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Marriage Record #38
Winston County, MS, Marriage Record Book 1, Page 74

Page 75

1891 or 1892

Back Row:  Charity Ann Boyd, Felix Boyd, Claude Edwin Boyd, Thomas Harrison Boyd

Front Row:  Polly Ann (Kellum) Kirkland, William Wilson Kirkland, Henry Royal Boyd, Sarah Emeline "Emma" "Em" (Kirkland) Boyd, holding Minnie Clementine Boyd, Fred Jehu Boyd


Dr. William Wilson Kirkland, 1895





Back row: 
Parmelia Jane (Kirkland)  (Bramble) (Cole) Herring/Hessing; (1839-1921)
Rose Clementine (Kirkland) Boyd (1854-1944)
Sarah Emeline "Emma" "Em" (Kirkland) Boyd (1860-1942)
Front row:
Edward Pickens Kirkland (1843-1929)
Dr. William Wilson Kirkland (1820-1905)
Thomas Augustus Kirkland(1845-1914)

This picture was made between 1900 and 1905 at the Kirkland home in the Osage Community of Coryell County, TX.




Published in a Gatesville, TX, Newspaper, 4 January, 1900

[This newspaper article was shared by Rayburn A. Metcalfe, a great-great grandson of Jehu Chaney Kirkland, an older brother of Dr. William Wilson Kirkland.


Tuesday, January 2, it was our privilege to attend the 80th birthday celebration of Dr. W. W. Kirkland near Osage. The early part of the morning the clouds hung dark and lowering, but by nine o-clock the sun came out bright, and we vainly thought it warm. We put on extra raiment, and with a hot rock to our feet, and heavy buggy robes, we took our seat beside our other half behind a spirited livery team and started on our trip of 15 miles. ‘Tis so seldom that we have a chance to take a little lark together, that we drew the robe about us, wrapped our veil more closely about our face and settled ourself back to enjoy the ride, while baked turkey, cakes, pies, etc., loomed up in our imagination at the other end of the 15 miles.

The recent rains have made the roads extremely rough and it was impossible to travel in any but a very moderate gait. Before we had gone a great distance, we discovered that it was very cold, but not wising to complain, said nothing about feeling the chill morning air. Every stream was frozen over, the crushing of the ice as we broke through while crossing over sent an extra shiver down our spinal column and made us wonder if Owen Fauntleroy had not brought some of the Klondike weather back with him, and distributed it out about the Coryell mountains.

Occasionally we would travel for a shot distance along a part of the road sheltered by the mountainside with warm sun beaming down upon us, and we would thaw out a little, but a sudden turn in our route would bring us facing the keen north wind. At least we struck the bare, bleak prairie, over which we would have traveled four miles had we gone direct, but we missed the way and went three miles out of the course. At 12:30 we reached Mr. Felix Boyd’s, the place we had started for. The place was thronged with guests and everybody seemed to be having a good time.

We were almost frozen, could not talk for chattering teeth, and Mrs. Boyd [Sarah Emeline "Emma", "Em" (Kirkland) Boyd] had to take off our wraps for we were utterly powerless to use our benumbed hands.

Two long tables were set in the yard and fairly groaned beneath their load of good things.

While warming we had a pleasant conversation with Dr. Kirkland, the old gentleman to whom this dinner was given. He is a courtly, intelligent gentleman, and to judge from his present appearance you would take him to be about 60 years of age.

At last having sufficiently thawed we went out to the table. It has never been my good fortune to sit down to a finer dinner. There are certainly some very fine cooks in that connection. And such quantities of everything! There was something near one hundred guests and there was enough left to feed as many more.

After spending a very pleasant time after dinner we left at 3:30 for home. When we got ready to leave Mrs. John Boyd [Rose Clementine (Kirkland) Boyd] of our town who had gone out the day before and carried an extra amount of comforts, blankets, cloaks, etc., made us take a comfort and another cape and wrapped us up so warm that we did not know it was cold at all.

Notwithstanding the bitter cold ride of the morning we had a delightful outing and promised the Doctor that we would go to his birthday dinner next year if we were all alive. We sincerely trust that our venerable friend may live to see many returns of his birthday.

Dr. Kirkland’s wife [Polly Ann (Kellum)] died about six years ago [Polly Ann died 21 June, 1893 and was buried in the Osage Cemetery.], after they had peacefully and happily traveled life’s uneven pathway, hand in hand for more than half a century. [William Wilson Kirkland married Polly Ann Kellum on 14 September, 1837, in Winston County, MS]

The descendants of William W. and Polly Ann Kirkland now living are:

Mrs. P. J. Cole [Parmelia Jane (Kirkland) (Bramble) Cole, consort of the late J. N. Cole, deceased. [James Nun Cole, M.D.];

E. P. Kirkland and wife Lou G. Kirkland [Edward Pickens "Pick" Kirkland and Louisiana Gregory (Hartfield)];

T. A. Kirkland and wife Laura A. Kirkland [Thomas Augustus "Tom" Kirkland, Sr. and Laura A. (Allen) Kirkland.];

Mrs. M. M. Stribling and husband, T. E. Stribling [Martha Mariah "Mattie: (Kirkland) Stribling and Thomas Edwin Stribling.];

Mrs. R. C. Boyd and husband, J. W. Boyd [Rose Clementine (Kirkland) Boyd and John Wellington Boyd];

Mrs. Sarah E. Boyd and husband Felix Boyd [Sarah Emeline "Emma" "Em" (Kirkland) Boyd and Felix Boyd].

