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"Elreeta:  Dad built this store about 1933-34. He ran it as Hamilton Market Place until late 1930s when Clinton Leeth, Jack's cousin joined him and opened L & L Auto Supply.  Along in the early 40s, dad sold the building to Clinton.  During the war years it was terribly difficult to get merchandise to sell and dad eventually went out of business in this location.  He later went into the feed and seed business and was located in several different locations over the years until his death in 1972.


Note the unique motto:  "We buy what you have to sell; we sell what you have to buy."  The first part of the motto appears on the sign toward the left (north) end of the building. The other part of the motto appears on the south end of the Hamilton Market Place sign.


You can also see the sign for the Ice Plant just at the north end of the Hamilton Market Place building.  Not visible in the picture, but located south of the building was the old steam laundry which was run for a number of years by the Havens family.  Their son, Bill, was a 1948 graduate of HHS."

ham_mkt2.jpg (40547 bytes)

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"An alternate picture which is a bit lighter and might print better.  Note the two little boys sitting on the sidewalk.  I'd just bet that one of them would be me.  The other picture would obviously been on a Saturday when every farmer near and far came to town, many to sell their eggs, cream, butter, pecans, wool, mohair and even the dreaded skunk pelt to my dad.  He would then load all these purchases up and take them to Fort Worth on Saturday night to either Swift and Company or Armour and Company."


Shared by Tom Leeth


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People and Places: Gazetteer of Hamilton County, TX
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