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in 1900

 About 1980 Clara Elsie (Fergusson) Crain, Margaret Corene (Grisham) Walker, Willie Jewel (Grisham) Perry, and Cecil Hobdy Grisham collaborated on identifying the people. 

Adults on the back row:

1. William Clift Winters, second husband of Harriet A. (Garner) Jones, mother of Margaret Amanda (Jones) Grisham, and Martha Ann (Jones) Snider.
2. Robert Jeff Fergusson {husband of Ida Rose Anna Grisham)
3. Ida Rose Anna (Grisham) Fergusson


4. James Lemuel Grisham, Jr. [Married May Iantha Chumney on 6 Oct., 1901]
5. Martha Ann (Jones) Snider--sister of Margaret Amanda (Jones) Grisham
6.  Harriet A. (Garner) (Jones) Winters --mother of Margaret Amanda (Jones) Winters  and Martha Ann (Jones) Snider 
7. Charles Ephraim Grisham [Married Myrtie Onie "Myrtle" Deathrage on 2 Aaugust, 1908.]
8. Margaret Amanda (Jones) Grisham  [wife of James Lemuel Grisham, Sr.]
9. May Iantha (Chumney) Grisham - married James Lemuel Grisham, Jr. on 6  Oct., 1901.  
10.  Addie May Grisham [Married Benjamin Hill Lasseter;  aka Benjamin Bowman 20 December, 1908 in Callahan Co., TX.]
11. Harriett Lou Emma Grisham--[Married Samuel  Floyd "Sam" Williams on 16 Sept., 1906]
12. Jesse Andrew Grisham [Married Sarah Bertie Sparks on 22 July, 1906]
Children on the front row:
2. William Claude Fergusson, son of Robert Jeff Fergusson and Ida Rose Anna Grisham  --in the wagon
4. Claude Virgis (Verge/Virgus) Grisham --with a banjo.
William Claude was the second oldest grandchild of James Lemuel, Sr. and Margaret Amanda Grisham.  The oldest grandchild was Willie May Grisham, but since her parents William Richard Grisham, and Iona Mae "Mamie Sewell are not in the picture, my sources (named above) felt that Willie Mae was not in this picture.
By a process of elimination Children 1 and 3 were (most likely)   children of Joeseph Evans "Joe" Snider and Martha Ann Jones.  Child #1 and 3 MIGHT have been Joseph Lemuel "Joe" Snider (b. 1898) or Maggie Eleanor Snider (b. 1896) or  Maude Coilla Snider (b. 1894.)


Some puzzles. 

#8 Margaret Amanda (Jones) Grisham, b. 1855, looks younger than #5 Martha Ann (Jones) Snider, b. 1862. 
Where were James Lemuel Grisham, Sr. and Joseph Evans "Joe" Snider--husbands of # 8 and #5 respectively?
There is a possibility that children 1 and 3 might have been grandchildren of William Clift Winters.


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