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Rev. War

ABERCROMBIE, Charles (Major)
Born 4 May 1742 Bath Co. Va.
Died 23 Aug 1819 Hancock Co. Ga.
He served in the NC Line 3rd Regiment. While the struggle was in progress in Hancock Co. he erected a large fort, which was designed for protection and free use of his friends and neighbors in Hancock. He moved to Greene Co. Ga. from Orange County, NC.
He was the son of Robert Abercrombie Sr. & Jane Gresham of Orange Co. NC
Married Edwina Malinda "Dicey" Booth (Dtr. of Rev. Sol. John Booth)
(Charles & Dicey had Sara wife of Rev. Sol. Thomas Raines)
Ga. House of Rep. 1787-89
Ga Senate 1796-1799. Delegate for latter to Congressional Convention 1798. HISTORY OF THE GEORGIA MILITIA VOL 1: Campaigns & Generals pg. 255
Submitted by Gerry Hill 9-2002

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ABERCROMBIE, Robert, Jr. (Major)
Born 1745 Bath Co. Va.
Died 19 Apr 1912 Warren Co. Ga.
He served in the NC Line 3rd Regiment.
He was the son of Robert Abercrombie Sr. & Jane Gresham of Orange Co. NC
Married #1 Mary
Married #2 Nancy
Submitted by Gerry Hill 9-2002

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AKINS, William, Sr.
b. 1756 Cecil County, Maryland
d. 29 March 1841 Benton (Cherokee) County, Alabama
While living in Mecklenburg County, NC, William Akins, Sr. was called to service in the Militia under Col. Thomas Polk in 1777 near Wilmington, NC. Later served under Gen. Rutherford in 1778 in expeditions to the Cherokee Nation, under Capt. John Sharp in 1780 at Charles Towne, SC, was captured and released. Joined the South Carolina Militia in 1782 enlisting with Capt. Francis Moore and was at the taking of Friday's Fort, Mott's Fort and at the Battle of Eutaw Springs under Gen. Nathaniel Greene. Was detached to patrol parts of Georgia under General Wayne as a 1st Lieutenant in 1783. William Akins later moved to Morgan County, Georgia and lived until 1832 when he moved to Cherokee lands in Alabama. He died in Spring Garden, AL.
County: Polk, Morgan
Submitted by Brad Jones 9-2002

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War of 1812

AKINS, William Jr
b. 1788 York County, South Carolina
d. 1878 Winston County, Alabama
Served in South Carolina 43rd Infantry
Enlisted in Capt. T.L. Gourdin's Company in the War of 1812. Awarded land for his service in Paulding (Polk) County, Georgia in 1836, lived there for a time and later moved to Winston County, Alabama by 1860.
County: Polk
Submitted by
Brad Jones 9-2002

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Indian Wars

Born July 3, 1805, in Virginia
Died August 11, 1876, in Fish Creek, Polk County, Georgia

According to the Georgia Department of Archives & History publication titled Georgia Military Affairs Volume 8 (Pages 117, 188) during 1836 through 1837, Joel C. Atkins fought as a volunteer in the Indian Wars. On June 17, 1836, in Decatur, DeKalb County, Georgia, an election was held to command a volunteer company raised for the defense of the western frontiers of Georgia. They knew the said company as the DeKalb Independent Guards, 54th Regiment. William Ezzard was elected Captain, Cyrus Choice as 1st Lieutenant, Henry B. Latimer as 2nd Lieutenant, and Alexander A. Heard as the ensign. An alphabetical listing of the company of Captain Ezzard formed, by voluntary enlistment, pursuant to Executive Orders for the draft of every sixth man from the 54th Regiment, Georgia Militia. They listed Joel Atkins' name as number three under the non commissioned officers and privates. Since Joel's period of service was between 1836-1837, he couldn't have participated in the removal of the Cherokees. General Scott did not arrive in Georgia until May of 1838, and the removal of the Cherokees did not start until June 24, 1838. When the Federal troops were withdrawn from Georgia, shortly after March 5, 1831, the state placed a body of men called "Georgia Guard" in the Indian country to enforce the laws and to protect citizens of Georgia and the friendly Cherokees.

Submitted by
Clarence Atkins 4-12-2003

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War Between the States

b. August 21, 1834 Houston Co, GA
d. April 17, 1894 Hattie, Houston, GA
4th Sergeant, Company G, Houston Guard - 8th Cavalry, Georgia State Guard.
Joel R. Griffin, Colonel,
Millen, John M., Lieut. Colonel,
Thomson, William G., Major:
Captain ....................Patrick Gray
1st Lieut. ..................W. A. Northen
2nd Lieut. .................Daniel Vinson
3rd Lieut. ..................Marshal Thompson
Ord. Sergt. ................Levin Vinson
2nd Sergt. .................F. M. Tull
3rd Sergt. ..................E. N. Glosier
4th Sergt. ..................Ira Akins
5th Sergt. ..................B. W. Searcy
1st Corp. ....................S. S. Taylor
2nd Corp. ...................Barswell Etheridge
3rd Corp. ....................I. H. Barson
4th Corp. ....................W. H. Castellow

