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The George Davidson Smith Family at Parsley Crossing 1917

George D. Smith and second wife Laura Baker Smith and all 10 of his living children (by his first wife Mary Mandana Handy Smith who died in 1900) and their families. One daughter Mary Pansy died at age 2, and Eula a twin to Eunice died at age 7 mo.  [George Davidson Smith married Laura Baker on 10 Sept., 1903, Hamilton County Marriage Record Bk. 4, p. 124]
George and Laura in the middle with the children all around them. Starting at the top left going clockwise:
Tom and Annie (Neal) Smith, children Winnie and Lota Clyde
John and Ethel (Smith) Koen, daughter Ruth
Jesse and Merle (Keller) Smith, daughter Mildred
Walter and Myrtle (Smith) West, daughter Pauline
Eunice Smith (youngest child age 17)
Walter and Ida (Smith) Lawson, children Glynn and Clarice
Charlie and Willie (Sexton) Smith, children Estelle, Leora, William and Lena
Monroe and Lillian (Smith) Harrison, children 2 oldest of 5
Oscar and Florence (Edwards) Smith, children Troy, Otis and T.J.
Jim and Mattie (Ashton) Smith, children Orville and Macel
George Smith served in the Civil War and I have his Soldiers Application for a Pension, and also Laura's Widows Application For a Pension. He was living at Evant at the time he applied so it says P.0. Evant, Coryell County on his and Hamilton on Laura's. They both died in Hamilton and are buried at Live Oak.
"I don't know why they dressed up so to go to Parsley Crossing but people used to do that I suppose.  A lot of Sundays when I was growing up in Hamilton we went to Live Oak Cemetery and Parsley Crossing after church and Sunday dinner.  It was always important to my grandparents that the family graves at Live Oak were kept nice.  I can remember when all the Smith graves had shells on them.  Annie Smith was the first secretary of the Live Oak Cemetery Association when it was organized May 1, 1927.  She remained in that position for 20-30 years.
     George Smith lost his right arm in a saw mill accident as a young man not long after the Civil War.  He raised all those children after that and they said his house caught fire once and he got on the roof and put it out.
     Walter and Myrtle (Smith) West, Monroe and Lillian (Smith) Harrison, Jim and Mattie (Ashton) Smith, and Eunice Smith who later married Charles Crowley all moved to west Texas.  The other six children remained in the area.  My grandfather Tom Smith tried farming but didn't like it.  He and Annie moved to Hamilton where Tom started working in the McKinley-Corrigan Store.     
      Ida's husband Walter Lawson died when they had the big flu epidemic and left her with two young girls.  She later married Martin Stifflemire and they had one daughter Nadine.  Aunt Ida lived the longest dying in 1991 at age 96."


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