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Senior Class History


The senior class of Carlton is composed of ten members. They are as follows: Ella Faye Thompson, Mary Beth Clifton, Dorothy Duzan, Francis Turner, Gladys Lee Salmon, Shirleen King, Raymond Adams, Adolph Profitt, Rey Walton and Fulton McKeage.


“Enough sunshine to furnish the world.”


Such winning ways as some people do have! Ella Faye is one of those individuals that longer acquaintance with her makes the heart grow fonder. We feel sure Ella Faye will never give up until she has gained her part of the world’s offerings.


When you are looking for good grades, look for Mary Beth’s name on the report. We believe that Carlton High School ’s greatness is due to the individual character of its faculty and student body. In accord with this axiom, Beth has surely done her part in building up this school. We, as seniors, are expecting great things of Mary Beth.


Some people can make A’s in English just as regularly as the grades are posted; Dorothy is one of those students. Now anyone who can do that deserves high mention and we are glad that we can say that for her. Dorothy came to Carlton in 1932 and had been one of the leading students since that day. The person that fills her place will have plenty to do.


“Small in stature, but great in mind,” this is Frances all over. If one were to judge her by size, she wouldn’t get very far in any person’s estimation, but it isn’t size that counts, and when it come to mental power, well, Frances will be among the best.


Gladys Lee is one of those persons that one must know personally to fully appreciate her sweet disposition and her excellent traits of character. Gladys Lee is one of the most intelligent bookkeeping students in the senior class. She has one purpose in view; that is to accomplish something that will prepare her for the long journey of life.


We have all heard that precious things come in small packages and this is certainly true in Shirleen’s case. She is always humorous and by this attitude has gained many friends that will continue through life, friends that we all enjoy having, an irreplaceable spirit will leave when Shirleen departs.


“Legs” or Raymond is one of those kind of fellows that one must know well before his quite, thoughtful attitude makes an impression, but once the impression is made it mounts and grows into a real friendship. “Legs” is one of the best athletes in high school and is one of the most popular seniors. He is valedictorian of the class and can boast of being the tallest boy in the county.


There are two things that the world seldom sees: Adolph Proffitt in a bad humor and rain in Yuma , Arizona . Adolph is very industrious sort of fellow. We hope that his journey through life may be blessed with sunshine, success and happiness.


Rey is rather small in stature but he sure is a big hearted fellow. Every time you see him he is the same old Rey, never the least bit angry or discontented. We are hoping that Rey’s life will be full of sunshine and happiness.


Fulton is that type of an individual that has accomplished some heroic deed that gained his popularity, but his good, quite, unassuming ways have gained the solid friendship of the students. We hope that he finds success through life.


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W. F. BILLINGSLEA, Publisher



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