Submitted by
William W. Hatcher Sr. 9-2002

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ATKINS, Nathaniel M.
b. ca 1835 GA,
d. June 20, 1864, Jonesboro, GA in Civil War.
Enlisted in the 54th Regiment of 2nd Company "G", 1st Georgia Regiment Infantry from Polk County, GA, on May 13, 1862, in Rome, GA
He enlisted under the command of Capt. Bray for three years, or end of war. He was present at company muster rolls in Aug 31, 1862, Oct, 31, 1862, Dec. 31, 1862, Ap 30, 1863, Jun 30, 1863, Aug 31, 1863, Feb. 28, 1863 and Feb 29, 1864. Appeared on a Receipt Roll for clothing for 2nd quarter 1864 on April 1, 1864. Appeared on a Receipt Roll for clothing for 2nd quarter 1864 on May 5, 1864. He was "mortally wounded" on July 20, 1864, at the battle of Peach Tree Creek. Peach Tree Creek is in Fulton County and was involved in the Atlanta Campaign of 1864. The principal commanders were: Maj. Gen. George H. Thomas (US), commanding the Army of the Cumberland, and Gen. John B. Hodd (CS), commanding the Army of Tennessee. The estimated casualities were 6,506 men(US 1,710; CS 4,796).
His wife Mary D. "Polly" Peek filed on November 7, 1907 for her Widow's Indigent Pension in Haralson Co., GA. At the time of filing she stated that she was seventy years old, and that her basis for the application were: age, total blindness, poverty, and she was suffering from a dislocated right hip due to a fall. She states that Nathaniel had died at Jonesboro, Georgia. She states that she had to sell the 40 acres of land they owned, and that she was living on the proceeds of that sale. She stated that she had lived in Carroll Co., GA for a while, but has lived in Haralson Co., GA for the last three years. She signed the application with an "X".
Capt. Reese states, in his affidavit in support of Mary's Indigent Pension Claim, that he was Nathaniel's commanding officer and that Nathaniel had fought under his command from the time of Nathaniel's enlistment until he "mortally wounded" on July 20, 1864, at the battle of Peach Tree Creek.
Copy of Widow's Indigent Pension date January 13, 1908

Submitted by Sherry Peek 9-2002

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AKINS, John Norman
b. June 06, 1889 Houston Co. Ga.
d. July 27, 1931 Houston Co. Ga.
He served in World War I: Company "K"; RFD Wellston, Ga.
Inducted Houston Co. Army Ser. #2, 588, 000. Motor Det Camp Green/leaf, Ga. to 23/7/18; Evac Amb Co #7 Motor Amb Pool Base Sec #3 to discharge. Served Overseas - 30/9/18 to 30/5/1918. Honorably Discharged: 4/6/1919
Son of William Myles Akins and Eliza Jackson, both of Houston Co. Ga.
Submitted by William W. Hatcher Sr. 9-2002

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ATKINS, Clarence Edward (Master Sergeant, U. S. Army Ret.)

Born August 7, 1920, in Somerville, Morgan County, Alabama
Died June 11, 1993, in Rome, Floyd County, Georgia.

By authority of General Order Number 76, issued 9 May 1944, by Headquarters, Fifth Army, APO 464, United States Army, Private First Class Clarence E. Atkins, RA 19049724, is entitled to wear the Distinguished Unit Badge per the following citation:
The 2nd Battalion (Reinforced), 30th Infantry Regiment, is cited for outstanding performance of duty in action during the period 8 August 1943 to 12 August 1943. When a determined enemy is successfully withstanding the attack of an American Army, the 2nd Battalion (Reinforced) made an amphibious landing near San Agata, Sicily, eight miles behind the German lines. This battalion forced a breach in the enemy positions, inflicted heavy casualties upon him in men and material, and advanced the American positions ten miles. Forty-eight hours later, without rest or normal preparations, the 2nd Battalion made a second amphibious landing, this time fifteen miles behind the German lines, in order to seize Mount Creole, a dominating terrain feature between the Naso and Brolo Rivers. In the face of murderous fire from all type of weapons, and tanks, the battalion, without supporting artillery, doggedly fought its way up the precipitous heights of its objective. The soldiers of this organization maintained their captured positions for nineteen and one-half hours, despite constant shelling and repeated counterattacks, until the balance of the division drove through fifteen miles of enemy territory to their relief. In seizing Mount Creole, the 2nd Battalion inflicted and suffered heavy losses in men and material, but forced the enemy to withdraw fifteen miles and denied him the use of a lateral supply line to his inland positions. The action of the 2nd Battalion was marked by gallantry, fearlessness and profound devotion to duty in the successful accomplishment of two vital missions.

By authority of General Order Number 24, issued 24 January 1945, by the Headquarters, Third Infantry Division, APO 3, under the command of Major General O'Daniel, Corporal Clarence E. Atkins, RA 19049724, is awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received in action against the enemy on 20 December 1944, while a member of the Medical Detachment, Company C, 3d Medical Battalion, France.
Submitted by
Clarence Atkins April 11, 2003

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