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Reading from left to right: Katharyne Cunningham, Frank C. Allen, Norma Lee Sellers, C.V. Russell, Ruth Trimmier, Elton Freeman.




 They’re popular, intelligent, and real athletes—at least that is how it came out according to votes, teacher’s records and athletic activities taken part in—by the students. Taking these from left to right—Katharyne Cunningham, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Cunningham, a student in the eighth grade, made the highest grade among the girls in high school with an average of nearly 94. Last year Katharyne made the highest grade in Hamilton County on the State tests. We count our school very fortunate to have a student like Katharyn (This is the way it is spelled in this article.


 You rarely ever find a boy as studious, sound thinking, witty and well liked as Frank Coit Allen. His average was above 94. Frank Coit stands high in all his subjects; he has not made lower than 90 on any subject this year. Frank is also a member of the freshman class. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Allen of the Falls Creek District. Any school or class would count themselves fortunate to have Frank Coit as a pupil.


 Norma Lee Sellers comes from near Lanham. She has made good on the basketball, volleyball and tennis teams. She is a real athlete and sport. Some of our opponents will have a hard fight against “Sellers.” We are proud that she will be with us next year and feel sure she will work harder next year than she did this. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. S. Sellers.


 C. V. (John) Russell is the most popular boy in high school. John just walked off with this honor with little trouble. John’s friends are numbered by those who know him. He is quite and unassuming and is ever ready to help anyone needing a friend. John is another freshman and we were happy to have the most popular boy in high school in our class. John, too, hails from Falls Creek and is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Russell. John is not only popular but one of our best athletes, too.


 Ruth Trimmier (Sweetie), daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Trimmier was voted the most popular girl. Anyone who stays around Fairy school would know that to be true without voting. Sweetie is all that her name implies. You never see her unless she is in a good humor and happy (unless she can’t work those algebra problems). The sophomore class are proud to boast of Sweetie as one of their classmates and she, too, comes from Falls Creek.


 Elton Freeman, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Freeman, came from Meridian Creek School to Fairy. “Freeman” was our outstanding athlete in basketball and baseball and was captain of the basketball team. Freeman goes into any game with a determination to win and his opponent certainly has to be on his toes or this determination will certainly be made good. Fairy will suffer a great loss this year, as Freeman is a senior and won’t be with us next year.


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W. F. BILLINGSLEA, Publisher


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