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First School House at Pleasant Valley Built in Year 1860


Pleasant Valley is a two-teacher school, located in the eastern portion of Hamilton County . The building is in a very desirable location. It has a creek near, and the fertile valley soil grows an abundance of gorgeous flowers. The large oak trees supply the play ground with ample shade.


The first school house was built in 1860*. It was a one-room cabin made of logs with no windows. For heating a huge fire place across one end of the room was used. About 1896 a frame structure took the place of the log cabin. This building was remodeled in 1921 and furnished with modern equipment. Then, in 1925, the second room was added. [*Other sources indicate that the Pleasant Valley school was not built until 1876. The third school established in Hamilton County was the one taught by J. Griffith in his home near Leon River east of Hamilton,  Griffith was killed by Indians 9 February, 1860, thus ending the school.


Our school has had fewer literary and social functions this year than usual. It was our pleasure to have with us on one occasion the Lions Club from Hamilton . On October 31, 1935 , there was a Halloween party at the school building, where the spooks appeared with their black cats. A general school program was presented immediately before the Christmas holidays. After the program the heavily laden tree was revealed, and Santa Claus delivered the gifts.


This community enjoyed the play entitled, “George in a Jam,” presented by Evergreen in our building. At the present, we are being encouraged by the prospects of soon seeing our local talent in the play, “Mama’s Baby Bor.”


For the past few weeks we have been very busy preparing for the Interscholastic League Meet. A great amount of interest was shown by most pupils. This being the first time this school has ever entered, we did not receive many places but feel as though our efforts and time were well spent.


In the literary division we entered juniors in declamation, 3R contest, spelling, arithmetic, also story telling and senior declamation. In tennis, senior girls’ entered singles, also junior singles and junior doubles. The junior singles represented by Dorothy Lee Musick, won first place in the county. Junior doubles, represented by Mary Nell Koen and Mary Alice Hylies, won second place. Pleasant Valley was indeed proud of these girls and think they have a bright future in tennis. The junior boys made several track entries in the county meet. Norman Livingston and John Amos Phears won second place by chinning the bar 23 times each.


During the school year the boys have played several games of basketball and playground ball with various schools. Now, we have a volley ball and hope to have a good team soon.


Several pupils have about completed the required number of books for a reading certificate this year. Interest is growing in the library each year. We also have some who are trying to be entitled to the writing pen at the close of school.



Pleasant Valley School Enrollment


Grade 1: Nelson Blum, Annie Marie Graeter, James Hyles.


Grade 2: Juanita Livingston, Georgia Mae Johnson, Wanda Graeter.


Grade 3: Mary Artie Graeter, Buster Lee Johnson, Walter Hyles, Clifford Johnson.


Grade 4: Moody Courtney, A. D. Elam, Leonard Elam, Norman Livingston, Marie Hyles.


Grade 5: Bertie Mae Payne, Gailon Blum, Freeman Vise, John Mark Musick.


Grade 6: Helen Hyles, Thelma Musick, Garland Campbell, W. D. White, June Blum, Mattie Louise Johnson.


Grade 7: John Amos Phears, Clifford Johnson.


Grade 8: Weldon Johnson, Donald Johnson, Dorothy Lee Musick, Mary Nell Koen, Mary Alice Hyles, Lucille Elam.


Teachers: Bradley Gardner, principal, and Miss Rose Marie Courtney, primary.


Trustees: Albert Graeter, Dennis Payne and Robert Koen.



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