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Siloam Baptist Church whose post office was listed Hazel Dell/Hazeldelle in Hamilton County and also Comanche County apparently was admitted to Hamilton County Baptist Association in 1880 and served its community until about 1899. At various times the address of this church was Hazel Dell, Hazeldelle, Lamkin, and Gentrys Mill.  This church was probably referred to as Silome in the 1879 HCBA Minutes.


Pastors included:

D. I. Haralson, 1881, 1884--1886

R. M. Cumby, 1882

D. M. Cumby, 1883

J. H. Cunningham, 1888

Thomas Burroughs, 1889

W. C. Witt, 1890

Church clerks included:

D. P. Lester, 1881--1882

H. Waldrop, 1883--1884. 1886--1889

W. R. Waldrop, 1890

Messengers to the annual association meeting were:

1881-- R. S. Hurt

1882--T. J. McCarty, J. F. Carson

1883--H. Waldrop

1884--J. F. Carson, W. R. Westfall

1885--W. R. Westfall, J. F. Carson, M. M. Rhodes

1886--W. R. Waldrop, C. C. Jones, M. M. Rhodes

1887--W. R. Westfall, W. R. Waldrop

1888--J. P. Lester, W. R. Westfall, J. F. Carson

1889--J. T. Carson, W. R. Waldrop

1890--H. W. Waldrop, H. M. Roads

Hazeldell  now is a community in Comanche County, TX, between Gustine and Carlton.

"HAZEL DELL, TX." The Handbook of Texas Online


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