas1)  married Mary.


                  i      Catherine  STRIBLING b. about 1775.

                  ii     Frances "Frankie"  STRIBLING b. 1777-1783.

                iii     Anna/Nancy  STRIBLING b. 1781.

                  iv     Elizabeth  STRIBLING b. 1782.

                   v     William  STRIBLING b. 1785, d. May, 1863
William was born in 1785 in Battleton, Frederick County, VA.  He died in May, 1863, Liberty Clay County, MO.  William married Margaret "Peggy" Searcy on 2 May, 1807, Madison County, KY.  Margaret died in 1859, Liberty, Clay County, MO. 

Harvey L. Bottoms has provided the full transcription of the deed from Sigismund Stribling (son of William Stribling; grandson of Thomas Stribling and Elizabeth (Taliaferro) Stribling:

This is the full transcription of the deed that I have done. (Clark Co, KY Deed Book 5,pages 205-208).

This Indenture made the Twenty-third day of April in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and four Between Sigismund Stribling of Frederick County, Virginia of the one Part and William Stribling of Kentucky of the other part. Witnesseth That for and in consideration of the sum of one Dollar current Money of Virginia to the said Sigismund Stribling, in hand paid by the said William Stribling at or before the sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge and thereof doth release, acquit and Discharge the said William Stribling, his Executors and Administrators by these presents, the said Sigismund Stribling hath granted, bargained, sold, aliened, released and confirmed by these presents doth grant bargain, sell, alien, release and confirm unto the said William Stribling and his heirs a certain tract or parcel of Land lying & being in Fayette County, Kentucky & bounded as followeth. To wit, Beginning at two Sycamores at the mouth of a small branch about ¾ of a mile above Boonsborough & about a half a mile above his Improvement (encluding the mangrove tract) at the letter (A) & running thence down the river according to its meander West 28 poles, N 54 W 28 poles N 35 W 40 poles, N 22 W 40 poles, North 30 poles N 5 E 28 poles, North 18 ½ E 28 poles N 34 E 14 poles, N 15 E 22 poles to the mouth of a small branch, N 60 po. To (B) a beach corner to William Boush's Preemption on the bank of the River, thence at right Angles from the reduced line N 79 E 351 po. to (C) a hickory, hackberry & sugar Tree comes in said Boush's line N 14 E 128 poles to said Boush's corner at (D) two hickories thence east with said Boush's line crossing two mile creek three times and a small branch 369 poles to (E) two sugar trees thence south 238 poles crossing four mile creek to (F) three sycamores thence a west 369 po. to (G) a stake at the lower side of the mouth of two mile creek thence down to the river with its meanders south 73o W 66 po., S 59 W 120 po., S 35 W 160 po., S 45 W 64 po. to the Beginning containing 1000 acres layed off on two surveys agreeable to the Division line from (C) N 11 W 115 poles to (G) Including an improvement made by the said Sigismund Stribling in the year 1775 and all Houses, building, orchards, ways, Waters, Water Courses, Profits commodities, Hereditaments and appurtenances whatsoever to the said premises hereby granted, or any part thereof belonging or in any wise appertaining and the Reversion's Remainder & remainders hence issues and profits thereof and also all the Estate right title interest use trust properly and demand whatsoever of him the said Sigismund Stribling of in & to the said premises and all Deeds, Evidences and Writings touching or any wise concerning the same. To have and To hold the lands hereby conveyed and all singular other the premises hereby granted and sold and every part and parcel thereof with their appurtenances unto the said William Stribling, his heirs & assigns forever to the only proper use and behoof of him the said William Stribling and of his heirs & assigns forever and the said Sigismund Stribling for himself, his heirs, Executors & administrators doth covenant, promise and grant to and with the said William Stribling, his heirs & assigns by these presents that the said Sigismund Stribling now at the time of sealing & delivering these presents is sealed of good sure, perfect and indefeasible Estate of Inheritance in Fee Simple of the Premises hereby granted and sold and that he hath good power and absolute Authority, to grand and convey the same to the said William Stribling in Manner & form aforesaid and that the said Premises now are and forever hereafter shall remain to be free and clear of and from all other Gifts, grants, bargained, sales, Dower Right and Title of Dower, judgment, Executions, Titles, Troubles, Charges and Encumbrances whatsoever made done committed or suffered by the said Sigismund Stribling or any other person or persons whatsoever and lastly that the said Sigismund Stribling and his heirs all and singular, the Premises hereby granted and sold with the appurtenances unto the said William Stribling, his heirs & assigns against the said Sigismund Stribling & his heirs and all and every other person and persons whatsoever shall warrant and forever defend by these presents. In Witness whereof the said Sigismond Stribling hath hereunto set his hand and seal the Day and year first above written. 

