The American Revolution

This granite marker is located on the lawn of the Warren County Courthouse in Warrenton Georgia.
Erected by Burkhalter Chapter DAR June 14, 1940 Mrs. J. A. Bray, Regent

To the soldiers found to date buried in Warren County who fought in the War for American Independence 1776 - 1783

Samuel Alexander
Elisha Allen
Thomas Ansley
James Acheson
John Baker
Henry Barksdale
John Barksdale
James Barrow
Reuben Barrow
Thadeus Beall
James Beasley
Richard Beasley
Col. William Bird
Jas. Bishop
Capt. Henry Bonner
James Brady
Joseph Breed
Joab Brooks
John Brown
Michael Burkhalter
Henry Burnley
Israel Burnley
Thomas Bush
Samuel Camp
John Carson
James Carter
Elphinston Cary
William Cason
Jacob Castleberry
John Chapman
Isaac Cook
Hezekiah Cocksey
George Cooper
James Cooper
Daniel Culpepper
William Culpepper
Cary Currie
Jacob Darden
Stephen Darden
David Davis
Nathan Davis
James Dozier
James Draper
Jeremiah Duckworth
Gibson Flournoy
Shadrach Flewellen
Nathan Fowler
William Franklin
Pryor Gardner
Churchwell Gibson
John Gibson
Peter Goodwin
James Gray
Aaron Grier
Nicholas Harbuck
Thomas Hardin
Henry Harp
Zachariah Harrell
Abraham Heath
Joshua Hill
Richard Hill
Thomas Hill
Capt. William Hill
Ambrose Holladay
Jacob Horne
Mathew Hubert
Ephriam Ivey
Peeples Ivey
John W. Jackson
Arthur Jenkins
Robert Jenkins
William Johnson
Abraham Johnson
John Kelly
William Kendall
Thomas W. Kent
Archibald Lacy
Blake Lasseter
Richard Lee
John Linn
Jonathan Lockett
David Lockett
Solomon Lockett
Thomas Lockett, Sr.
William Lowe
Lieut. William Lucas
John McCormick
Drury McCullers
Reuben McGee
John McLaughlin
Joseph McMath
John Mayes
James May
Lieut. Col. Charles Medlock
Martin Mimms
Abner Mitchell
Samuel Moon
Mordecai Moore
William Morrison
Edward Murphy
John Myrick, Sr.
James Napier
Capt. David Neal
Samuel Neal
Thomas Neal
Capt. Thomas Neal
Benjamin Newsome
Solomon Newsome
Wm. Nichols
James Norris
Benjamin Oliver
Robert Palmer
Johm Parish
James Parker
William Parker
Joseph Peavy, Sr.
Peter Perkins
Henry Persons
Josiah Persons
William Pilcher
Henry Pool
Philip Pool
Jesse Ricketson
Elisha Roberts
James Rogers
Reuben Rogers
James Roguemore
William Rose
Samuel Rutherford
John Sallis
Abram Sanders
Jonas Shivers
William Shurley, Sr.
Seth Slocomb
John C. Smith
Nathaniel Smith
Thomas Smith
Joshua Stanford
Alexander Stephens
William Strother
Charles Sturdibant
Thomas Terry
Alexander Thompson
Moses Thompson
John Torrance
William Travis
Capt. Joel Threewits
John Trent
Ezemia Verdon
George Waggoner
James Waggoner
Benjamin Wheeler
William White
Richard Wiggins
William Wilder
David Wilson
John Wilson
Nathaniel Wootten
John Wynne
Robert Wynne
James Young



Following the fiasco of the bounty grants of 1784, the State of Georgia did nothing for its veterans of the War of the Revolution until 1818. It will be recalled that bounty grants had been given to many more noncombatan citizens than to soldiers of the Continental Line, Georgia Line and Georgia militia, and that soldiers of the line had received less land than the citizens or militia.

Thirty-five years after the signing of the Treaty of Paris, a limited class of Revolutionary veterans was given a preference under the Act of December 15, 1818, which set up the Third Land Lottery of 1820. In this Land Lottery, as also in the later ones, every bachelor with three years residence in Georgia was allowed on draw and every married man with like residence was allowed two draws. If such bachelor or married man was an invalid or indigent veteran of the War of the Revolution, he was allowed two additional draws. His military record was not limited to service in or under the State of Georgia: his name for two veteranís draws in the Land Lottery, the applicant was required to take the following oath, in addition to the oath as to three years residence, namely

"I (A. B.) do further swear that I was an officer or soldier (as the case may be) during the Revolutionary war, that I was engaged in the service of the United States, and that I am an invalid or indigent officer or soldier (as the case may be) of the Revolutionary War".

