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Fairy Baptist Church began as the Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church on 15 April, 1883, in the North Meridian Creek School house by people who lived in the vicinity of North Meridian Creek. The organizing presbytery was composed of the following elders: J. W. Staton, Moderator, T. H. Green, Secretary, and W. D. Anderson. The church chose the name Mt. Pleasant and chose J. W. Staton to be its first pastor. Charter members were Henry Evans, J. R. Williamson, Sarah Williamson, J. P. Drennan, C. C. Drennan, G. W. Smith, Mary A. Smith, Betty A. Smith, and Mary A. Evans. Monthly services were held in the Mt. Pleasant School House until 1 January, 1901.

Mt. Pleasant was admitted to Bosque River Baptist Association on 17 August, 1883.  Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church became Martinís Gap Missionary Baptist Church before 7 September, 1888, when it was admitted to the Hamilton County Baptist Association When the report was sent for the annual association meeting in 1921, the name of this church had been changed to Fairy Baptist Church Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Wade Young gave land to the Fairy Baptist Church in May, 1901.


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