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Page 13- "Light on the Prairie"


harmonious activity and progress among our people. Five new associations sprang into existence.

"I was present and took part in one of these organizations -- Leon River Baptist Association. Great destitution had prevailed in the counties of Bell, Williamson, and Coryell, until the voices of Elders John Clabaugh and John McClain declared the way of salvation to the people. Both of these were earnest men of God. They were well adapted to such a field, and the people heard them gladly. Possessed largely of the spirit of Christ, they were willing to work and their labor was of that effective kind which moves and induces the multitude to feel that Jesus of Nazareth passes by."

The first messengers to the Leon River Baptist Association from Coryell Church were Brethren James McIlhaney, J. Hicks, and A. D. Meroney. They met at Nolan Creek, in Bell County, September 24, 1858. They were to assist in the organization of the Leon River Baptist Association which is Coryell County Association. Gatesville, First and Coryell Church have been represented at every session of the Association since its foundation.

Coryell has produced many leaders who were not ministers but laymen, who have built the invisible church and have assumed responsibilities that have helped the church to make progress.


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