1909-1910 SW GA Business Directory

Business and Professional Directory of Southwest Georgia, 1909-1910

Bridgeport, pop 75
Corbett & Taylor, Pine Lbr. Mfrs.
Keller Lumber Co., Mfrs.
Meredith J. B., Grocery
Rouse James, Genl Mdse
Strom Colquitt, Genl mdse
Tyler A. M., Genl Mdse
Willis G. T. & Son, Genl Mdse

Parkersville, pop 57
Alford Turpentine Co.
McNeill G. B. Genl Mdse and Physician

Poulan, pop 474
Bank of Poulan
Barnes H. C., Grocery
Bullard Grocery Co., Genl Mdse
Charles J. B., Saw Mill
Cherry J. H., Genl Mdse
Dixie Mfg Co., Lumber
Dukes S. E. & Co., Genl Mdse
Harper M. G., Grocery
Phelps D. A. Blacksmith
Poulan Cotton Mill
Poulan Drug Co., Retail
Poulan Furniture Co., Retail
Poulan Livery & Stock Co.
Shivers J. B., Meats
Smith H. W. Druggist
Watson G. R. Grocery

Sumner, pop 333
Allison Z. C. & Co Genl Mdse
Bozeman L. V. & W. L. Genl Mdse
Bridges J. D. Genl Mdse
Edwards E H & Co., Genl Mdse
Fender F F & Co, Turpentine
Hammock H. H. Blacksmith
Moore & Co., Turpentine
Pickett R R Physician
Pitts J. H., Genl Mdse
Sinclair Mrs. L. Millinery
Sumner Dr. D. W. Druggist

Sylvester, pop 1600
Bass & Co, N.J. Mgr City Market, beef, pork, etc.
Bell & Lee Drug, Retail
Bell P. E. Physician
Bridges & Tipson, Physician & surgeons
Brown, J. R., Groceries
Burlington L. G. Shoemaker
Burlington J. M. Bakery and Restaurant
Cameron W. A Public Steno
Central Hotel, J. W. Helms, Prop.
Churchwell A. F. Dry Goods, Clothing, shoes, notions, J. G. Dupree, mgr.
Cochran J. T. & Son, Genl Mdse
Corani T. M. Confectionary and soft drinks
Cotton Warehouse
Crockett M. J. Physician
Deariso J. C. Barber Shop and Bathrooms
Dees & Willis, Blacksmiths and Horseshoers
Duke S. E. & Co., Dry Goodsshoes, clothing, shoers
Farmers Warehouse, R.L. Deariso, Mgr
Forehand J. J. Attorney At Law
Gregory J. O. & Bro Livery and Sale Stable
Grubbs, W. E. Attorney At Law

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