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One of the outstanding men about town and a man well known over the entire county is Mayor William Lemmons. He is the son of a Confederate veteran, one of the mounted volunteers who died for the Southern cause.

Mr. Lemmons was born in East Texas and early learned to depend upon his own resources. With his mother he resided in Hill county for some time and then moved to Hamilton 29 years ago. He was manager for the Major Cotton ranch for 25 years and is still representing the Cotton interest in this county and town.

After moving to town Mr. Lemmons was connected with the Sheriff’s office for 15 years. He is now serving his second term as mayor of this city and during that time the city has hard surfaced nearly 100 blocks and is still continuing the work. It has opened new streets and rebuilt the bridge on Henry street, beside many other civic improvements. The schedule for city improvement is still growing and, under the careful supervision of Mayor Lemmons, the outlook is promising for Hamilton to be one of the most modern and best kept small cities in the State.

The Hamilton County News, Vol. IV, Number 11--Section Three

Historical and Trading Expansion Issue

W. F. Billingslea, Editor-Publisher

Subscription Price ONE YEAR ..$1.00

June 29, 1934

William M. Lemmons, father of William Mars "Bill" Lemmons

From the General Land Office in Austin, Texas Confederate Scrip Land Grant -- doc. no. CSV 1327 (transcript follows)

The State of Texas | In Commissioners Court Coryell County | Nov. Term A.D. 1881

This is to certify that Mrs. Sarah Lemmons, a bona fide resident citizen of this county on the 14th day of November A.D. 1881, made satisfactory proof that as the widow of Wm. M. Lemmons, who was a private in Captain W. A. Parten's Co. D. 7th Regiment Texas Mounted Volunteers and who died whilst engaged it the military service of the Confederate States at Niblett's Bluff, Louisiana May 21, 1863 is entitled to receive a Land Certificate from the State of Texas for 1280 acres under the act approved April 5th 1881.

Given under our hands & the seal of our court this Nov. 15, 1881.
(commissioners signatures, end of transcript)

He  (William M. Lemmons) likely died in a measles epidemic that struck the camp. The victims were buried in a mass grave.
https://sites.rootsweb.com/~laudc/niblet.htm He is listed in the Roster of Confederate Soldiers with the last name spelled Lemonds.

The oral history was that he never saw his last son (the sheriff and mayor), their respective births and deaths were about 13 weeks apart. I was also told the sheriff/mayor had a fervent dislike for Yankees.

From Barry Lemmons, Great-Grandson of William Mars "Bill" Lemmons

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