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These pictures below were taken between Fairy, Olin and Dry Fork Fork communities in the 1920's.  

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The two men are Perry Seago and  J. Dellis Seago sons of Mr. and Mr. J. J. Seago who lived in the Olin area, in the 1920ís.  Dellis married my mother, Ione Allison, in Hamilton,TX, on 27 November, 1924. 

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Scene:  Hico

Time:  1920's probably

Adventures of John Lowe, Arch Proffitt, Eugene Seago, and Arch Epperson.

The Texas Central Railroad which arrived in Hico in 1880 was leased to the Missoui, Kansas, and Texas (M-K-T) in 1914 and operated as an MKT line until the railroad was removed in the 1960's.


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