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Georgia Veterans that served in the Revolutionary War

If you have information on a person that served during the Revolutionary War that you would like to share, please click here for submission instructions. The only requirement is that the person has some type of connection to Georgia, either born here, lived here or died here.

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ABERCROMBIE, Charles (Major)
Born 4 May 1742, Bath County, Virginia
Died 23 Aug 1819, Hancock County, Georgia

Submitted by Gerry Hill, Sep 2002

ABERCROMBIE, Robert, Jr. (Major)
Born 1745, Bath County, Virginia
Died 19 Apr 1912, Warren County, Georgia
He served in the North Carolina Line 3rd Regiment.

Submitted by Gerry Hill, Sep 2002

ADAMS, Colson
Born 1750
Died 1829, Pike County, Alabama
He served in the Revolutionary War and afterwards raised his family in Tattnall and Pulaski Counties, Georgia.

Submitted by Robin Adams, 19 Oct 2002

AKINS, William, Sr.
Born 1756, Cecil County, Maryland
Died 29 Mar 1841, Benton (Cherokee) County, Alabama
Served in North Carolina Militia 1777-1781; served as 1st Lieutenant in South Carolina Militia 1782-1783; later moved to Morgan County, Georgia and lived until 1832.

Submitted by Brad Jones, Sep 2002

BRADDOCK, Captain John Cutler
Born 3 Oct 1743, Beaufort, South Carolina
Died 1794, Glynn County, Georgia

Submitted by J. G. (Jerry) Braddock, Sr., Sep 2002

BROOKS, Micajah
Born 25 Dec 1761, Chatham County, North Carolina
Died 15 Jun 1862, Polk County, Georgia
Served in Georgia Militia 1779; Served North Carolina Militia 1782-1783.

Submitted by Brad Jones, Sep 2002

CARTER, Josiah
Born 10 Feb 1745, Bedford County, Virginia
Died 10 Sep 1822, Putnam County, Georgia
Served as Private, Georgia line under Colonel Elijah Clark.

Submitted by Gerry Hill , Sep 2002

Born 1751
Died 1819
Major Georgia Militia. Wounded at Bulltown Swamp, 19 Nov 1778; also wounded at Four Holes, South Carolina, 15 April 1781. He was from Liberty County, Georgia

Submitted by Elizabeth Chancellor, Sep 2002

GRAY, James R.
Born 1 May 1758
Died 20 Nov 1833, Pike County, Georgia

Submitted by Gerry Hill, Sep 2002

HAND, Henry Harrison
Buried at: Old Pleasant Grove Methodist Church Cemetery
Revolutionary Soldier Henry Harrison HAND
Placed By Council of Safety Chapter D.A.R.
(see T-R 2-9, 2-14, 2-16-1938)

Submitted by Raymond Frambach, Sep 2004

Born 1767, Mecklenburg County, Virginia
Died between 22 Aug - 6 Nov 1831, Richmond County, Georgia

Submitted by William W. Hatcher Sr., Sep 2002

HATCHER, Jeremiah
Born 1764
Died Prob. Edgefield County, South Carolina

Submitted by William W. Hatcher Sr., Sep 2002

HATCHER, John(Major)
Born 7 Mar 1757, Henrico Parish, Lunenburg County, Virginia
Died 20 Apr 1835, Passmore District, Wilkinson County, Georgia
After the British occupation of Georgia, John Hatcher enlisted and fought through the Revolutionary War.

Submitted by William W. Hatcher Sr., Sep 2002

Born 1726, Henrico County, Virginia
Died 11 May 1803, Prob. Elbert County, Georgia

Submitted by William W. Hatcher Sr. , Sep 2002

HATCHER, William Henry, Sr.
Born 29 Nov 1759 Mecklinburg County or Lunnenburg County, Virginia
Died 8 July 1837 Marion County, Georgia

Submitted by William W. Hatcher Sr., Sep 2002

JOHNSON, William
Born 16 Oct 1750, Southampton County, Virginia
Died 6 May 1830, Warren County, Georgia
He enlisted 13 February 1776 and served two years in a company designated as Captain John Brent's and Captain Jason Riddick's Co, 4th Virginia Regiment. William was given an honorable discharge as a Corporal in February, 1778. He moved his family to Warren County, Georgia about 1794. William is buried in the Johnson Methodist Cemetery on land he had contributed to the church.

