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At the beginning of the school year 1934-35, junior science began its work for affiliation. This was the aim set up at the beginning of the year. According to the State Department, each science class had to have five recitation periods. After this was arranged the work was begun. Equipment had to be bought. There was one microscope and a few other items to start with. A trip was made to Dallas and an up-to-date laboratory was established to meet the State requirements.


At the end of the school term the class had completed 60 experiments, made several field trips, and trips to the cheese factory, ice plant, electrical plant, and water plant to observe and study the principles of each.


Affiliation was given by the State Department of Education.


At the beginning of the school year 1935-36 the biology department was established, and work begun toward affiliation. Another trip to Dallas was made by Mr. Miller, Mr. Parks and Mr. Jackson. On this trip such material and various articles were purchased to bring the laboratory up to requirements by the State Department. An aquarium was bought and established in the science room. Gas was piped into the laboratory, as also was water.


At the close of the year 50 experiments were completed and affiliation was given in biology.


Several hundred dollars worth of equipment was bought this year and we have a beautiful aquarium with several rare kinds of fish in them.


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