Belated recognition of the services of all Revolutionary veterans was made by the Act of June 9, 1825, establishing the Fifth Land Lottery of 1827. Every veteran with three years residence in Georgia was allowed three draws if unmarried or four draws if married, regardless of where he had enlisted or in what regiment he had fought. The two additional draws, less any fortunate draw in the Third Land Lottery, were available to every veteran who could take the following prescribed oath before the registering officials, namely:

"I do solemnly sear (or affirm) that I served as a soldier in the armies of the United States during the Revolutionary War a tour or tours of duty, and am entitled to draw or draws according to the provisions of this Act; so help me God".

Exactly the same preference was given to all Revolutionary veterans by the Act of December 21, 1820, setting up the Sixth (Cherokee) Land Lottery of 1832. Service in the United States armies was the criterion Ė the State of enlistment and place of service was not material. However, a veteran was denied any additional draws if he had drawn two Land Lots (as a veteran) in the Land Lotteries of 1820 and 1827, and he was allowed only additional draw if he had previously drawn one Land Lot. At the time of entering his name he was required to take the following oath, namely:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I served as a soldier in the armies of the United states during the Revolutionary War a tour or tours of duty, and that I did not any time during the said war bear arms or act as a spy or emissary against the United States, or in any manner aid or abet the enemy thereof, and am entitled to a draw or draws according to the provisions of this Act, so help me God".

Inasmuch as every person claiming Revolutionary service was required to swear to his claim before fit and proper persons appointed for that purpose by the Inferior Court of the county of his residence, and inasmuch as those neighbors would know the truth or falsity of every claim, there can be but little doubt that every man styled or identified as "Rev. Sol." or "Rev. S." or "R. Sol." or "R. S." on the Land Lottery lists and records was actually a veteran and former soldier of the Untied States army in the War of the American Revolution.

The following list includes all of those veterans (2069 in number) who were "fortunate drawers" in the Third (1820), Fifth (1827) and Sixth (1832) Land Lotteries. The spelling of first and last names has been carefully checked against three places, those spellings which were in agreement have been accepted as the veteranís correct name. The name of a county following a veteranís name shows his residence as of the date of the indicated Land Lottery.

The office of the Secretary of State does not have, in either the Surveyor General Department or the Department of Archives and History, any record of other Revolutionary veterans who may have entered their names for draws but were not "fortunate drawers".

Revolutionary veterans did not received any preference, nor were they designated as such, in the First (1805), Second (1807) or Fourth (1821) Land Lotteries.

Under the words "Fortunate Draw" the first column indicates the Land Lot number the second column indicates the District number and the occasional number found in the third column indicates the Section.

On the last page the book has been certified by: Ben W. Fortson, Jr., Secretary of State

And I quote:


I certify that the above and forgoing list, compiled by Alex M. Hitz, contains the name of every veteran and former soldier of the United states armies int eh War of the American Revolution, who drew on or more Land Lots in the Third (1820), Fifth (1827) and Sixth (1832) Land Lotteries conducted in this State.


