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 HAMILTON, 1886 - 1997

The Central Christian Church was organized in 1886 by Charles Milton Boynton and a building was erected on a lot given by G. H. Goodson, a lawyer. This site later was the location of Reagan Street Church of Christ (now Park Heights Church of Christ) at the corner of East Leslie and South Reagan Streets.

In 1902 Central Christian purchased a lot at the corner of North Rice and East Ross (US 281 North) and built a new church building. Some of the members who have held leadership positions were: George Boynton, J. A. Bullen, Andrew Carpenter, Mrs. Janie Conner, Lloyd Crownover, Erastus Ebebezer "Ras" Doggett, Ralph Piper Edgar, Owen Doggett, Mrs. Marie Harris, Ruel and Evelyn Locke, Laverne Patterson, Lynn Nicholson, Mrs. A. G. Livingston, Mrs. Raymond Cox, Albert Patterson, Bert Perry, Miss Floy Smith, D. H. Williams, F. C. Williams, and Robert Williams. In the late 1950's the church was remodeled. The church closed in 1997.


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