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Georgia Veterans that served during World War I

If you have information on a person that served during World War I that you would like to share, please click here for submission instructions. The only requirement is that the person has some type of connection to Georgia, either born here, lived here or died here.

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ADAMS, Virgil Starr (US Navy, Seaman Second Class)
Died 9 Oct 1918 at Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Died of influenza. Next of kin: Gordon F. Adams (brother). Address: Danielsville, Georgia Appointed: Atlanta, Georgia

Submitted by Scott Orlowski, 6 Sep 2003

AKINS, John Norman
Born 6 Jun 1889 Houston Co., Georgia
Died 27 Jul 1931 Houston Co. Georgia

Submitted by William W. Hatcher Sr., Sep 2002

ALLEN, David Gordon (US Navy, Past Assistant Surgeon)
Died 5 Sep 1917 At Porta Delgada, Azores, attached to U.S.S. Panther.
Died of acute food poisoning. Next of kin: Annie Wood (mother). Address: 10 Taylor Street, Savannah, Georgia.

Submitted by Scott Orlowski, 5 Sep 2003

BOHAN, Joseph Francis (US Naval Reserve Force, Ensign)
Died 18 Oct 1918 at Marseille, France
Died of pneumonia. Next of kin: Agnes Teresa Bohan (mother). Address: 410 Gaston Street, Savannah, Georgia.

Submitted by Scott Orlowski, 5 Sep 2003

GENTRY, Homer (US Naval Reserve Force, Apprentice Seaman)
Died 22 Oct 1918 at University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia.
Died of influenza. Next of kin: C.A. Gentry (father). Address: Newnan, Georgia. Appointed: Athens, Georgia.

Submitted by Scott Orlowski, 6 Sep 2003

JOHNSON, Dr. Ben Terrell Sr.
Buried Bluffton, Georgia
Served in the Medical Corp during WWI.

Submitted by his grandson, John R. Johnson, 30 Jun 2003

MARRE, Angelo
Born 28 Aug 1888 in Columbus, Kentucky
Died 21 Jan 1963 in the VA Hospital in Decatur, Georgia
Buried in the National Cemetery in Marietta, Georgia. He was inducted into the US Army at Clinton, KY (Hickman Co.) on Feb. 27, 1918. He resided in Columbus, KY at the time.

Submitted by his middle daughter: Lucille Marre Renfroe, Sep 2002

McLENDON, Lawrence L. (US Naval Reserve Force, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Medical Corps)
Died 30 Oct 1918 at Atlanta, Georgia
Died of influenza. Next of kin: Emma Combs McLendon (mother). Address: 127 Catoma St. Montgomery, Alabama.

Submitted by Scott Orlowski, 6 Sep 2003

MEACHAM, Hudson Peavy
Born 27 Sep 1900 Meriwether County
Served overseas in WWI at age of 17. Too young to be drafted, he joined the army at Camp Johnston, Jacksonville, Florida, and rendered service as a clerk to one of the captains. He served two years abroad; one before the Armistice and one after.
Father Joseph Johnson Meacham born St. Marks, Meriwether County., Georgia and Mother Emma "Emily" Peavy born Greenville, Meriwether Co., Georgia.

Submitted by Hudson Meacham, Sep 2002

MEALER, Homer Eugene
Born 1892 in Meriweather County Georgia
Died 26 Feb 1968 in Danville, Il.
WWI served in Florida. Buried in Melview Cemetery, Stone Mt., Georgia.

Submitted by Martha A. Smith, Sep 2002

NORTON, Eardley Ostel (Co M, 28th Infantry, US Army WW I)
Born 18 May 1893 Fayette Co., Georgia
Died 4 Dec 1972 Henry Co., Georgia

Submitted by Judy McCleskey Webb, 14 Oct 2002

RAGAN, Raymond Charles
Born 1896 Georgia
Died 1946 Georgia
Served with the expeditionary forces in France during World War I. Buried in Floyd County, Georgia.

Submitted by Linda Avery, Sep 2002

RYDER, Cornelius Rogers (U.S. Army)
Born 1896 Savannah, Georgia
Died 1928
"Uncle Neil" enlisted with the Savannah Volunteer Guards at the outbreak of the war, went overseas and served until the armistice.

Submitted by Elizabeth Chancellor, Sep 2002

RYDER, James Donald (U.S. Army)
Born 1895
Died 1982
From Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia

Submitted by Elizabeth Chancellor, Sep 2002

SHULAR, William Alfred, Sr. (US Army)
Born 19 Aug 1898 in Cartersville, Bartow County, Georgia.
Died 24 Feb 1965.
Served in World War One. Field Artillery in France. Was gased; developed asthma. Enlisted in the Army in Macon, Georgia on 6/14/1918. Served with the American Expeditionary Forces, 9/23/1918 - 3/29/1919. Was discharged from the Army on 4/30/1919. He was the son of William Alfred and Leona Alma McCoy Shular.

Submitted by Mary Hopper, Sep 2002

Born 4 Jul 1888 in Houston County, Georgia.
Died Baldwin County, Georgia.
Norman Simmons was born July 4, 1888 to Jim and Hagar Simmons in Houston County Georgia. He served as a 'foot soldier' in France. One of his primary functions was 'walking the horse (mule) drawn wagons' to deliver supplies. He said he was given that job because of his height, he was able to look over the back of the animals (he never explained the significance of that). He returned to Macon and worked for the railroad until retirement. He spent his final years at the VA hospital in Baldwin County Georgia.

Submitted by Rubbie Major, 12 Aug 2006

TURNER, James William
Born 14 Sep 1914 Fayette Co., Georgia
Died 12 Dec 1997.
He served with the 8th Army Air Corps in Europe, including Belgium and England. At the end time of the War, he transferred to the 9th Army Air Corps, where he served until 1946.

Submitted by Jane, Sep 2002

WILSON, Rogers Murchison
Born 1891
Died 1929 Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia
Was assigned to the 118th Infantry of the First Division, U. S. Army and these troops were the vanguard of the Division. They sailed for France 11 June 1917. He was severely wounded in action near Soissons 21 July 1918. He received the American Distinguished Service Cross and was twice decorated with the French Croix de Guerre. He was a graduate of Virginia Military Institute and attained the rank of Captain. He was from Savannah, Georgia.

Submitted by Elizabeth Chancellor, Sep 2002

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