Lott Cemetery

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Lott Cemetery

Submitted by Barbara Walker Winge

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aitcheson_lott_cem.jpg (62174 bytes)                                          bibb_lott_cem.jpg (62506 bytes)

Christine BIBB AITCHESON                                        BIBB


lott_calvin_w_parker.jpg (73867 bytes)               lott_claude_c_parker_sr.jpg (78700 bytes)               lott_daniel_w_parker.jpg (59654 bytes)           lott_eugene_h_parker.jpg (61738 bytes) 

Calvin W.                         Claude C.                       Daniel W.                 Eugene H.


lott_fay_parker.jpg (64357 bytes)               lott_j_dwight_parker.jpg (62098 bytes)               lott_jj_parker.jpg (62754 bytes)            lott_zella_lee_parker.jpg (65910 bytes)

Fay Parker                   J. Dwight Parker                   J.J. Parker          Zella Lee Parker


Submitted by Barbara Walker Winge.

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