Sigismond Stribling (Seal) Signed, sealed and delivered ) In the presence of ) 

Virginia Corporation of Winchester to wit, I Lewis Wolfe, mayor of the said corporation do hereby certify to all whom it may concern that Sigismond Stribling grantor to the within Indenture of Bargain and Sale personally appeared before me and acknowledged the same to be his act and for the purpose therein mentioned. 

((L.S.)) In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the said corporation to be affixed this 23rd day of April 
1804 and in the 28th of this commonwealth. 

Lewis Wolfe, Mayor 

In the County Court Office of Clarke the 25th Day of June 1804. 

This Indenture of Bargain & Sale from Sigismund Stribling to Wm. Stribling together with the Certificate thereon endorsed was produced and committed to record. 

Teste D Bullock CC

From Patricia Max--William's original cabin, built in 1835 has been moved to Shoal Creek, Hodge Park, Kansas City, MO.  This cabin was built 3/4 mile east of the intersection of Plattsburg Road and Prairie Home Road on the Fishing river, Fishing River TWP.


The cabin which has been known as the "Calvin Smith Cabin" was donated to the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department by Homer Stockwell of Liberty in 1976. The following was taken from a 1977 Parks Department flyer: "This cabin was built by William Stribling on an 1835 landgrant site and was located in central Clay County, northeast of Liberty. This two-story structure built by Stribling is more typical of the early log cabins than the double dog-trot cabin. The single structure with a sleeping loft provided well for parents and children." Sara Hoecker contacted Mr. Stockwell in January 1989 and he gave her information on the cabin. Mr. Stockwell was working for Hallmark at the time they were building the distribution center near Liberty. He was contacted by Vera Eldridge to see if Hallmark would be interested in donating a cabin located on the Hallmark land to Heritage Village. Hallmark said they would donate the cabin but upon examination by the Parks Department, it was found to be in an advanced state of deterioration and could not be used. Mr. Stockwell then volunteered to donate a log cabin on his property north of Liberty. This cabin was located approximately 3/4 mail east of the intersection of Liberty-Plattsburg Road and Prairie Home road setting on the Fishing River. The cabin, which had additions to it, was in a state of disrepair and was being used for grain storage. However, the log infrastructure was sound. Frank Vaydik of the Parks Department supervised the dismanteling and reconstruction of this cabin. Mr. Stockwell had purchased the property (where the cabin was located) from the Hansen heirs. He studied his abstract and traced the ownership of the land to an 1835 landgrant to the Striblings. Sara hoecker also contacted Mrs. Hazel Johnson of Liberty who had lived in this cabin when she was a child. Her family moved into the home in 
1935 and lived there until the early 1940s. They were the last family to live there. After they moved out the cabin was used for hay storage. They rented from a Mr. Neff who sold the property to the Hansens. The area was called the "Prairie Home School-Church neighborhood". Mrs. Johnson remembered sleeping upstairs on a feather bed and listening to the rain on a metal roof. There was an additional room on the front of the cabin and an added kitchen to the rear. Also, the fireplace had been covered and the cabin was heated by a wood stove. Neither Mr. Stockwell or Mrs. Johnson knew anything about the Stribling family. Information on the Stribling family was obtained at the Clay County Archives in Liberty. A land grant is recorded for Jordan Stribling, son of William Stribling in Section 32, the sw 1/4 of the NE 1/4. This location on an original map corresponds to the current address as given by Mr. Stockwell for the cabin he donated. The estate of William Stribling was in probate dated May 11, 1863. His will dated May 22, 1861, left his estate (which did not include any property) to his granddaughter Margaret Stollings. A Jun 15, 1863, Affadavit filed by Littleberry Stollings, husband of Margaret Stollings and administrator of the estate of William Stribling, indicated the following about the family:

no widow (My note here - Margaret Searcy Stribling d 1859 Liberty, Clay
Co., MO)
Children:Sarah Ann (Franklin  Groom)
          Margaret Ann (David W. Creek)
          Eleanor (William Minich)
          Elizabeth (William Wade)
             children: Elizabeth, Sami, Amanda
          Jordan Stribling
          Wiley Stribling
          Lucy Ann (Mason Hagan)
          Mary (Marcel Wyatt)
              Children: Elaine; Margaret Ann (Littleberry  Stollings);
              Elizabeth (Henry Culbersen); Susan (William Spratt);
              Mary Ann (Joseph Bollin).

