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Dr. Donavon Duncan Tidwell wrote the following in A History of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, 1876-1976, p. 10.

"Dr. Agee was a physician and minister, a native of Alabama and ordained there in 1871. On July 1, 1900, Dr. Agee and wife, John L. Anglin, Sr., wife and daughter, and Nanna Stockton were formed into the Agee Baptist Church by Rev. S. A. Rains and Dr. Agee. All of these charter members, with one exception, held letters from Pleasant Valley, so Pleasant Valley Baptist Church is the mother of the Agee Baptist Church. The church (Pleasant Valley) was without a pastor during 1900 with Dr. Agee, Rev. S. A. Rains and others preaching occasionally."

A printed history of the Agee community has not been found. In History of Hamilton County, Texas, published in 1979 by the Hamilton County Historical Commission, and printed by the Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, Texas, there are two undated pictures of students from the Agee. This is the only evidence we have found that there was an Agee school. A picture of Agee Baptist Church is also in this book. A 1933 article prepared by Capt. C. E. Horton and Mrs. George C. (Allie McKinley) Scott and printed in the Hamilton- Record newspaper confirmed that the Agee community was named for Dr. Wm. A. Agee.

William A. Agee, who was born in February, 1845, in Lawrence County, AL.  He married Nancy Caroline Freeman on June 8, 1861 in Lawrence County, AL.  On September 1, Agee enlisted as a private in Company K, 27th Regiments, Tennessee Infantry.

William Agee was ordained as a minister in September, 1871, and peached in many churches in northeast Alabama.

 Fearing that he might be losing his voice, he went to medical school in Memphis, Tennessee to become a medical doctor before emigrating to Texas from Russellville, Alabama, in 1896. Dr. Agee was also a merchant and a dentist. He performed marriages in Hamilton County from 8 Aug., 1897, when he joined L. N. Massingill and Martha E. Merrell until 2 March, 1916, when he married H. S. Hutton and Ione Crawford.  Also in 1916 Dr. Agee's office, store, and house burned to the ground.

After the fire between August, 1916, and August, 1917,  Dr. and Mrs. Agee moved to  Carlton to live near their daughter Dora and her husband John Buren.  

Dr. Agee performed the following weddings in Hamilton County. The Hamilton County Marriage Book and Page Number (enclosed in parenthesis) follows each marriage. An asterisk beside the name indicates the name has been changed/edited from other sources.


Massingill, J. M. and Alice Cunningham, 15 July, 1897, (2:264)

Massingill, L. N. and Martha E. Merrell, 8 Aug., 1897, (2:262)

Cunningham, J. F., and Allie Wisdom, 23 Feb., 1899, (3:87)

Williams, J. M. and Cora Rhoads, 16 July, 1899, (3:97)

Elison, William and Cenna Post, 19 Sept., 1899, (3:108)

Loyd, G. F. and Stella Cole, 20 Dec., 1899, (3:30)

Petsick, J. F. and Winnie Stewart, 1 July, 1900, (3:156)

Tankersley, C. T. and Mealy Bulman, 1 Aug., 1900, (3:164)

Covey, R. J. and Mattie Riley, 26 Aug., 1900 (3: 165)

Brunson, Rollan and Mary Neely, 28 Oct., 1900 (3:181)

Holloway, W. H. and Wilkinson, Myrtle, 29 Mar., 1901, (3:225)

Cox, T. O. and Ruby Josie Morton, 30 Mar., 1901, (3:225)

Jameson, A. J. and Halcyon Brunson, 28 Apr., 1901, (3:228)

Kurt, R. I. and E. C. Devore, 26 May 1901, (3:234)

Oates, J. W. and Annie Rogers, 6 Aug. 1902, (4:55)

Claywell, Chester E. and Lenna Land, 28 Sep., 1902, (4:66)

Massingill, John Isaac and Clara Brumett, 10 Sep., 1903, (4:121)

Plomey, T. J. and Hattie Bush, 27 Jan., 1904, (4:163)

Lyman, R. B. and Mollie Massingill, 10 Feb., 1904, (4:168)

Tyler, R. S. and B. M. Medford, 27 Jul., 1904, (4:196)

Mills, O. O. and Annie Mills, 26 Dec., 1904, (4:241)

Morgan, Marcus and Geneva Smith, 2 Feb., 1905, (4:253)

Yarbrough, Charlie and Ella Herrin, 11 Oct., 1907, (4:472)

Jones, Wesley Pedro and Minnie Myrtle Davidson, 16 Aug., 1908, (4:536)

Wilson, H. E. and Stella Garren, 16 Aug., 1908, (4:536)

Samuelson, Andrew and Dovie Shields, 14 Nov., 1909, (5:73)

Pendleton, J .B. and Hester V. Dixon, 29 Jan., 1910, (5:92)

Shepherd, J. C. and Jettie Arrant, 12 Nov., 1910, (5:148)

Hall, Moont and Flora Bursa, 26 Nov, 1910., (5:153)

Bradshaw, W. A. and M. E. Lynch, 11 Dec., 1910, (5:158)

Driver, B. F. and Mary Webber, 6 Aug., 1911, (5:217)

Hess, Forney and Vivian Portevent, 24 Dec., 1911, (5:254)

Blakeley, H. R. and Myrtle Elder, 1 Dec., 1912, (6:80)

