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Born: May 21, 1845, GA

Married: 3 July, 1865, Lincoln County, AR

Died: 6 January, 1929, Hico, TX



Widow's Application for a Pension

Hamilton Co., Texas

Mrs. Decie A. Mildred Trantham


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Submitted by

Doris Irons Greer



Widow's Application for a Pension # 43529 filed & approved 1-4-1928 Pension allowed from

Dec. 1st., 1927. Signed: S. H. Terrell, Comptroller of Public Accounts:

STATE OF TEXAS, County Hamilton}I, Mrs. Decie A. Mildred Trantham hereby make application to the Comptroller of Public Accounts for a pension, to be granted me under the Act passed by the Thirty-third legislature of the State of Texas, and approved April 7, A D. 1913, on the following grounds:

I am the widow of William J. Trantham deceased, who departed this life on the 14 day of Dec. A.D. 1927, in the county of Hamilton in the State of Texas.

I have not remarried since the death of my said husband,* and I do solemnly swear tht I was never divorced from my said husband, and that I never voluntarily abandoned him during his life, but remained his true, faithful and lawful wife up to the date of his death. I was married to him on the 3rd. day of July, A.D. 1865, in the county of Lincoln Co., in the State of Ark.*

My husband, the said William J. Trantham, enlisted and served in the military service of the Confederate States during the war between the States of the United States and he did not desert the Confederate service. I have been a resident of the State of Texas since prior to January 1, A.D. 1910, and have been continuously since a citizen of the State of Texas. I do further state that I do not receive from any source whatever money or other means of support amounting in value above the sum of $300.00 per annum, nor do I own in my own right, nor does anyone hold in trust for my benefit or use, estate or property, either real, personal or mixed, either in fee or for life, of the value of one thousand dollars, exclusive of the home of the value of not over $2000; nor do I receive any aid or pension from any other State of the United States, and I do further state that the answers given to the following questions are true:

1. What is your age, and date of birth: 82 yrs. May 21, 1845

2. Where were you born? Georgia

3. How long have you resided in the State of Texas? 51 yrs.

4. How long have you resided in the county of your present residence: 21 yrs.

5. What is your post office address: Hico Texas R.F.D. #3

6. Have you applied for a pension under the Confederate pension law and been rejected: No.

7. Did your husband draw a pension? Yes = If so give his file # 10960

8. What is your husband's full name? William Jackson Trantham

9. In what State was your husband's command originally organized? In Ark.

10. How long did your husband serve: =see 10960 = If known to you, give date of enlistment and discharge = in 1861 Served to 1865.

Wherefore your petitioner prays that her application for a pension may be approved and such other proceedings he had in the premises as required by law.

(Signature of Applicant) Decie A. Mildred (X her mark) Trantham

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 19th day of Dec. A.D. 1927

P. N. Rice County Judge Hamilton County, Texas



THE STATE OF TEXAS County of Hamilton}

Before me, P. M. Rice, County Judge of Hamilton County, State of Texas, on this day personally appeared H. W. Henderson & W. H. Smith, who are personally known to me to be credible citizens, who, being by me duly sworn, on oath state that they personally know that Mrs. Decie A. Mildred Trantham, applicant for a pension as the widow of Wm. J. Trantham deceased, is in truth and fact the widow of Wm. J. Trantham deceased; that they personally know that she has not remarried since the death of her husband, for whose services in the army she claims a pension, and that they have no interest in this claim.*

(Signature of Witness) H. W. Henderson (Signature of Witness) W. H. Smith

Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 19th day of Dec., A.D. 1927.

P. N. Rice County Judge Hamilton County, Texas (Seal)



THE STATE OF TEXAS, County of Hamilton}I, Ruben Trantham do hereby certify that I am the person to whom it is entrusted the paying of the accounts and indebtedness of the late Mrs. Decie A. Trantham, who was a pensioner of the State of Texas, and whose file number was 43529 and whose original county was Hamilton.

The said pensioner Mrs. Decie A. Trantham, died on the 6 day of Jan., 1929, in the town of Hico County of Hamilton, Texas

The pensioner died in the home of Ruben Trantham who was related to the pensioner as son.

That warrant, which application is hereby made for, shall be applied to paying all or part of the funeral expenses incurred by the said pensioner Mrs. Decie A. Trantham.

I further certify that the warrant for the current quarter has not been cashed by the pensioner, to the best of my knowledge and belief.

I am related to the pensioner as Son; that my post office address is Hico, Texas.

Signed: Ruben Trantham

Sworn to before me this 12 day of January, 1929.

(signed) Afton Aycock Notary Public in and for Hamilton Co. State of Texas.



I, G. M. Barrow, do certify that I am undertaker in the town of Hico, County of Hamilton, State of Texas on the 6th day of January 1929. That said body was prepared for burial by me on the 6 day of January 1929, and that I am of the opinion that warrant herein applied for should be issued to the said Ruben Trantham who made the foregoing application.

Signed: G. M. Barrow, Undertaker.



I, W. E. Russell, do certify that I am a practicing physician, and that I attended Decie A. Trantham in her last illness, and am of the opinion that her ailments were old age.

I further certify that I am of the opinion that the Mortuary Warrant above requested should be issued in the name of the aforementioned applicant, in accordance with Act passed by the Thirty-eighth legislature and approved March 2, 1923.

Signed: W. E. Russell Address: Hico, Texas

Physicians Address: Hico, Texas

43529 1-7-1929 Ink Stamped: (Must return before 40 days expires from the date of Penioners' death)

Shared by Doris Irons Greer




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