16.    John STRIBLING (4.Taliaferro2, 1.Thomas1) b. 1765, Frederick Co., VA,43  m. 20 Jan 1792, in Frederick Co., VA,[xxv] Sarah DRUMMOND .  John died 1797.43   Emma Reeves identified the following as the children of John Stribling and an unknown wife:  1. Arthur Stripling who m. Mary Simmons; 2. Aaron Stripling who m. Martha Slocum; 3. Martha stripling who m. Jacob Palmer; 4. Margaret Stripling who m. William Parker; 5. a daughter who married Thomas Davis, and 5. William Stripling who m. Margaret ____.

         Sarah: Sarah was the only child of John Drummond.  After the death of JOHN STRIBLING, Sarah married Alexander Ross Milton.


                      i      Bushrod T. STRIBLING b. 06-Sep-1794, Frederick Co., VA,43  m. 20 Dec 1817, in Frederick Co., VA,[xxvi] Penelope GATEWOOD .  Bushrod died 1824.38

                      ii     John STRIBLING b. 1796,43  d. 1806.43


17.    Frances STRIBLING (5.Thomas2, 1.Thomas1) b. 15 Jul 1756, Union District, SC,[xxvii] m. abt 1774, in Union District, SC, William Haynie BUCHANAN , b. abt 1752, Union Dist., SC, (son of John BUCHANAN and Elizabeth HAYNIE ) d. >1820.  Frances died abt. 1836, Giles Co., TN.[xxviii]  Moved from Union District , SC (where they lived in 1788) to TN and were in Giles Co., TN by 1807.  Thomas Stribling directed in his will that all of his otherwise unspecified property be sold and the profits divided equally among his children.  Frances Buchanan was named as a recipient.  Frances signed the will as a witness in 1818, but the exact date of her death has not been found.

         William: Moved 1805-1807 from SC to Giles Co., TN with the Bumpas party.


            52.      i      Catherine "Katie" BUCHANAN b. abt. 1775.

                      ii     George F. BUCHANAN b. abt. 1776,[xxix] m. Christina __?__ .

            53.      iii     Robert Edward BUCHANAN, Sr. b. 2 May 1778 .

            54.      iv    Elizabeth "Betsy Bob" BUCHANAN b. 17-Jan-1782 .

            55.      v     William Maximillian Haynie BUCHANAN b. 10-Oct-1783 .

            56.      vi    Margaret S. BUCHANAN b. 5 Oct 1785 .

            57.      vii    Eleanor "Fair" "Nellie" BUCHANAN b. 1790.

                      viii   Nancy BUCHANAN b. 1791,49  m. (1) __?__ YOUNG , m. (2) __?__ Young .

                      ix    John BUCHANAN b. 26 Aug 1792 ,49  m. Susie HARTWELL .  John died 26 Jan 1849.49

            58.      x     Jesse S. BUCHANAN b. 1793.


18.    Elizabeth Taliaferro STRIBLING (5.Thomas2, 1.Thomas1) b. 1760, Union District, SC, m. 1779, in Union Dist., SC,24  William FARR, Lt.Col. , b. abt.1729, VA, Occupation High Sheriff, d. Mar 1794, Union District , SC , Buried: Pasture on old, Scaife place near Carlisle , Union Dist., Other: Lived Union District, SC.  Elizabeth died 19 Jun 1844 , MS.[xxx]  Elizabeth was named as one of the recipients of her father's estate in 1819. According to Ronnie Thomas, Elizabeth spelled her name as "Eliazbeth Taliavo Stribling.

         William: When William Farr died in 1794, he left ELIZABETH TALIAFERRO STRIBLING FARR pregnant with their sixth child and also 5 step-children.  After Rev. War he was (1) High Sheriff of Union District, SC; (2) Justice in the District Courts (3) Member of the Jacksonboro Legislature.  In 1776 he was Capt. of State Militia; with Col. Brandon at Fair Forest; fought in battles at Rocky Mount, Hanging Rock, Blackstock on Tiger River; Lt. Col., in 1789; with Gen. Morgan at Cowpens; made will July 31, 1792--recoded Will Bk A, pp. 16-18 Union Co.SC


                      i      Thomas FARR b. 1780, 96th Dist., Union Co., SC,[xxxi] d. 1804, Union Co., SC.50

                      ii     Ann Kincheloe FARR b. 1782, 96th Dist., Union Co., SC.

