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Picture from Sarah Drake Bone with technical assistance from Fred "Ric" Gordon
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1904 Singing School at Ohio


Ohio Baptist Church founded in 1917 served the community until about 1971.  It was admitted to the Hamilton County Baptist Association on 29 August, 1917.

Some of the early pastors were:

H. J. Frasure, 1917--1918

Steven Anderson Rains, 1920--1924, 1926

W. M. Roberts, 1927--1928

Allen Boone DeHart, 1930-1931

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Allen Boone DeHart and his wife, Nellie Cordelia (Stephens) Dehart
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Some of the early church clerks were:

Claud Frasure, 1917--1918

G. E. Griggs, 1921, 1923, 1927--1928

Allen Boone DeHart, 1922, 1924


Some of the early messengers to the annual association meeting were:

1917--Martin Luther Ballard, Claud Frasure, Miss Jonnie DeHart

1918--H. J. Frasure, Claud Frasure

1920--M. M. Winningham, C. M. Collier, Raymond Collier

1921--G. E. Griggs, Maynard Winningham

1923--Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Griggs

1925--Allen Boone DeHart

1926--Bro. George Thomas DeHart, Bro. G. W. Griggs

1927--J. N. Parrish

1928--Miss Bertie Graves, Miss Alvis Graves, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Henderson

Ohio Baptist Church licensed Allen Boone DeHart to preach on July 21, 1922, and ordained him to the ministry on June 9, 1928. (Bone, Sarah Drake - from the records of her grandfather, Allen Boone DeHart.)


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