Deaton, Rev. John* Seymour* and Fannie Gann*Blackwell, 20 Apr., 1913, (6:113)

Cunningham, L. S. and May Goyne, 6 Sep., 1913, (6:144)

Garren, W. C. and Novie Miles, 7 Sep., 1913, (6:144)

Goyne, W. M. and Lizzie McNeil, 24 May, 1914, (7:3)

Blakley, J. E. and Emma Porterfield, 12 Jul., 1914, (7:14)

Young, O. E. and Charlie Burris, 2 Aug., 1914, (7:18)

Garren, A. and Mrs. H. J. Garren, 28 Jan., 1915, (7:61)

McAdams, Jr., W. B. And Erma Parks, 6 Feb., 1915, (7:62)

Blakley, J. B. And Izetta Hurst, 14 Feb., 1915, (7:65)

Andrew, J. E. And Zula Slater, 12 Sep., 1915, (7:216)

Crosley, Creed W. And Mittie Bell Streater, 10 Oct., 1915, (7:74)

Hughes, W. A. And Tilda Glover, 14 Nov., 1915, (6:229)

Betts, T. L. And Beulah Richardson, 6 Dec., 1915, (7:80)

Wallace, Jessie and Ethel Faulkenberry, 22 Dec., 1915, (7:84)

Hutton, R. S. And Ione Crawford, 2 Mar., 1916, (7:92)

Apparently Dr. Agee did not perform the wedding ceremony for any of his children--at least none were recorded in Hamilton County.  Dr. Agee did not perform any marriages after he moved to Carlton.  Between August, 1916, and August, 1917, Dr. Agee moved to Carlton where he remained until his death. Dr. Agee was destitute after his home at Agee burned and he was dependent on a daughter who lived at Carlton. 

Dr. Wm. A. Agee first appeared  in the 1899 Hamilton County Baptist Association  minutes and there is almost a continuous mention of him in some capacity until the 1923 minutes which recorded his death. Dr. Agee was a member of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church in 1899.  

By July, 1900, when the church which would bear his name was founded, Dr. Agee lived in the Agee community. 

From the Minutes of Hamilton County Baptist Association

In 1899 Rev. W. A. Agee was a messenger from Pleasant Valley Baptist Church to the annual meeting of Hamilton County Baptist Association (HCBA)

1900 Rev. W. A. Agee, John L. Anglin, Sr., and John L. Anglin, Jr. were messengers from Lanham Baptist Church to the annual meeting of HCBA. In 1900 HCBA received the petitionary letter from Lanham Baptist Church and Lanham Baptist Church was accepted into the association. In 1901 this church was called Agee Baptist Church instead of Lanham Baptist Church. There is no record of a church named Agee being accepted into HCBA--so there was merely a name change for the church. Rev. W. A. Agee and John L. Anglin, Jr. were messengers from Agee Baptist Church in 1901. Membership in this church increased from 7 in 1900 to 19 in 1901. Also in 1901 Agee Baptist Church owned a building valued at $300. Church membership increased to 115 in 1910.


1900 Wm. A. Agee presented the report on Ministerial Consecration at the annual association meeting


1902, 1913, 1916 Wm. A. Agee was a messenger from Agee Baptist Church to the annual meeting of HCBA.


1905 W. A. Agee was Sunday School Superintendent of Agee Baptist Church.


1908 Wm. Agee was Sunday School Superintendent and Selma Burris was Sunday School Secretary of Agee Baptist Church.


1913--Agee Baptist Church hosted the Thirty-Seventh Annual Session of the Hamilton County Baptist Association on August 13, 14, and 15, 1913. The session began with a thirty-minute devotional service conducted by Brother Wm. Agee. Messengers and guests were served sumptuous meals under the tabernacle. Dr. Wm. Agee, John Anglin, J. M. Blakley, and R. A. Driver had the responsibility of the Committee on Divine Service (scheduling preachers to preach at each session.) Not only was it the responsibility of the host church to provide meals throughout the session , it was also their responsibility to provide lodging in the evenings in the homes of the church members. Both people and horses had to be fed and lodged. Bro. J. J. Vinson and O. W. Heyroth assigned messengers to homes in the Agee community.


Dr. William Agee was included on the list of Ordained Ministers in HCBA for the following years (plus post office address when given)

1899--W. A. Agee, Agee

1900--W. A. Agee, Lanham

1901--1905, 1907--Wm. A. Agee, Agee

1908--Wm. A. Agee, Fairy (Agee P. O. had been changed to Fairy)

1910--1914 Wm. Agee, Fairy

1915--Dr. Wm. Agee, Agee

1916--Wm. Agee, Fairy, Rt. 1

1917, 1919--Dr. Agee, Carlton

1918, 1920, 1922--Dr. Wm. Agee, Carlton

A list of ordained ministers in the association was not included in HCBA minutes for the years 1898, 1906, 1909, and 1921.


From 1902 through 1904 Dr. Agee was the pastor of Ondee Baptist Church.


Dr. William Agee was included on the list of Ordained Ministers in HCBA from 1899 through 1922. Using this source his move to Carlton is documented to have occurred between August, 1916, and August, 1917.

Eld. Wm. Agee was included in the list of obituaries from Carlton Baptist Church, in August, 1923. This list included those who died between August, 1922 and August, 1923.





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