            59.      iii     John Pulaski "Jack" FARR b. 19-Dec-1784 .

                      iv    Titus Green FARR, I. b. 1788, Union District , SC ,50  m. Mary Frances THOMAS , (daughter of Daniel THOMAS and __?__ __?__ ). Titus died 1852, Chickasaw Co., MS.  Came to MS in early 1840's

                      v     Eleanor Taliaferro FARR b. Union District , SC.

            60.      vi    Elizabeth Frances FARR b. 1789.

                      vii    Robert Goodloe Harper FARR b. 13  Mar 1794 , Union Co., SC,50  Church: Presbyterian, m. Margaret Levenia BEATY , (daughter of Jonathan BEATY and __?__ __?__ ). Robert died 22 Mar 1865, Union Co., SC, Buried: Cane Creek Quaker Cem., Union Co., SC.7   Cane Creek Quaker Cem., is near Santuc, in Union Co., SC. Robert was born 10 days after his father's death.


19.    James Clayton STRIBLING, I. (5.Thomas2, 1.Thomas1) b. 09-Jan-1762, Brown's Creek, Union Dist., SC,[xxxii] Occupation Attorney,[xxxiii] m. 11-Nov-1787, in Union Dist., SC,[xxxiv] Mary "Molly" BECKHAM , b. 10-Jul-1768, Pacolet River & Grindal Shoals , SC,[xxxv] Baptized: born in Union Dist., SC,[xxxvi] (daughter of John "Jack" BECKHAM, I. and Elizabeth "Betty" "Libby' HENDERSON ) Church: Baptist,[xxxvii] d. 26-Aug-1859, Neshoba Co., MS, Buried: New Harmony Ch. Cem., near Edinburg, MS.57   James died 11-Mar-1831, Brown's Creek, Union Dist., SC,55  Buried: Made Will on, 1 June, 1830; --Union Dist., SC, Other: 14-Mar-1831, Will-ll Bk. B, Pg. 170, Box 19, Pkg. 35.[xxxviii]  American Revolution:  Private in Capt. Palmer's Co. , Col. Tho. Brandon 's SC 1779.  According to letter written by Cornelius Kincheloe Stribling and book by Mary Stribling Moursand--CLAYTON was captured by the Tories, scalped, and left for dead.  Mary Beckham and a slave swam across a river to rescue him and nurse him back to health.  JAMES CLAYTON and MARY BECKHAM later married. Clayton was given Power of Attorney to collect his mother's share of the Kincheloe estate on Aug. 10, 1810 .  1819--named in his fathers's will.

         Mary: Mary BECKHAM STRIBLING moved from Union County , SC , between 2 Oct., 1840 , and 1 Mar., 1841 , to Neshoba Co., MS because the greater part of her children moved to MS--including her youngest daughter, MARY LEAH, with whom she had resided after the death of her husband.  Dates are based on applications for Rev. War Pensions. Clayton left his estate to his widow for her lifetime unless she remarried--at which time it would be divided among his children. Mary was not literate.  Hope Pees has "Leah" as middle name.


            61.      i      Thomas Jefferson STRIBLING b. 09-Nov-1788 .

            62.      ii     John Beckham "Short Jack" STRIBLING, Sr. b. 24-Jan-1790 .

                      iii     Frances STRIBLING b. 10-Oct-1791 , Union District , SC ,[xxxix] m. > 14-Jun-1830 , in Union District , SC , Charles WEBB .  Frances was named to receive an equal share in her father's estate in his 1831 will in Union District , SC , but also, she was to receive the Negro woman Clary at the death or remarriage of Mary "Polly" "Molly" Beckham Stribling. This grant was made because of "the affliction that she, Frances, now labours. If Frances were restored to health, then Cary was to be disposed of with the other slaves. At her marriage she was to receive a horse, saddle, bridle, cow, calf, a feather bedstead and furniture, and other furniture.

                             Charles: Name was Charles Buchannon according to  some sources.

            63.      iv    Elizabeth Henderson STRIBLING b. 10-Oct-1793 .

            64.      v     Samuel Henderson "Sam" STRIBLING b. 17-Feb-1795 .

                      vi    Clayton Perry STRIBLING b. 1797, Union District , SC ,51  d. 1865, TX, Other: Never Married.  Clayton was named as a recipient in the 1831 will of his father in Union Disc., SC.  If Clayton had married, his father's will decreed that he would have been given as much stock and furniture as had his brothers at their marriage.  He was not to receive a horse--because James Clayton had already given one to Clayton Perry.

