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 Homer L. Miller came to Fairy from Lamkin where he made a record as a teacher and a coach. Mr. Miller has a B.S. degree from Denton Teachers College.   Mr. Miller has charge of science. He has been able to do more with science than any other teacher has done at Fairy. He is considered one of the outstanding teachers in Hamilton County. The people of Fairy regret very much to lose him.


Teddy Nix has been at Fairy longer than any other teacher. Mr. Nix is a graduate of  John Tarleton College and a student at A. and M. College. He taught sixth and seventh grades for three years. For the past two years he has been teaching mathematics in high school and is doing a good job of it.  Mr. Nix drives the bus from Falls Creek to Fairy. During the five years he has driven the bus there has not been a student hurt.


Mrs. John Rainwater (Neoma Stringer) has a B.A. degree from Howard Payne College.  Mrs. Rainwater has been teaching high school English for the past two years. According to the reports from the State Supervisor, Mrs. Rainwater has made unusual progress in the English department. She has made more improvements in high school English than any other teacher in the history of  Fairy school. Mrs. Rainwater is very popular with the student body.


Mr. R. C. [Rodney Colville] Love of Roanoke has a B.S. degree from Denton Teachers College.  Mr. Love substituted for Mr. Grisham during his illness. Mr. Love is a splendid teacher. He is well liked at Fairy.


 Miss Wilna Caraway has been teaching at Fairy for the past three years. Miss Caraway is a graduate of John Tarleton. She is a student in Denton teachers College. Miss Caraway teaches the third and fourth grades. She is considered one of the best elementary teachers in Hamilton County.  She is popular with students and parents.


 Mr. Lester Grisham is one of the home boys who has made good.  Mr. Grisham is a graduate of John Tarleton College.  He teaches fifth and sixth grades. He is one of the most popular teachers that ever taught at Fairy.


 Miss Marrianne Christenson is a graduate of John Tarleton College. She teaches the primary grades. Miss Christenson is one of the most outstanding primary teachers.



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