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Hamilton Herald November 1901

A birthday dinner was given at the home of Mrs. Jane Collett, of Pottsville, last Thursday, Oct 31st, she being 90 years old and well and hearty and helps to do the housework. There was quite a crowd invited to partake of this dinner. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Campbell and family of Lamkin; Mr. and Mrs. John Strobel of Center Valley; Mrs. Ed Misener and family of Hamilton; Mr. and Mrs. Hue Moore of Pottsville; Mr. and Mrs. Sam Collett, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Furgeson and family, Mr. Furgeson mother, all of Pottsville there being about 30 present. The large table seated twelve, and to mention all the good things would take too much time so will only give a list of a few of them: chicken and dressing, fried and meats, cabbage, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, pickles, chow chow, sweet pickles, peach, pear and apple pies, different kinds of preserves, loaf cake, snow layer cake, ice cream and fruits, and together with the pleasure of gathering russets nice and juicy from the trees and melons thrown in, everybody had a good time and will always remember grandma's 90th birthday and hope she may live to enjoy many more such happy birthday dinners.

[Mr. and Mrs. Hue Moore were Hugh Isaac Moore and his wife, Maggie Roberta Fergusson, daughter of William Henry Jarious Fergusson and Sarah Alexander "Sallie" Adcock. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Furgeson were Thomas Griffin Fergusson and Mary Ella Hunt.Tom was a younger brother of William Henry Jarius Fergusson and Mary Ella was a niece of Sarah Alexander "Sallie’ Adcock Fergusson. Mr. Furgeson’s mother was Virginia V. (Reamy) Fergusson--widow of Robert Jefferson Fergusson.--Elreeta Weathers]




The Hamilton Herald - Hamilton, Texas, Nov. 6, 1908

Birthday Celebration


Mrs. Jane Collett celebrated her 97th birthday at her hospitable home near Pottsville on last Saturday, October 31. A number of relatives, old friends and neighbors were present, having been invited to partake of the sumptuous and elegant dinner prepared for the occasion The day was a pleasant one and the table fairly groaned under its load of good things to eat, such as turkey, chicken, ham, salad, slaw, pickles, cakes, pies, fruits, ice cream, jellies, preserves and other things too many to mention. The house and yard was full when the last crowd of relatives drove up. J. W. Campbell and wife of near Hico, E. R. Misener and family, Charles Hickman and family, of Hamilton, Mrs. Strobel, and last but not least Mr. James, who made the photos of five generations and also of the entire crowd present.

Grandma Collett is as spry and gets around as good as most people at 50, and helps to do the work and is perfectly well. We hope to have the pleasure of attending many more of her happy birthday dinners.

She is a member of the Baptist church and is a loving, sweet mother, grandmother, great grand mother, and to know her is to love her. The world has been made brighter and better by her having lived in it.




- November 1910


Who Has Just Celebrated Her 99th Birthday at Hamilton Celebrates 99th Birthday

Recently, Mrs. Jane Collett, of Pottsville, this county, whose picture appears above, celebrated her 99th birthday at the elegant new home of her granddaughter, Mrs. E. R. Misener, of Hamilton. Set table on this occasion were five generations. Mrs. Collett seemed well and hearty, and the day was highly enjoyed by her all the friends and relatives gathered there. Among those present were Grandma Pierson, Mrs. Marion Graves, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Misener and three daughters, Edna, Eleanor and Mabel, Mrs. R. C. Collet, Mrs. Misener's mother, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Hickman and two daughters, Mary and Fay, Mr. and Mrs. John Stroble, Miss Kathers Campbell of New Mexico, and Mr. John L. Spurlin.

Mrs. Jane Collett was a Miss Stuart and was born Oct. 31, 1811. She was married Dec. 15, 1829 in Caldwell County, N.C. to James Hamilton Collett, and they moved to Texas in March 1869. They lived in Dallas County three years, coming to Hamilton County in 1872. She has lived at her present home ever since.

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