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1894-1921, 1952-1958

The Gentrys Mill Baptist Church was admitted to Hamilton County Baptist Association in August, 1894, and again on 4 September, 1952.  Apparently this church  choose not to participate in HCBA from 1921 through 1952.    ON  8 December, 1958, Gentrys Mill Baptist Church  consolidated with Littleville Baptist Church in Hamilton.

Early pastors were:

W. Graham, 1894

J. H. Stewart, 1895--1896

W. J. Hicks, 1897

J. B. Purvis

Allen Boone DeHart, 1929

Early church clerks were:

J. B. Lawrence, 1894--1896

J. N. Fuqua, 1897--1898

W. W. Wilson, 1899

Early messengers to the association were:

1895--J. B. Lawrence, P. B. Lamb, and I. N. Fowler

1896--J. B. Lawrence

1897--J. G. Brison and I. M. Fowler

1898--W. M. Miles

1899--P. B. Lamb, John William Kirkland, and Sister M. J. Langston



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