Dalton, Dolton, Chadwick, Bradshaw


Suzanne is  trying to find documentation to prove the identity of Eber Dalton's father. Eber was born in Walton County, GA in either 1885 or 1887, according to his WWI draft card and his death certificate. His mother's maiden name was Notie Monroe Chadwick. After she was widowed at the death of Eber's father, she moved to Lanette, Alabama and married James L. Bradshaw. They eventually moved to Columbus, Georgia.

 Eber's father is listed as William Dalton on his death certificate but  have yet to find any documents that were created around the time of Eber's birth that support a relationship between Notie and anyone named William Dalton. Since there is no 1890 census for them and the fact that she is listed as a widow in the 1900 census, another  type of record is required to prove Eber's father's identity.

Other info: Eber changed the spelling of his last name to "Dolton" at some point during his lifetime. Notie's name is spelled "Nata" on a wedding card from her marriage to James Bradshaw that is posted on Ancestry.com. There is an  1891 marriage certificate from Walton County on the Family Search website for a William Dalton and a Nadie Shadawick. The year is off by a couple of years based on Eber's birth date and the spelling is different but it is an interesting find.

There is more than one William Dalton in the Walton County area during this time period so she needs some help determining if Eber's father is named William Dalton and if so, in determining which William Dalton is the correct one. If anyone knows anything about Eber Dalton/Dolton or his parents, please contact Suzanne at ( [email protected] )