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In 1928-29, Tommie Joe Allison, Daphine Hoover, Charles Burden, Quata Burden, Joe Betts, Euna Mae Price, Audie Parks , W. T. Hampton, Oscar Richards, James D. Richardson, and J. C. Davis started their first year in school. Miss Lena Loden, now Mrs. W. E. Goyne, was their teacher. They all went to school in the old 3 roomed schoolhouse.


Miss Loden was their teacher in the second, so the second went as smoothly and uneventfully as the first. The class lost Quata Burden.


Third Graders. Their first English and geography books; also their first acquaintance with Billie Jack Blakley and Katharyne Cunningham. It seems as if everything was new for they had a new teacher, Miss Katy Lea Jones. Also they were in a brand new building of white brick. What a jump! from second to third. During these years they had lost Euna Mae Price, Oscar Richards, and W. T. Hampton. Also Tommie Jo Allison was promoted to the fourth.


The fourth grade! One step higher! Again we met a new teacher, Miss Edna Sills, now Mrs. Bill Lackey. Billy Dea Blakley and later Vernon Jackson joined the class. Melba Eaves, Sterling Scott, and Pearl Meadows all joined the class that year but left before the term was up. Billy Dea Blakley also moved away much to our sorrow. But Howell Blount joined us that year.


In the fifth grade we still had for our teacher, Miss Edna Sills. This was the first year Fairy had a school bus. This bus came from Falls Creek and brought C. V. Russell and Frank Coit Allen into our class. Buster Blount dropped out of our class at this time.


Next came the sixth and their first man teacher, Ted Nix. This year we caught up with Currie Wright, and Joe Adams and Neal Profitt joined our class, also Shirley Little. From the third up to this grade excepting a few months there had been only two girls in the class so they gladly welcomed Dora Lee Scott and Willola Slater.


In the seventh grade Neal Profitt, Willola Scott, and after mid-term Dora Lea Scott left. But to fill the third girl’s place Katy Lea Carson came in after Christmas. Kenneth Miller, Whit Whitson, Howell Blount and Russell Lee Anderson joined our class. That year Kenneth Miller, Katharyne Cunningham, and Daphine Hoover qualified for reading certificates. On the state test one of our classmates, Katharyne Cunningham, made the highest grade in the county. Of this large class these graduated. Joe Betts, Frank Coit Allen, Daphine Hoover, Katy Lea Carson, Howell Blount, Russell Lee Anderson, Billy Dea Blakley, James Dudley Richardson, Kenneth Miller, Katharyne Cunningham, Audie Parks, Vernon Jackson, Charles Burden, and C.V. Russell. The class lost Joe Adams, Currie Wright, J.C. Davis and Whit Whitson.


Now for the eighth! In the eighth grade of ’34-’35, Margie Lee Hutton, Maxine Crow, Lucille Herricks, Robert Jameson, and Juanita Parks were detained, so the eighth of  ’35-’36 welcomed them gladly. Wilma Shepherd, Lola Mae Edington, and Willola Slater came in from Mt. Pleasant . We are very proud of the eighth grade because the smartest boy in high school, Frank Coit Allen, the smartest girl in high school, Katharyne Cunningham, and the most popular boy in high school, C. V. Russell, are all from the eighth. Quite a record, eh? Of the original class only five students are left. This is the class roll of the eighth grade of ’35 and ’36 of Fairy High School .


Audie Parks, Billy Dea Blakley, Charles Burden, C. V. Russell, Frank Coit Allen, Howell Blount, J. D. Richardson, Katharyne Cunningham, Kenneth Miller, Katy Lea Carson, Margie lee Hutton, Lucille Herricks, Joe Betts, Russell Lee Anderson, Vernon Jackson, Willola Slater, Shirley Little, Wilma Shepherd, Lola Mae Edington, Juanita Parks, Maxine Crow, Robert Jameson, and Daphine Hoover.


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