            65.      vii    Lucy Henderson STRIBLING b. 28-Jan-1799 .

                      viii   Jesse STRIBLING b. abt. 1800, Union District , SC ,[xl] d. 10 May 1823 , Union Dist. , SC ,[xli] Other: Never Married.  Laurie McKenna--Jesse Stribling died intestate in Union Co., SC in 1823. Isaac White was the administrator of his estate.  Distributions were made to he following people:  Peter P. Taylor, Foster Gatt, Gist (?) Coleman, William T. Foster (spouse of Lucy Henderson Stribling--Jesse's sister), John Stribling (John Beckham--"Short Jack"--Jesse's brother), Joseph Hughes, Wm. W. White, Thomas Harris.

                      ix    Fanny Martin STRIBLING b. 23-Nov-1802, Union District, SC,54  d. 12-Jan-1836, Union Dist., SC.54   In his 1831 will, Union District, SC, James Clayton said that if Fannie were restored to health, she should have an equal part of his estate as did his other daughters.  Fanny died at age 33 years, 1 month, and 20 days.

            66.      x     Mary Leah "Polly" STRIBLING b. 10 Aug 1805 .

            67.      xi    Nancy Kincheloe STRIBLING b. 15-Feb-1807 .

                      xii    William STRIBLING d. Infancy.[xlii]  This child was not included in the family Bible record--unless he were the entry cut out before they were submitted with Mary's application for a widow's Revolutionary War pension.


20.    Thomas STRIBLING, III.(Jr). Capt. (5.Thomas2, 1.Thomas1) b. 1763, Union District, SC,[xliii] m. (1) 1788, in Union Dist., SC, Elizabeth "Betsy" HAILE , b. 24-Jan-1772, (daughter of John HAILE and Ruth MITCHELL ) d. 29-Apr-1807, Pendleton Dist., SC,[xliv] m. (2) 15-Mar-1810, in Pendleton District, SC,[xlv] Other: by Obediah Trimmer, Esq., Catherine HAMILTON .  Thomas died 8 Apr 1825, Pendleton Dist (Anderson Co.,) SC.48   THOMAS, III and Elizabeth settled on Deep Creek near Seneca River in Pendleton Co., SC on 800 ac. of land.  After Elizabeth died, THOMAS III married Catherine.  His children did not like their step-mother so most of them left home.  Son MARK MITCHELL stayed at home to watch out (protect) his younger siblings. He was one of founders of the (Old) Pendleton District , SC , Farmers Society in 1815. He also served in the American Revolution under Capt. Hughes and Col. Brandon.  He was Executor of father's will,June,1819-double portion.

         Elizabeth : 3 Jul., 1803 , in deed to Caleb BALDWIN, Elizabth released her dower to Obidiah Trimmier-- Pendleton Dist. , SC Deeds, p. 383-384.

         Catherine: d/o James Hamilton

                             Children by Elizabeth "Betsy" HAILE:

                      i      Robert STRIBLING, Col. b. 31-Jul-1790 , SC, Baptized: b. 09-Jan-1790 , Occupation Surveyor/Machinist, m. in SC, Sabie/Sabra CLARK , b. SC.  Robert died bef Civil War, GA.  Md from SC to GA soon after the War of 1812.  In 1839 he moved from GA to Hot Springs , AR.   He had several sons and all but one died in the Civil War. The surviving son was in TX by 1880.  Robert was appointed executor of his father's will which was filed in the Anderson Co., SC Courthouse.

            68.      ii     Mark Mitchell STRIBLING b. 31-Jul-1792 .

            69.      iii     Benjamin Haile STRIBLING b. 19-Jul-1794 .

            70.      iv    Cornelius Kincheloe STRIBLING, RearAdm. b. 22-Sep-1796 .

            71.      v     Mary  "Polly" STRIBLING b. 29-Jan-1799 .

            72.      vi    Frances STRIBLING b. 1801.

                      vii    Marie/Maria STRIBLING b. 1804, SC, m. William E. MORELAND .  Marie/Maria died MS.

                             William: From Hope C. Pees--This family may have lived in AR before moving to MS.


