Worth County Newspapers


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City Title Date Range Relevant Notes
Sylvester Worth County Local  Oct. 18, 1895-Nov. 1900
May 1904-Sep. 1922
title moved from Sumner; missing dates in this run are listed under the title of Worth County News; title changed to Sylvester Local in 1922 
  Worth County News Dec. 1900-Mar. 23, 1901
Mar. 7, 1902-Apr. 1904
title absorbed by Worth County Local, which later became the Sylvester Local
  Sylvester Local Oct. 1922-Dec. 1970
Apr. 1971-Aug. 1986
title changed from Worth County Local; title changed to Sylvester Local News
  Sylvester Local News Sep. 1986-present title changed from Sylvester Local 

 Courtesy UGA Libraries Newspaper Project

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