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written and compiled by John Francis Duckworth
contributed by John Francis Duckworth and Jerrell Duckworth
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Chapter 9
Frank Calloway and Sarah Christine Duckworth

Frank C. Duckworth was born 23 December 1890 and died 10 March 1973 in Greene County, Tennessee. Sarah Christine Jackson was born 7 January 1892 and died 16 November 1972 in Greene County, Tennessee. She was the daughter of Thomas Kimsey and Mary Caroline Collins Jackson. Frank C. was first a farmer and later a merchant. He made his first crop with a Jersey yoke of steers and his first horse was a "stump sucking" mare and a tar grinder wagon. He was a good judge of livestock, quick to make decisions, and quick to trade. He drove a wagon team to Gainesville, Georgia with produce and hauled merchandise back over the mountain when not in his crop. He also hauled cross ties to the railroad at Murphy, North Carolina. He first clerked for his brother-in-law, Robert Jackson. Later he entered business with his brother-in-law, John A. Wimpey, at Blairsville, Georgia. About 1930-31, he sold his interest to John A. Wimpey and moved to Hiawassee, Georgia, where he opened a general merchandise store. He retired from the store and lived in Hiawassee until he moved to Greeneville, Tennessee. 

Frank Duckworth was a Baptist, a Mason, and a Democrat. He was a deacon in McConnell Baptist Church, Hiawassee, Georgia. He was a trustee of Young Harris College for 20 years. He was a Democrat serving on the honorary staff of former Georgia governors M. E. Thompson and Carl Sanders. He was a personal friend of former Georgia governors E. D. Rivers and Ellis Arnold and Congressman Phil Landrum of the Ninth Congressional District of Georgia.

Frank Duckworth was able to talk to the Governor of Georgia or a small tenant farmer in Towns or Union County, Georgia. He could adjust or fit in any crowd. He loved people and showed this love by his actions and daily living. He loved his relatives, rich or poor, but they had to be honest.

He loved my mother with all his might and described this best when he said, "She will work on either side of the tongue she is hitched." They married when quite young, worked and saved all the time. They were the perfect team.

My daddy and I never had the first misunderstanding. We never argued or fussed about any thing. What was the need? He was always right and knew the right and proper thing to do. He was the best friend I ever had.

Frank and Christine Duckworth had two children: Ancel Lee and John Francis "Jack".  Both sons were veterinarians. Ancel L. married Sarah Corn and had one son, Ancel Lee Duckworth, Jr. John F. married Delia Swain and had three children: Jackie, Judy, and Frank. John and Delia were divorced and John married Jewel Neal.

This completes the story of My Family. It has been an interesting journey and covers many years. The research and study of the family has reached many areas and involved the study of church, local, and national history. I wish to say this has been a study of love, not only of my father and mother, but love for all my ancestors and relatives.

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