21.    Lucy STRIBLING (5.Thomas2, 1.Thomas1) b. 01-Jul-1769 , Union District , SC ,[xlvi] m. 26-Nov-1786 , in Old Pendleton Dist.  (Anderson Co.), SC, Obidiah TRIMMIER, Col. , b. 01-Nov-1759 , Louisa Co. VA,[xlvii] (son of WilliamTRIMMIER/TRIMYEAR and Lucy WATSON ) Church: American Rev.,[xlviii] d. 22-Jan-1829 , Toxaway Creek, Pendleton Dist. , SC , Buried: Toxaway Cemetery , Old Pendleton Dist.,SC.  Lucy died 1844, Spartanburg, Pendleton Co., SC.[xlix]  LUCY with parents THOMAS STRIBLING, II AND NANCY ANN KINCHELOE STRIBLING moved from Mt. Vernon, VA, & settled on Tozaway Creek, now in Oconoe CO, SC. Lucy Trimmier was named as a recipient in her father's 1819 will in Pendleton District, SC. Obidiah served as Lt. Col. 10th Rg't., 2rd Brigade, 1st. Div. of SC Militia in 1792; representative to SC Gen. Assembly from Spartanburg in 1792 and 1794.  They moved to Pendleton Dist. , SC , in 1800. He was elected senator to the 21st  General Assembly in 1814.

         Obidiah: State Senator 1818-1826; Representative in Legislature 1814-1816; American Revolutionary Soldier; performed the wedding ceremony of his brother-in-law, THOMAS STRIBLING, III, and his second wife, Catherine Hamilton.  Commissioned Mar. 12, 1781 , Ensign in the Colonial Army. Probably in  SC Militia since he fought at Cowpens , SC ; Kings' Mt., NC and many others. Justice of Peace - Spartanburg District; Legislator from Pickens District; enumerated 1790 96th Dist., Spartanburg Co., SC


            73.      i      Nancy Ann TRIMMIER b. 27 Aug 1787 .

                      ii     John TRIMMIER b. 3 Jul 1789 , Pendleton Dist. , SC ,69  d. 1789 or 1896.

            74.      iii     William Sloan TRIMMIER b. 7 May 1791 .

            75.      iv    Thomas Stribling TRIMMIER b. 15 May 1793 .

            76.      v     Mary  J. "Polly" TRIMMIER b. 22 Apr 1795 .

            77.      vi    Elizabeth TRIMMIER b. 20 Apr 1797 .

            78.      vii    Arsina "Arrina" TRIMMIER b. 22-Jun-1799 .

            79.      viii   Lucy Watson TRIMMIER b. 12-Dec-1802 .

            80.      ix    Salina/Selena TRIMMIER b. 05-Apr-1804 .

            81.      x     Frances Maria TRIMMIER b. 16 Apr 1807 .

            82.      xi    Obediah Watson TRIMMIER, Jr. b. 10 Sep 1809 .

            83.      xii    Marcus Taliaferro/Tullias TRIMMIER b. 16 Apr 1812 .

                      xiii   Tully TRIMMIER d. 1818, Buried: INFANCY.


22.    Sigismund/Sejazmond STRIBLING, II. (5.Thomas2, 1.Thomas1) b. abt. 1771, Union District, SC,[l] m. abt. 1789, in Union District, SC,[li] Nancy "Mary" BIRDSONG , b. abt. 1771, (daughter of John BIRDSONG, Maj. and Mary ARMISTEAD ) d. aft. 7 Apr 1829 .[lii]  Sigismund/Sejazmond died bef. 4 Sep 1826 , Union District , SC. [liii]  Sigismund was named as a recipient of his father's 1819 will in Pendleton District , SC.   Bruce H. Stribling reported Sigismund's birth as 1772,  His name in the will of Thomas, II was "SIGISMUND;" however, when the probate record of this man was filed in Union Co., SC, Probate File Box 15, Pkg. 19, 1826, it was recorded as "SEJAZMOND" on 4 Sept., 1826..

         Nancy : Nancy was appointed guardian of her two youngest--Nancy and Miles. She received $428.60 and 3 mills in the final settlement of the estate of her late husband, Sigismund/Sejzamond Stribling.


            84.      i      John Birdsong "Long Jack" STRIBLING b. 1789.

            85.      ii     Francis STRIBLING .

            86.      iii     Mary Birdsong STRIBLING b. 1796.

            87.      iv    Obidiah Trimmier STRIBLING , MD. b. 1800.

                      v     Matilda STRIBLING m. James ERWIN .  Malinda was to receive $116.50 from the estate of her father-- Union Dist. , SC Probate Records; however in the final settlement of the estate on 7 April, 1829 , Malinda received $141.24 and three mill.

