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Jonesboro Baptist Church, in Coryell County, is located a few blocks east of the Hamilton County line. Established in 1876, the Jonesboro Baptist Church was part of the Hamilton County Baptist Association from 17 September, 1883, until the church was excluded on 17 August, 1895 for heresy.

Jonesboro Baptist Church, Friendship Baptist Church,   and Sycamore Baptist Church were excluded from Hamilton County Baptist Association on 17 August, 1895, for "heresy, causing trouble, extreme positions on assurance and prayer, and for receiving members from other churches in irregular manner.  HCBA refused to recognize B. S. Baswell, J. P. Henderson, and J. Linebarger as ministers of the Gospel on the same charges of heresy.  


Pastors during that time included

J. P. Kinchen, 1883

Eld. J. C. Combs, 1886

J. T. Deen, 1887

Allen A. Hensler, 1890--1891

T. H. Green, 1893--1894


Church clerks were:


W. H. Langdon, 1883

F. S. Payne, 1888

C. A. Short, 1889--1891

J. W. Morgan, 1893--1894


Messengers to the annual association meeting were:


1883--J. Bryant, Josiah L. Brandon, D. F. Dean

1887--J. T. Lovelace, G. W. Gillstrap; C. A. Short

1888--W. T. Brown, J. O. Smith

1889--W. T. Brown

1890--Allen A. Hensler, G. W. Gillstrap

1891--Allen A. Hensler, J. W. Morgan, J. Brister

1893--W. T. Brown, P. H. Montague, J. W. Morgan

1894--J. W. Morgan


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