Grandchildren–Mary L. Reaves, consort of the late R. F. Reaves [Mary Louise (Bramble) Reaves]

William N. Cole and wife, Virginia M. Cole [William Nunn Cole]

H. A. Oliver and husband, T. L. Oliver; [Henrietta/Henryeta Agness (Cole) Oliver and Thomas Lee "Dock" Oliver];

M. J. M. Moore and husband V. L. Moore; [Martha Mary Jane "May" (Cole) Moore and Virgil Lagarus Moore]

Iva A. Boyd and husband J. H. Boyd [Iva B. (Cole) Boyd and J. Hardy Boyd];

W. A. Kirkland and wife, Rosa Kirkland [William Augustus Kirkland and Rosa Mae (Gooding) Kirkland.];

E. V. Gooding and husband, T. J. Gooding, [Emma Viola "Ola’ (Kirkland) Gooding and Thomas Jefferson "Jeff" Gooding];

F. W. Kirkland and wife Jessie Kirkland; [Franklin Woodville Kirkland and Jessie Coleman (Overstreet) Kirkland];

Amanda E. Craine and husband J. W. Craine [Amanda Elizabeth (Stribling) Crain and James Wesley Crain];

William W. Boyd and wife, Johnnie May Boyd. [William Wellington Boyd and Johnny Mae (Daves) Boyd];

These compose the grandchildren and their companions.

Summary.–There is now living 6 children; their companions, 5; grandchildren, 37; their companions, 10; great grandchildren, 27; total, 87. There were present on this occasion, children, 6; grandchildren, 23; great grandchildren, 11; consorts 6.

The family has resided in Texas 37 years and have had only ten deaths in all of that time.

There were also present representatives of the families of five of the Doctor’s brothers and sisters.

Several special friends, who were present, appeared to enjoy the reunion as much as did the members of the family. Speaking for ourselves, we don’t remember to have ever enjoyed an occasion more.


First Row Seated on the ground:
Boy, Boy with dog, Robert Verne Crain, boy, James Edwin Crain
First Row Seated in chairs:
Man, Lady, Lady holding Baby, Amanda Elizabeth "Mandy" (Stribling) Crain [Mrs. James Wesley Crain], Ruby Pearl Crain standing in front of Amanda Elizabeth, Lady, Edward Pickens Kirkland, William Wilson Kirkland, Thomas Augustus Kirkland, Felix Boyd, Thomas Edwin Stribling


First row standing:
Man, lady, Josiah Betram "Bertie" Foster, Lady, Permelia Jane (Kirkland) (Bramble) Cole, Sarah Emeline "Emma" (Kirkland) Boyd [Mrs. Felix Boyd], Rose Clementine (Kirkland) Boyd [Mrs. John Wellington Boyd], Martha Mariah "Mattie" (Kirkland) Stribling [Mrs. Thomas Edwin Stribling],  skip some people and the
3rd lady from the right end--Mary Amanda "Molly" Kirkland, Anna Jane Stribling,  Mary Lavenia Boyd
Back Row
James Wesley Crain, skip 10 heads, Neil Augustus Stribling wearing bow tie, 
skip 3 heads, William Joseph Stribling, Eugene Perry Stribling.



1908 Kirkland Reunion
 at the home of 
Martha Mariah "Mattie" (Kirkland) Stribling and Thomas Edwin Stribling, 
Blue Ridge, Hamilton County, TX.

Shared by James H. Perry


First row seated on the ground:
Ruby Pearl Crain--left end
Second Row-kneeling:
William Joseph "Joe" Stribling, James Edwin Crain,  Boy with most of head hidden, Robert Verne Crain,  Boy,
Second Row-seated
Thomas Augustus Kirkland, Edward Pickens Kirkland
First Row Standing--middle of the row
Sarah Emeline "Emma" (Kirkland) Stribling [Mrs. Felix Boyd]--on left side of Thomas Augustus Kirkland,  Permelia Jane (Kirkland) (Bramble) (Cole) Herring/Hessing--behind Thomas Augustus, Thomas Edwin Stribling,  Martha Mariah "Mattie" (Kirkland) Stribling [Mrs. Thomas Edwin Stribling], Rose Clementine (Kirkland) Boyd [Mrs. John Wellington Boyd], 