            88.      vi    Sigismund "Sejaz" STRIBLING, Jr. b. 1805.

                      vii    Jesse STRIBLING . Lived SC.

                      viii   William Maximillian STRIBLING m. 29-Dec-1836 , Sarah Robinson .  William was to receive $116.50 from his father's estate--Probate record of Sigismung/Sejazmond Stribling, Union Co., SC; however in the final settlement of the estate of Sejazmond Stribling on 7 April, 1827 , William received $141.24 and three mill.

            89.      ix    Thomas Farr STRIBLING b. 8 Mar 1812 .

                      x     Nancy Kincheloe STRIBLING m. 1838, William MEEK .  Nancy was to receive $116.50 from the estate of her father--Probate Records, Union Co., SC; however, in the final settlement of the estate on 7 April, 1826 , Nancy received $141.24 and three mills.

                      xi    Miles Birdsong STRIBLING b. 1815, d. 1912, TN.  Miles, a minor when his father died, was to receive $116.50 from the estate of his father--Probate Records, Union Co., SC; hoever, in the final settlement of the estate on 7 April, 1829, M. B. received $141.24 and three mills.


23.    Jesse STRIBLING (5.Thomas2, 1.Thomas1) b. 19-Apr-1775, Union Dist., SC,[liv] m. 29-Apr-1805, in Anderson Co., SC,62  Elizabeth SLOAN , b. 16 Apr 1785?, Old Pendleton District, SC/VA,[lv] (daughter of David  McCurdy SLOAN, Sr., Capt. and Susannah "Susan" MAJORS ) d. 9 Nov 1849, Old Pendleton Dist.(Anderson Co.), SC.75   Jesse died 09-Nov-1841, Cane Creek,Old Pend.Dist (Pickens Co),SC, Other: 20-Apr-1841made, Will; Pickens Co.Pack 73 &Equity Pack 41.[lvi]  In his will Thomas Stribling gave his son Jessee a Negroe woman, after the death of Ann--Nancy Ann Kincheloe Stribling--mother of Jessee.  Death date from Hope Pees is 30 Nov., 1841 .  Jesse's mother, Nancy Ann KINCHELOE STRIBLING died in his home on 2 Dec., 1822 , Pendleton, SC. Jesse made his will on 20 April, 1841 .  He bequeathed all property to his wife Elizabeth who was also named as his executrix.

         Elizabeth : Elizabeth, eldest daughter of David Sloan, Sr. was bequeathed in his will the 950 ac. plantation on which she and and Jesse lived on the south side of Cane Creek.  They were also given all of the negroes and othr personal property previously given them by David, Sr.  As long as David, Jr., owned the mill on the south side of Cane Creek, their grain was to be ground without charge. David Sr. also left 450 ac. on 2 adjoining tracts of land on he south side of Cane Creek to Jesse Stribling and to David Sloan, Jr.


            90.      i      Thomas Majors STRIBLING b. 25-Jan-1806 .

            91.      ii     Mary Sloan "Polly" STRIBLING b. 04-Jun-1807 .

            92.      iii     William Harrison STRIBLING b. 09-Feb-1809 .

            93.      iv    Rebecca Camilla STRIBLING b. 10-Sep-1810 .

            94.      v     David Sloan STRIBLING b. 14-Jul-1814 .

            95.      vi    Robert F. STRIBLING b. 12-Mar-1817 .

            96.      vii    Susan A. STRIBLING b. 22-Jan-1817 .

            97.      viii   Montford Stokes STRIBLING, Sr. b. 02-Mar-1819 .

            98.      ix    Nancy Trimmier STRIBLING b. 07-Aug-1821 .

            99.      x     Elizabeth Catherine STRIBLING b. 27-Nov-1823 .

            100.    xi    Warren Webb STRIBLING b. 18-Apr-1826 .


24.    Catherine/Katherine STRIBLING (5.Thomas2, 1.Thomas1) b. 1774/77, Union Dist., SC,[lvii] m. 1802, in SC, Charles WEBB , b. 1767, Dinwiddie Court House, VA,[lviii] d. 1831.  Catherine/Katherine died bef.1816, Pendleton District , SC.   Bruce H. Stribling reported Katherine's death in 1841; however, Katherine was deceased prior to her father, Thomas, II., who died in 1819.  Thomas II. referred to his son-in-law, Charles Webb in his will because Katherine was deceased.  Thomas left "one shilling sterling" to Charles Webb and did not mention his daughter Catherine/Katherine in his will.

