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COWHOUSE CREEK meanders through Hamilton County from Mills County where it heads near Priddy passing through Pottsville, Schoolerville, and Ohio to Coryell County. Cowhouse Creek reaches from Lake Belton in Bell County to Mills County. During the early days of Hamilton County, cattle would congregate in the bluffs and cliffs of this creek for protection from blizzards. Until 1947 the Pottsville Baptist Church usually used the name Cowhouse Baptist Church.


"Cowhouse Creek heads near Priddy in Mills County, runs through Pottsville, and Schoolerville. Highway 66 (US 281) crosses it eight miles south of Hamilton. It goes through Ohio at the Uncle Jimmie Carter farm, into Coryell County and empties into the Leon River several miles above Belton. During open range days cattle were found gathering in the bluffs and cliffs for protection from blizzards in the winter, hence the name."--Doris LaRue Stapleton and Capt. C. E. Horton.

COWHOUSE CREEK." The Handbook of Texas Online


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Feature Name:

Cowhouse Creek

Feature Type: stream
State County
Texas Bell
Texas Coryell
Texas Hamilton
Texas Mills
USGS 7.5' x 7.5' Map
311021N 0973501W Bland
311143N 0973730W Post Oak Mountain
311236N 0974500W Fort Hood
311501N 0975047W Shell Mountains
312231N 0975455W Purmela
312823N 0980000W Pearl
313001N 0980335W Ohio
313507N 0980730W Shive
313730N 0981126W Hamilton West
313903N 0981500W Pottsville
314134N 0982231W Indian Gap
313859N 0983000W Priddy
313538N 0983145W Lake Merritt




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