Second Row Standing:
Middle of the row between Jane Herring/Hessing and Mattie Stribling--Thomas Edwin Stribling

Back Row:
Man, Anna Jane Stribling, Minnie Clementine Boyd--leaning against 2nd porch post,
Between the 2nd and 3rd porch posts:
Lady, Lady, Tallest man in picture, James Wesley Crain, Lura Bernice Crain--curly headed child being held up by her parents, Amanda Elizabeth (Stribling) Crain [Mrs. James Wesley Crain]
To the right of last porch post
Felix Boyd, John Thaddeus "Jack" Stribling, Neil Augustus Stribling standing in front of Jack, Josiah Betram "Bertie" Foster, Eugene Perry "Pet" Stribling



Back row:  Clara Esther (Loyd) Crain [Mrs. James Edwin Crain], Annie Mae (Roe) Boyd [Mrs. Fred Jehu Boyd], Lady, Lena Ann Foster, Lady, Lady, Lady, Charity Ann (Boyd) Simmons [Mrs. Frank Simmons], Minnie Clementine Boyd, Neil Augustus Stribling, Fred Jehu Boyd, James Sumner "Babe" Boyd, Robert Verne Crain, Neil Simmons Foster, Henry Royal Boyd, John Thaddeus "Jack" Stribling, and Thomas Harrison "Tom" Boyd.

Next Row:  Lady, Franka Lois Simmons, Edith Inez Boyd, Minnie Elizabeth "Minnie Beth" Boyd being held by her mother--Julia Isabel (Neavitt) Boyd [Mrs. Thomas Harrison Boyd], Felix Boyd, Anna Jane Stribling, Amanda Elizabeth "Mandy" (Stribling) Crain [Mrs. James Wesley Crain], Thomas Edwin Stribling, husband of Permelia Jane (Kirkland) (Bramble) (Cole)  Herring, Neil Edward "Ed" Foster, Della Elizabeth (Simmons) Foster [Mrs. Neil Edward "Ed" Foster] {Ed Foster's first wife was Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie" Doherty, daughter of John F. F. Doherty. How were the Doherty's related to the Kirklands?}, Josiah Betram "Bertie" Foster, Man, Claude Edwin Boyd, James Edwin Crain, Bertie Mae (Ward) Boyd [Mrs. Henry Royal Boyd] holding Laura Irene "Laurene" Boyd, Man, William Joseph "Joe" Stribling.

 Row seated in chairs: James Wesley "Jim" Crain, Ruby Pearl Crain, Willie Eunice "Bill" Stribling, Lady, Lady, Sarah Emeline "Emma" "Em" (Kirkland) Boyd [Mrs. Felix Boyd], Martha Mariah "Mattie" (Kirkland) Stribling [Mrs. Thomas Edwin Stribling], Permelia Jane (Kirkland) (Bramble) (Cole) Herring [married 1st. W. R. Bramble; married 2nd Dr. James Nun Cole; married 3rd. Herring/Hessing], Rose Clementine (Kirkland) Boyd [Mrs. John Wellington Boyd], Lena (Foster) Gamblin [daughter of Josiah William Foster, sister of Neil Edward "Ed" Foster and granddaughter of Lucy Henderson (Stribling) Foster.  The Fosters were related to the Kirklands--HOW?], Eva Graves Boyd, Lady, Edith Estella "Stella" (Carter) Stribling [Mrs. Eugene Perry "Pet" Stribling] holding Mary Ruth Stribling, Eugene Perry "Pet" Stribling, Lillian E. "Lillie" (Dooley) Stribling [Mrs. William Joseph "Joe" Stribling]

Front Row--seated on the ground:  Thomas Edgar Stribling, Man, Child, Child, Child, Wayne Harrison Boyd, Freda Mae Boyd, Lena Jewell Boyd, Child, Child, Child, Jessie Simmons, Jessie Laura "Polly" Stribling--1st taller girl, Lura Bernice Crain, with Thomas Carter "Tom Carter"  Stribling in front of her, Lucille Simmons, and Girl.

Summer, 1918
Blue Ridge, Hamilton County, TX

Back Row:  William Joseph "Joe" Stribling, Neil Simmons Foster, Fred Jehu Boyd, Perry Eugene Stribling, James Sumner "Babe" Boyd, Robert Verne Crain, and James Edwin Crain.

Front Row:  Thomas Harrison "Tom" Boyd, John Thaddeus "Jack" Stribling, Henry Royal Boyd, Claude Edwin Boyd, Neil Augustus Stribling, Josiah Betram "Bertie" Foster, and William Pitson "Pit" Boyd.


4 April, 1812--12 November, 1888
General Assembly of Alabama representing Fayette County, AL--1855-1856, 1874-1877, 1880-1881
Alabama State Legislator, Farmer


22 February, 1814---24 January, 1897
Buried in the Osage Cemetery, Coryell County, TX


1816--after 1878 and before 1880




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