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The Leon River meanders across Hamilton County from Gentrys Mill to Providence to Rock House to Jonesboro as it winds from Eastland County to Bell County. During floods, the Leon become a mighty river as it inundates much farmland. The Leon River extends from Cisco in Eastland County, through Comanche, Hamilton, and Coryell Counties to reach Lake Belton in Bell County.


"The Leon River heads in Eastland County, comes into Hamilton County below Lamkin, runs through the Bob Shockley farm. The old Stephenville road crosses it on Mrs. Hobdy Mann’s pecan grove. Highway 66 (US 281) crosses it six miles north of Hamilton at the old Hico bridge. Highway 22 crosses it near Ed Perry’s farm and orchard on the Cranfills Gap road. Highway 36 crosses it at the new Jonesboro bridge. (This bridge has been replaced with a higher bridge south of the one referred to in this article.) It goes into Coryell County at the old Jonesboro bridge, through Gatesville, and between Temple and Belton meets the Lampasas and Salou, and the three form Little River which finally empties into the Brazos. Indians named the Leon."--Doris LaRue Stapleton and Capt. C. E. Horton.

"LEON RIVER." The Handbook of Texas Online 



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