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Dr. Baker, Sr.

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Dr. Baker, Jr.




Dr. C. C. Baker, Sr. was born in Dallas County, 2 ˝ miles southwest of Lancaster. The family moved to the head waters of Plum Creek 10 miles south of Hamilton, March 10, 1879, when he was a child. His father, W. T. Baker [William Thatcher Baker] died when Charles was 13 years old, leaving his mother and 5 younger brothers and sisters for him to take care of. The following 5 years were spent in hard work with no time for school.

When Russel and Cleveland took charge of the Hamilton Public school, Charlie left the farm in charge of his younger brothers and went to Hamilton to school. He did chores for his board and chopped cord wood on Saturdays and after school hour at 75˘ per cord to pay the remainder of his school expenses. He taught school 2 years, after which he took a job of clerking for Pinkerton and Scruggs, general merchants, working about __ years at this. He then went to Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, going by Chicago to the World’s’s Fair, this being the fall of 1893. He returned home in March, 1894, obtained a certificate for the practice of dentistry, opened an office in Hamilton where he has had an office and practiced ever since, except while absent attending dental colleges.

Dr. Baker, Sr., has a diploma from the State Dental College, now known as Baylor, a post-graduate certificate from Chicago College of Dental Surgery, and has kept up with the progress of his profession.

He married Alma Nicholson who was born south of Hamilton on Cowhouse Creek, and the two have labored together to help build up the town and this section of Texas.

Dr. Baker has served on the school board and the city council. He has always taken a very active part in politics. For a number of years he has been a leading Republican in Texas, serving as a member of the State Executive Committee, also he has attended practically all state conventions, and several national ones, having been a delegate from Texas in 1912 and bolted with Roosevelt (Teddy, not Franklin.)

Dr. Baker is active, alert, and physically fit, right up to the minute in things pertaining to the practice of dentistry; has a large practice. He owns his own home, office building in Hamilton, and over Ten Thousand Dollars in modern dental equipment.

Drs. Baker & Baker are assisted in their office by Miss Mollie Herrington, a dental nurse, who has been with them for the past 12 years. She is efficient, kindly, and considerate, having had special training under the Bosworth Department for dental Assistants of Chicago.

Charles Curtis Baker, Jr. was born in Hamilton, March 5, 1902. His parents, Dr. C. C. Baker and Alma Nicholson Baker are well known Hamilton County people. After completing the ninth grade in the public schools of Hamilton, Charles was sent to Castle Heights Military Academy at Lebanon, Tenn. The next year he entered the New Mexico Military Institute where he completed his high school work and entered junior college. During summer vacations he worked on his father’s farms, in the Hamilton Mill & Elevator or his father’s dental office. After finishing the course offered by N.M.M.I. he received his commission of 2nd Lieutenant in the US Cavalry. In 1922 he entered Baylor Dental College in Dallas and took his dental degree in Texas Dental College of Houston. He graduated in 1926 and married the same fall. He married Marjorie Duffie, only daughter of John J. And Stella Wilson Duffie, both natives of Arkansas, but who have lived in New York City for many years. Mrs. Baker was born in California. She was educated in the public schools of California but finished high school in Roswell, N. M., where she met the future Dr. Baker. She attended the University of Arkansas for two years and then took an extensive tour of Europe and the British Isles. The following year she entered Barnard College of Columbia University. She is now on the staff on the Hamilton County News.

Young Dr. Baker established his office in the same building with his father in Hamilton, the summer of 1926. Four years later he established a branch office in Goldthwaite, Texas.

Dr. C. C. Baker, Jr. was Scoutmaster of Hamilton Troops of the (hole in paper) four years. The troupe is now led by Scoutmaster Virgil Santy and Dr. Baker has accepted the chairmanship of district aid of the Heart of Texas Council. He is an active worker in the Red Cross and is a registered instructor of First Aid. He is the chairman of the Life Saving and First Aid committee of the local Red Cross Council. He is a master mason of the Hamilton Rock Lodge.

Dr. and Mrs. Baker have two small children, master Charles Curtis Baker, III and baby Stella.

Dr. Charles has joint offices with his father, Dr. C. C. Baker in Strawn and Hamilton. Because of the wide radius in which they practice, the doctors are known from San Saba County to Palo Pinto County.

The Hamilton County News, Vol. IV, Number 11--Section Three

Historical and Trading Expansion Issue

W. F. Billingslea, Editor-Publisher

Subscription Price ONE YEAR ..$1.00

June 29, 1934



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