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Dr. A. G. Livingston was born in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, and came to Texas in 1885 with his parents when he was less than two years of age. They settled in Jefferson County, where young Livingston received his early schooling. In 1904 he joined the U. S. Engineers and was a drill master in the army. He was stationed in San Francisco in 1906 when the terrible earthquake took place, and General Fredrick Funston, who was in charge of the city following the catastrophe, put Livingston in charge of a squad of men to guard a sector and put it in sanitary condition. He filled this command in perfect manner and was personally commended by General Funston.

After receiving his discharge from the Army, Dr. Livingston was employed by he Texas Oil Company for fourteen years. During the World War he was chief inspector for this company in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

He was married to Miss Estella Kellinger in 1914, in Jefferson County. In 1921 they entered he Texas Chiropractic College in San Antonio, and upon graduation moved to Hamilton in 1924, and since that time have built up a nice practice in their profession.

Both Dr. and Mrs. Livingston are public-spirited and take much interest in civic work. Mrs. Livingston was one of the organizers of the Garden Club and its first president. Dr. Livingston is know more widely for his active work as chairman of the Civil Works Administration in Hamilton County, a position he held for 13 months, resigning in March of this year. During the time he was the head of this organization he did much to secure aid for the needy and creating work in this section of the State. In fact, Hamilton stood close to the top over the entire State. He lashed red tape, bowed his neck, and accomplished big things. At one time he had 747 men and women working for CWA in this County.

At State Relief Headquarters in Austin, Dr. Livingston was recognized as one of the most efficient county chairmen in the State, and practically every project presented by him to this body was accepted. When Lawrence Westbrook resigned as State Administrator, friends of Dr. Livingston urged him for the position, but he made no effort to secure it.

After resigning as County Chairman of the CWA, Dr. Livingston announced as a candidate for the Representative from the 94th District, which includes Hamilton and Coryell County. He states that in making this race he is not going to make a million promises which can not be fulfilled, but if elected he will represent the entire district equally without showing favoritism or partiality to any one interest. However, Dr. Livingston has committed himself as being opposed to the child labor law. Should the occasion arise, he states, he would vote against such a law, as this is a farming district.

In this Historical and Trade Expansion Edition we urge the voters of 94th District to give the candidacy of Dr. Livingston consideration when casting your ballot.

The Hamilton County News, Vol. IV, Number 11--Section Two

Historical and Trading Expansion Issue

W. F. Billingslea, Editor-Publisher

Subscription Price ONE YEAR ..$1.00

June 29, 1934



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