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Carter - Lucinda and Peter Stroud

Chambers Family Reunion History Book

Chastain (2 books)


Cobb, Mamie Mae Teague Cobb Journal

Collins:  Thompson & Celia Collins – Celia & Henry Collins by Mamie Collins Aydelotte


Conley Family – by Hubbard

Cook – see Wimpey

Corn Family Bible – Birth & Death records

Dockorys of Dixie – 2nd Edition by Hampton

Douglas:  The Douglas In His Hall



Dyer, Clark

Dyer Newsletter

Dyer-Souther:  Dyer Family History

Erwin, John

Heavers of the Virginias – 2 volumes

Hedden – see Butt-Hedden

Henderson Genealogy – Gumlog District

Henderson, James and Arthur

Henson – Mountain Tops

Henson Family Tree – “Contigeum”

Henson, Descendants of John Henson

Henson, James

Hood – Reunion Magazine

Hood, The Hood Family History – 2 volumes

Jackson, Miria & Jehue Wimpey

Joiner, Asa & Family

Jones – Peaceful Solomon Valley by Mildred Nicholson

Logan, Major Francis, Andrew & Lydia (2 books)

Martin Family – Roots, Trees, Branches & Twigs

Martin, Ida Elizabeth – “Her Family Remembers”

McGinnis, “My McGinnis History Begins to Fit”

McGlamery:  see Walker, McGlamery & Wallace

Mikronis – “Their Life In Their Hands” by C. Edgar Mikronis – WWII Story

Neece:  Neece Genealogy

Nelson – see “My Sister and I”

Nix:  Into Choestoe For Roots and Beyond for Branches of the Lum and Lillie Nix Family

Owebey, Perminter – Genealogy of the Oweby Family

Owmbey:  The Early Owmbeys of Union Co. GA.

Ownbey, Humphery Posey & Emily Israel

Ownbey:  Porter W. Ownbey

Parham:  “A Few Descendents of William Parham”

Patillo:  Patillo, Pattullo, & Pittillo Families

Payne:  The Payne Family Records

Penland:  “The Penland Family of North Carolina

Reece & Jones:  “Peaceful Solomon Valley” Reece Family

Reinhardt – Shuford, Warlick, Hoyle by Lois Willingham

Rich:  The Robert and Martha Rich Family

Russell:  Simon Russell of Alabama, Ancestry

Scoggins:  see “The Little Footprints”

Self:  Researching the Selfs by Sonja Self Gordy [also Self Family Newsletters in file]

Souther:  see Dyer – Souther Family History

Smith:  “My Memories” by Marga Patton Smith

Stroud:  Peter Grayson Stroud & Lucinda Carter; Peter Garrett Stroud by Lake & Kathy

              Stroud; Stroud Genealogy

Stroud:  Stroud Family History by Charles T. Ingram, Jr. [also a CD on Stroud and Mashburns]

Sullivan:  “The Family of William and Rebecca Sullivan” and the Family of Rev. Daniel Asbury

     Sullivan:  William Sullivan and Family

Sullivan:  “History and Legend of Disappointment Country” by Wilma Crisp Bankston

Thomas Family by Barbara Thomas Collins

Townsend:  see Townsends of North Georgia (2 books)

Twiggs:  see “The Old Homeplace” by Barbara Crawford

Walker:  “A Step in Progress” also Kelley-Wallace, McGiamery and Allied Families

Wilson:  see also “Kids & Kinfolk of George Wilson”

Wimpey:  “A Genealogy of the Wimpey Family”, Three Centuries of Wimpeys”, Ancestors and

                 Descendants of Thanie Elvira Cook and James Lafaette Wimpey, also see Nelson


Update to Union County Historical Society Genealogy Library as of 12-1-2006


1.                   The Mountains of Yesteryear –by Ruby Lee Sargent (Dyer-Souther Family)

2.                   The Nichols Family of North Georgia and the Related Cansler, Black, Puett, Coffey, and Boone Families – by Thelma K. Bevans, Owen N. Meredith, and Robert M. McBride with Introduction by John Nichols (done in 1960 & 2002)

3.                   Reece Family – Compiled by Weldon Reece

4.                   Spiva (or Spivey) Family – Compiled by Weldon Reece

5.                   The Ancestors of Robert William Stewart-Georgia Connections – Compiled by Robert William Stewart (1995)

6.                   A History of the Sutton Family of White County, GA 1825-2005.  Descendants of Andrew Jackson Sutton and Susan Caroline Collins Sutton – by Jennifer Sutton Smith (2005)

7.                   Thomases of Toe River, Roses Branch, NC to Georgia – Extended Family and Descendants – by Leslie Barker Thomas


Monthly Newsletter – “The Chestnut Tree” publication of the Pierre Chastain Family Association


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