         Charles: Charles Webb witnessed the will of THOMAS STRIBLING, JR., father of his 2nd wife, CATHERINE STRIBLING WEBB.  Thomas Stribling left his "son-in-law, Charles Webb," one shilling sterling.  Catherine Stribling pre-deceased her father.


                      i      Herch Warren Robinson WEBB b. 1802, Occupation Wealthy Merchant, d. 1836/1856.  Md. from Charleston SC to GA; d.s.p.

            101.    ii     Clayton Stribling WEBB b. 06-Jan-1804 .

                      iii     Elijah WEBB b. 1806, m. (1) Caroline HAMMOND , m. (2) Rebecca GAILLARD , m. (3) Rose H. WALLER .  Elijah died 1873.  Twin to Elisha

                      iv    Elisha WEBB b. 1806, m. Nancy KING .  Twin to Elijah

                      v     Micajah WEBB m. Harriet BENSON .

                      vi    Frances WEBB m. James G. CLARK .

                      vii    Thomas WEBB m. Nancy BELL .

            102.    viii   Nancy WEBB .


25.    Nancy Ann STRIBLING (5.Thomas2, 1.Thomas1) b. 1779, Union District , SC ,[lix] m. 7 Apr 1796 ,69  Samuel TATE .  Nancy died 02-Dec-1822 .  Thomas Stribling willed to his daughter, Ann Tate, one bed and furniture.

         Samuel: of VA; Samuel made oath to a deed of Thomas & Elizabeth Stribling to Caleb Baldwin in Pendleton Dist. , SC , in 1804.


            103.    i      Catherine "Kate" TATE .


26.    William STRIPLING, Sr (6.Robert2, 1.Thomas1) b. abt, 1750, VA,20  Baptized: ., m. (1) 26 Aug 1778,20  Catharine SAVAGE , d. 4 Jun 1801, Newberry Dist., SC,20  m. (2) 25 Apr 1802, in Newberry Dist., SC,20  Mary MOATS , b. abt, 1776.20   William died 5 Feb 1815, Newberry Dist., SC,20  Other: 16 Feb 1816, Will filed for probate in Newberry Dist. [lx]  William's will was filed in Newberry Dist, SC,  In his will he name his wife Mary and their 2 children  Sarah and Audery.  Also named were  his children Betsy Stripling, Thomas Stripling, Nancy Stripling, William Stripling, Fanny Stripling, John Stripling, and Talafaro Stripling.   William Stripling was named executor of the estate on 2 Feb., 1816 .

         Mary: Mary at age 6 was an orphan and was bound to Alexander Moore until he age of 16 to learn the art of seamstress.

                             Children by Catharine SAVAGE:

                      i      Elizabeth STRIPLING b. 20 Mar 1780 , Newberry Dist. , SC ,20  m. Sherman GOP .

                      ii     Thomas STRIPLING b. 25 Jun 1782, Newberry Dist., SC,20  m. 28 Nov 1811, in SC,20  Sarah MARTIN .

                      iii     Nancy STRIPLING b. 25 Sep 1784 , Newberry Dist. , SC ,20  m. James OVERSTREET .

            104.    iv    William STRIPLING, Jr. b. 11 Feb 1786 .

                      v     Francis "Fancy" STRIPLING b. 2 Jan 1794 , Newberry Dist. , SC ,20  m. William SMITH .

                      vi    John STRIPLING b. 2 Sep 1796 , Newberry Dist., SC.20

            105.    vii    Taliaferro "Toliver" STRIPLING b. 17 Mar 1797 .

                             Children by Mary MOATS:

                      viii   Sarah STRIPLING b. 23 Oct 1804, Newberry Dist., SC,20  m. __ Jan 1820, in SC,20  Clement MITCHELL , b. aft. 1800.20

                             Clement: Clement wa of Abbeville , SC ; Residence, Edgefield Dist. , SC

                      ix    Audrey STRIBLING b. 12 May 1810 , Newberry Dist., SC.20


27.    Green Berryman STRIBLING (6.Robert2, 1.Thomas1) m. __?__ __?__ .  Green died 16 Aug 1820 .[lxi]  Green Berryman was an ancestor of Jeff Barnes.


                      i      Thompson STRIPLING . Thompson Stribling moved to IL residing in Springfield as well as in Macoupin and Montgomery Counties .

            106.    ii     William STRIPLING .

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