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Rev. War

RAINES, Thomas
Born 10 Jan 1771 Sussex Co. Va.
Died 7 Feb 1816 Clinton, Jones, Ga.
Married Sara Abercrombie of Hancock Co. Ga.
He was the son of John Raines & Amy Goodwin (Also a Rev. Capt.)
Jones County Georgia Military - Rev Soldiers buried in Jones Mrs. Carolyn Williams "History of Jones County
These Revolutionary Soldiers (while living in Jones County) drew in the land lottery (see the specific year). This land was located in the Cherokee Lands (northwestern section of Georgia). Many "fortunate drawers" never moved to the land, but sold it instead. The deed of the sale would be in the county in which the land is located today.
Submitted by
Gerry Hill 9-2002

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Enlisted at New Bern, NC in 1776 and was in the 1st NC Contintentals under Col. Thomas Clarke and Capt. Thomas Allen. He served at the Battles of Brandywine and Germantown, near Philadelphia, in 1777, was present at Valley Forge and Morristown encampments, and served at the Battle of Monmouth, NJ in 1778. He was sent with the NC and VA regulars to defend Charles Towne (Charleston SC) but was taken prisoner at the Fall of Charles Towne in May 1780 and held by the British until the end of the war. He eventually migrated to what became Haralson County, Georgia through several land lotteries with members of his family and died at 102 years of age in the summer of 1850.
County: Haralson, Paulding
Submitted by Brad Jones 9-2002

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ROWELL, William
b. 1788 Georgia
d. 17 March 1855 Haralson County, Georgia
Served in Georgia Militia, 1813-1814
Enlisted in Captain Benjamin Cleveland's company, Georgia Militia in actions against the Creek Indians during the War of 1812. Was stationed at Fort Hawkins, near present day Macon, Georgia.
County: Franklin, Haralson, and Paulding
Submitted by Brad Jones 9-2002

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Indian Wars

Cherokee Removal
ROWELL, Dudley
b. 12 January 1818 Franklin County, Georgia
d. 4 November 1877 Haralson County, Georgia
Served in Georgia Militia, 1838; 1861-1865
Enlisted with Captain John Witcher's Mounted Volunteers, Paulding County Militia, during the Cherokee "War" (Removal) undertaken by the State of Georgia and facilitated by the U.S. Army. Relocated Cherokees to Fort Cedar Town for removal to Indian Territory on the Trail of Tears. Later served in the local Confederate Militia during the Civil War.
County: Haralson
Submitted by
Brad Jones 9-2002

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War Between the States

RIZER, Charles
b. 1830, Barnwell Co, South Carolina d. November 03, 1864 Richmond Va., Civil War He was a private in Company D 2 Batt'n. Florida Infantry. Biographical Rosters Of Florida's Confederate and Union Soldiers, by Hartman Cote." Second Florida Battalion Company D. He enlisted at Monticello 8/10/62. He was admitted to Grove Hospital Richmond and died 11/3/64.
2nd Infantry Battalion, formerly the 2nd Battalion Partisan Rangers, was organized during the summer of 1863 with five companies, later increased to six. Serving in Florida the unit fought at Olustee, then in June, 1864, four companies merged into the 10th Florida Regiment and two into the 11th Florida Regiment. It was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel T.W. Brevard and Major John Westcott.

10th Regiment, Florida Infantry

10th Infantry Regiment was assembled in June, 1864. It was formed by consolidating six companies of the 1st and four of the 2nd Florida Infantry Battalions. Some of the men were from Alachua and Putnam counties. Attached to General Finegan's Brigade, the regiment was active at Cold Harbor, then participated in the long Petersburg siege south of the James River and in the Appomattox Campaign. It surrendered with the Army of Northern Virginia with 18 officers and 154 men. Its commanders were Colonel Charles F. Hopkins, Lieutenant Colonel William W. Scott, and Major John Westcott.

Charles Rizer was born in the Newberry area of South Carolina to Christian Rizer. He was a farmer in the Morven Community of Brooks County Ga. He owned many acres in this area. He was on the first jury of the newly established Brooks County which split from Lowdnes County. He was a well established farmer by the start of the Civil War. He was a private in the 81st Battalion and was killed in the Civil War in 1864. He was very close to his uncle, Jacob Rizer, who lived nearby. The elder Jacob died between 1863 and 1865. He left his estate to the sons of his nephew, Charles Rizer as he did not have children. His will (Jacob) was the first one to be recorded in Brooks County GA. in 1859. The will of Charles Rizer was made in 1863 and left everything to his wife, Ana Catherine.

Submitted by
William W. Hatcher Sr. 9-2002

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ROBERTS, Simeon Halvenston
Born 6 Oct.1847 Ocala, Marion, Fl.
Died 10 Jan.1931 Dawson, Terrell, Ga.
"Sim" was one of the child guards at Andersonville Prison.
Simneon Helvinggon Roberts- per Andersonville-Private Georgia reserves Regiment 1 Company C Discharged Physical Disability Originally enlisted Co. E Feb. 1864
"I Simeon Halvingston Roberts joined the Confederate Army in Feb. 1864, by attaching to Co E Georgia Reserve then stationed at Andersonville Ga. I remained there until the latter part of Jun 1864. I was then ordered before a Medical board and they gave me a discharge. I scarcely got home before I was ordered to report at Albany Ga before another medical, and they also gave me a discharge from the Confederate Service.
In Jun 1865, we then organized a company at Dawson Ga composed of old men and young boys, we were then attached to a Battalion name of Fannen from Troup Co Ga., our Captain's name was Simmonson from North Ga. Some of my comrades were George Christie of Terrell Co., G B Stevens of Terrell Co, Taylor Tate, Taylor Johnson and J R Kelley. Mr. Kelley is now at Perry, Fl and all the rest have gone to the "Great Beyond". I was sent from Albany, Ga to Thomasville Ga and remained there until the close of the war and was mustered out.
Married #1 Susannah Alma Knighton
Married #2 Rebecca Elizabeth Judson Causey (Dtr of John CSA & Palestine)
Son of George E.B.B. Roberts & Mary Carolyn Virginia Cannon- of Greene, Meriwether, Terrell-& Ocala.