Submitted by Linda Johnson, Sep 2002

Born abt 1760, North Carolina
Died 17 May 1817, Morgan County, Georgia
Married Mary Katherine Dawd Born Ireland. Pd 13 pounds 10 shillings on 9-9-1783 NC Rev Accts Bk 1 pg 18 folio 2 cancelled voucher #4822 J P Greene County, Wilkes County, Georgia.

Submitted by Gerry Hill, Sep 2002

KENDRICK, James(Captain)
Born abt 1765, Orange County, North Carolina
Died abt 1832, Putnam County, Georgia
Married Tabitha Rogers. McCalls Roster of the Rev.

Submitted by Gerry Hill, Sep 2002

KENDRICK, John(Lieutenant)
Born 1756, Granville County, North Carolina
Died 14 Dec 1802, Washington County, Georgia
Married Martha Montgomery in Chatham County, North Carolina. Parents: James Kendrick who died Wilkes County, Georgia and Susannah Robinson. John was severely wounded in chest at Brown Marsh. In 1754, he and brother James served in Captain Richard Coleman's Company in North Carolina. Fought under General Butler.

Submitted by Gerry Hill, Sep 2002

Born 1758, Granville County, North Carolina
Died 26 Feb 1838, Greenburg, Saint Helena Parish, Louisiana
Married Eliza Ann Thompson who died in Washington County, Georgia. He moved to Washington County, Georgia 1798. 1809 moved to Morgan County, Georgia thence to Saint Helena Parish in 1818, where he died. File K-5 Saint Helena Probate.

Submitted by Gerry Hill, Sep 2002

KITE, Henry
Born abt 1760, Pitt County, North Carolina
Died June 1831, Gwinnett County, Georgia
Unknown grave - Revolutionary War Soldier.

Submitted by Judy McCleskey Webb, 14 Oct 2002

LAMAR, John, Jr.
Born 17 Jul 1762, South Carolina
Died 18 Oct 1842, Clinton, Jones, Georgia
Revolutionary War under Generals Pickens and Marion.

Submitted by Gerry Hill, Sep 2002

Born 20 Jan 1775, Pennsylvania
Died 20 Oct 1842, Georgia
Buried Shoal Creek Baptist Church near Buford, Georgia.

Submitted by Judy McCleskey Webb, Sep 2002

MONK, John(Private)
Born 14 Sep 1752, Wake County, North Carolina
Died 1835, Monroe County, Georgia
Served: A private in the North Carolina Militia.

Submitted by Quanah Roark , Sep 2002

PEEK, Henry
Born 25 Dec 1766
Died between 1855-57
Enlisted in the Revolutionary War on 7 Jan 1781 and served six months as a private.

Submitted by Sherry Peek, Sep 2002

RAINES, Thomas
Born 10 Jan 1771, Sussex County, Virginia
Died 7 Feb 1816, Clinton, Jones, Georgia

Submitted by Gerry Hill, Sep 2002

Born 1748, Surry County, Virginia
Died 1850, Paulding (Haralson) County, Georgia
Served in Continental Army, 1776-1782; POW 1780-1782.

Submitted by Brad Jones, Sep 2002

SHAW, Johna
Born 29 Jan 1763, near Baltimore, Maryland
Died 28 Oct 1847, Greene County, Georgia

Submitted by Judy McCleskey Webb, 16 Oct 2002

SPAIN, James
Born 1754, Red Bank, Edgefield District, South Carolina
Died 21 Dec 1796, Augusta, Richmond, Georgia

Submitted by Gerry Hill, Sep 2002

WEAVER, David, Sr.
Born 1745, Manakin Town, Goochland County, Virginia
Died Jan-Mar 1813, Point Peter, Oglethorpe County, Georgia
Revolutionary War soldier (Patriot), Albemarle County, Virginia.

Submitted by Bill King, Sep 2002

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