Atlanta, Georgia BEN W. FORTSON, JR.,

May 1955 Secretary of State


* Revolutionary Veteran Residence Lottery Fortunate Draw Granted
* ADAMS, Benjamin Warren 1832 160-9-3 Cherokee 1-1-1837
* BANKS, Drury Warren 1827 100-6-0 Carroll 12-5-1831
* BEALL, Harrison Warren 1827 19-9-0 Carroll reverted
* BLEDSOE, Benjamin Warren 1827 105-8-0 Coweta 2-13-1832
* BLEDSOE, Benjamin Warren 1827 314 Coweta 4-18-1831
  BOYD, John Warren 1820 284-5-0 Early 1-11-1821
  BRADDY,Lewis Warren 1820 268-5-0 Appling 6-3-1837
  BRADDY,Lewis Warren 1827 159-15-0 Muscogee 6-28-1843
  BRITTENHAM, Joseph Warren 1820 391-27-0 Early 6-22-1821
* BURKHALTER, Jacob Warren 1827 18-11-0 Lee 12-21-1837
* BYNUM (Binom), Drury Warren 1820 265-12-0 Early 10-11-1824
* BYNUM (Binom), Drury Warren 1827 71-10-0 Lee 11-29-1830
* CARR, William Warren 1827 250-6-0 Lee 10-25-1830
* CASON, William Warren 1827 265-21-0 Lee 1-14-1831
  COTTON, George Sr. Warren 1832 103-9-1 Cherokee Reverted
* DAVIS, William Warren 1827 58-4-0 Coweta 12-1830
  DOWD, John Warren 1831 F314-14-3 Cherokee 11-6-1837
  ELLETT, James Warren 1827 30-9-0 Coweta 12-8-1830
* FRANKLIN, Zepheniah Warren 1832 148-19-4 Cherokee 2-20-1837
* GIBSON, John Warren 1827 69-2-0 Coweta 12-26-1828
  GUNN, Richard Sr. Warren 1827 119-30-0 Lee 1-28-1834
  HAMMETT, John Warren 1832 42-9-3 Cherokee 9-22-1837
  HARBUCK, Nicholas Warren 1827 107-31-0 Lee 12-3-1842
  HARBUCK, Nicholas Warren 1827 167-13-0 Muscogee 10-1-1844
* HARMON, Henry Warren 1827 162-11-0 Lee 2-14-1843
* HARREL, Simon Warren 1827 131-12-0 Muscogee 11-27-1833
  HEATH, Roister Warren 1827 170--22-0 Lee 8-19-1831
* HILL, William Warren 1827 200-8-0 Carroll 7-1-1843
* IVEY, Ephraim Sr. Warren 1827 112-10-0 Muscogee 11-27-1841
* JOHNSON, William Sr Warren 1827 243-8-0 Carroll 7-28-1830
* JONES, Richard Warren 1827 229-3-0 Appling Reverted
* JORDAN, William Warren 1827 244-1-0 Muscogee 1-20-1830
* KENT, Thomas W. Warren 1827 233 Muscogee 7-5-1827
* LANGHAM, William Warren 1827 14-17-0 Lee 9-14-1827
* LINDSEY, Dennis Warren 1827 198-14-0 Muscogee 9-29-1827
* LINDSEY, Dennis Warren 1827 36-1-0 Troup Reverted
  LOCKETT, Solomom Warren 1827 177-20-0 Muscogee 12-16-1833
  LOCKETT, Solomom Warren 1827 122-6-0 Troup 12-2-1830
* MARTIN, David Warren 1827 186-3-0 Troup 6-9-1830
  MASH, Nathan Warren 1827 188-6-0 Lee 8-23-1830
* MATHEWS (Matthews), Joel Warren 1827 17-14-0 Muscogee 1-27-1830
* MATHEWS (Matthews), Joel Warren 1827 16-3-0 Troup 11-17-1828
* MATHEWS, Joseph Warren 1820 402-9-0 Irwin Reverted
* McCORMICK, John Warren 1827 87-30-0 Lee 7-1-1843
* McFARLAND, James H. Warren 1827 54-27-0 Lee Reverted
  McGEE, Reuben Warren 1827 49-5-0 Carroll 12-27-1830
  McGLAMORY John Warren 1820 327-11-0 Irwin 5-25-1837
  McGLAMORY John Warren 1820 156-10-0 Lee 12-15-1842
* MOTE, William Warren 1827 60-7-0 Coweta 6-4-1827
  NEWSOM, John Sr. Warren 1827 138-4-0 Lee 8-12-1838
  NEWSOM, John Sr. Warren 1827 147-19-0 Lee 8-12-1835
  NORRIS, James Warren 1827 171 Muscogee 6-4-1828
  ONEAL, Ross Warren 1827 178-20-0 Lee 12-31-1832
  RALEY, Henry Warren 1827 49-11-0 Lee Reverted
  RALEY, Henry Warren 1827 185-7-0 Troup 2-26-1830
  RHYME (Rhymes), Willis Warren 1827 109-7-0 Lee 11-14-1836
  RHYME (Rhymes), Willis Warren 1827 68-11-0 Lee 11-14-1836
  RICKETSON, Benjamin Warren 1827 005-12-0 Troup 2-6-1830
  RICKETTSON, Jesse Sr. Warren 1827 86-8-0 Coweta 1-23-1830
* SMITH, Richard Warren 1827 114-6-0 Muscogee 6-15-1827
  SPINKS, Presley Warren 1827 106-3-0 Carroll 11-27-1833
  SPINKS, Presley Warren 1827 311-5-0 Troup 10-201833
* STANFORD, Joshua Sr. Warren 1827 120-10-0 Carroll 2-1-1832
* STANFORD, Joshua Sr. Warren 1827 176-24-0 Muscogee 2-1-1832
* TAYLOR, edward Warren 1827 80-11-0 Muscogee 7-1-1843
  THIGPEN, Nathan Warren 1827 219-18-0 Muscogee 10-18-1827
* THOMPSON, Moses Warren 1827 172-15-0 Lee Reverted
  TORRENCE, John Warren 1827 88-12-0 Carroll 12-24-1833
  TORRENCE, John Warren 1827 146-18-0 Lee 11-23-1835
  UMPHLET, Asa Warren 1827 144-2-0 Lee 4-13-1832
  WALLER, Elijah Warren 1827 40-1-0 Carroll 4-17-1827
  WALLER, Elijah Warren 1827 127-3-0 Muscogee 3-7-1831
* WARD, Nathaniel Warren 1827 117-25-0 Lee 11-12-1830
* WIGGINS, Richard Warren 1827 29-4-0 Carroll Reverted
* WIGGINS, William Warren 1827 109-6-0 Coweta 5-15-1827
* WILDER, Sampson Warren 1827 244-20-0 Muscogee 5-10-1828
* WILLIAMS, Joseph Sr. Warren 1820 17-4-0 Rabun Reverted
* WILLIAMS, Joseph Sr. Warren 1827 215-6-0 Carroll 6-8-1830
* WILSON, John Sr Warren 1827 195-12-0 Muscogee 8-22-1837

* denotes more than one person listed with that surname, but from different county.

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