Submitted by Gerry Hill 9-2002

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ROWELL, Edward
b. October 30, 1824 Crawford Co. Ga.
d. November 17, 1890 Crawford Co. Ga.
He is listed as a private in company A, 8th Georgia regiment Militia Calvary during the war between the states. These units were usually made up of older men and younger boys for a short duration in the waning days of the War Between the States especially when Sherman invaded the state and made His now famous march to the sea. Family lore relates that he owned One slave. At the conclusion of the War Between the States he allegedly gave his Slave several gold coins and set him free with instructions to leave. The individual supposedly did not leave and buried the gold coins on The bank of a nearby stream. It was a fantasy years later of some of His descendants to get a metal detector and find the gold. Enumerated With his household on the 1870 census was a black man by the name of Jake Jordan, listed as a servant. A land transaction involving him was Recorded in Crawford county on December 25, 1871. His father bequeath to his mother a life tenancy in his property. At her death, the Property was to be equally divided amongst the children. Apparently She died in 1871. Evidently to satisfy the terms of his fathers will. He Purchased 100 acres, more or less, for the sum of $800. Those Individuals signing the deed conveying title to the property were his Brother Daniel, his sisters Temperance Bryant, Elizabeth Wellons, and M. A. (Martha) Hatcher. His name is mentioned quite often in the Estate records of Crawford county. He was always listed with or Adjacent to his mother on the census. Evidently he was a good and Faithful son. Like his father he made a nuncupative will shortly Before he died. ( a nuncupative will is a verbal will made in front Of witnesses). His wife Penelope to have all his property for her Natural life. To be divided equally between his children upon her Death. His oldest son William to be the executor and relieved from Making inventory and appraisement. To his grandchildren, something of His to be agreed upon by the family, be it of ever so little value, as A keepsake or memento. There is a grave in the Rowell cemetery located On the Rowell place off oak grove church road in N.W. Crawford county Marked e.r. And father I believe this to be his grave.

Submitted by William W. Hatcher Sr. 9-2002

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ROWELL, William R.
b. Abt. 1836 Crawford County, Georgia
d. September 15, 1862 Sharpsburg, Maryland

Bio: Enlisted in company E 6th Georgia Regiment CSA March 8th, 1862 as a private. Missing battle of Sharpsburg 15 Sept. 1862. Presumed killed.

Camp 6th Ga. Regt. near Greensboro, N. C. April 22nd 1865

At a meeting of co. E, 6th Ga. Volunteers held this day the following preamble & resolutions were unanimously adopted:

Whereas, after four years of hard service in defense of our country we find (to say nothing of those who have been disabled for life) that fifty four of our number are now absent from their places in our midst having gone to that bourne from whence no traveler returns,(twenty nine having been killed and died of wounds and twenty five died of disease), and so we trust are gathered to their heavenly father on high to enjoy that rich inheritance wherein they are happy and free from the many toils, trials, hardships, and privations they knew on earth; we their co associates in arms adopt this occasion to refer to them and to drop a tear to their memory before we disband to return to our homes. Comrades: peaceful and sweet be your rest. Now may you be soldiers of that cross which was crimson with emanuels blood and henceforth and forever yours be a rich felicity beneath the approving smiles of god. To give expression to our feelings occasioned by the melancholy and affecting events of the past four years of blood shed and strife it is therefore resolved, that the sad and trying dispensation which has deprived us of the society of lts. W.P. Mathews and I. C. Stephens, Sergts. W.H. Jenkins, T.B. Ellis, those. Walker, J.M. Danielly and R. M. Jordan, Corpls F.W. Mcallan, J.H. Roberts and J.J. Rowell, privates W. Barrett, A.J. Derriso, W.A. Elliott, A.R. Goodin, J.M. Harper, N. B. Harris, H.C. Harris, W.H. Harris, P.B. Hobbs, J. Hunnicut, F.J. Irby, J.T. Jones, S.F. Jackson, S.A. Hendrick, A.W. Martin, A.J. Mathews SR., A.J. Mathews JR., J.P. Mathews, J.H. Morgan, Owen M. M. Mcafee, W.W. Moran, D.C. Newsome, V.A. Nichols, James M. Nichols, WR. Parker, P.G Parker, R.R Parham, F.M. Phelps, H.T. Parham, J.F. Passmore, W. R. Rowell, J. M. Roberts, W.G. Stephens, J.B. Stephens, B. Stembridge, J.A Taylor, T.J. Weaver, A.H. Wellons, J.E. Wilder, E.G. Wilder, S.B. Woodall and W.M. Watson, has touched us deeply and truly made us lament the severance of ties that link a golden chain which bound their hearts to ours. Resolved, that we sincerely sympathize with the families of our beloved comrades and trust that a merciful god in his own good time will develop the wisdom of his ways and restore to them a quite reliance on him who doeth all things well and wisely. Resolved, that the above preamble and resolutions be published in some Georgia paper and that copies of the same be sent to the respective families of our fallen comrades with the warm appreciation that they have the feigened sympathy of the few remaining Crawford County Grays.

(signed) H. M. Sanders, sect. T. J. Marshall, chairman

Submitted by William W. Hatcher Sr. 9-2002

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