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Interesting Facts Concerning Fairy High School Dist.


 The classification of the Fairy school is a four-year high school. It is located 15 miles north of Hamilton in the gap of the mountains.


 Our school has increased considerably, we now have 200 students.


 We have one of the best group of teachers that can be found anywhere in Hamilton County.  They are as follows: Mr. Wm. Horsley, Mr. H. L. Miller, Mrs. John Rainwater, Mr. Teddy Nix, Mr. Lester Grisham, Miss Wilna Caraway and Mrs. Marrianne Christenson.


 We have a very splendid group of buses and bus drivers. Bus No. 1, driven from Falls Creek, by Mr. Teddy Nix. Bus No. 2, driven from Agee by Mr. E. C. Allison. Bus No. 3, driven from Dry Fork by Mr. Bill Davis. Bus No. 4, driven from Meridian Creek by Mr. Bill Shepherd. Bus No. 5, driven from Long Point by Mr. Wallace Edwards.


 We have 74 square miles of territory.


 The valuation is $700,000.


 The first school of Fairy was built on the hill north of town in 1886. It was a small one-room, and there were very few students.


In 1900 when Professor Randal was teacher, more rooms and a top story were added. All public gatherings were held in the top of the school house. Several years after that the top was torn off. The building remained until 1930. It was decided we need a larger and better building, so it was torn down.


 The new building has five class rooms, an auditorium, a stage, an office, and a library. The building was completed July 15, 1930 .


 In 1934 the building became so crowded that a two-room building was made for the first, second, third and fourth grades.


 We have very splendid equipment. We have one of the best and prettiest Science rooms that can be found nearly anywhere. At playtime the small children enjoy playing on the seesaws and slide, while the older ones engage in ball playing. We appreciate this equipment and want to keep it in good condition.


Fairy school has very splendid citizenship.


 We also have a partial affiliation.


The Fairy group consist of Fairy, Falls Creek, Agee, Long Point, and Meredian Creek.


We have a very splendid, striving group of board members. The Fairy board members are as follows: H. S. Pitts, president; C. C. Parks, secretary, and J. T. Jackson.


Agee board members: J. D. Patterson, C. M. Tinkle, and J. M. Blacklock.


Falls Creek board: members Frank Allen, C. W. Russell and Monroe Latham.


 Meredian Creek board members: Leslie Arrant, Walter Abel, and R. L. Dennis.


 Long Point board members: J. V. Miller, H. H. Wolfe, and Clair Brunson.


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W. F. BILLINGSLEA, Publisher



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